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A little late to this party (i.e.. forum) but I thought I needed one more layer of accountability.

My first 7 days were spectacular. I had a little issue this past weekend during a social situation, but I made it through, had a great time, and woke up the next day proud, happy, and in control.

Anyways, I decided to this this entry to update on what I ate during the week, review the recipes, and discuss how I am feeling. So here goes:

For meal planning I have decided to choose 7-8 different meals from some great sites mentioned on Whole9, and make sure they make enough food to feed my hubby, my toddler, and myself.

First Week (not yet in Excel)

Meal 1: Meatloaf with green salad and butternut squash (SO GOOD!!, made three helpings per adult)

Meal 2: Eggs with sliced avocado, steamed spinach and sautéed mushrooms. (good, but gets old. :( )

Meal 3: Beef fajitas over sautéed onions and peppers. (good but hard to eat when seeing hubs pile on cheese and sour cream in a warm tortilla).

Meal 4: Grilled chicken breast with roasted sweet potatoes and wilted kale (good, but needs tweaking)

Meal 5: Chicken hash (yum!)

Meal 6: beef chili over kale (much better the second day. Too much water in the recipe so I made it into a soup and it was delicious.)

Meal 7: Italian pork roast with roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers (made in the slow cooker. Waaaaay to dry. I am going to have to work on this one)

Meal 8: salmon w/asparagus and roasted tomatoes (good, but much to be improved)

I had MORE than enough food to last all week and feed everyone.

At the end of the first seven days, I feel great. The energy boost isn't here yet, but I am in control and proud of myself for getting this far, especially since I have only made it to day 3 or 4 on previous programs. I went for a run today and thought I was going to die. But I know that is because my body is so used to burning carbs instead of fat while I run. :)

This week I decided to use excel to be sure I bought enough produce for the week.

Second Week

Meal 1: Roasted chicken with brussel sprouts, and roasted carrots

Meal 2: Coconut lime chicken with squash medley

Meal 3: Hatch green chili burgers with sweet potatoes and cabbage (bun-less of course)

Meal 4: Salmon with mustard dill sauce, snow peas, and sautéed bell peppers

Meal 5: Pork Chops with roasted apples and onions and green beans

Meal 6: Chorizo and egg casserole/Flower power eggs

Meal 7: Grilled Chicken salads (I am going to make this as delicious as possible)

Meal 8: Meatloaf with sautéed mushrooms and butternut squash

If anyone wants to be pointed towards these recipes, let me know. I found a lot of them online.

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