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I have always had a “sweet tooth.†As I became an adult, it turned into a fatty, greasy, buttery, chocolately, sugary gooey tooth. I was addicted to bad foods. Until about a month ago when I decided enough was enough. I decided to try a way of eating I saw online that committed me to just 30 days of healthy eating. I couldn't have guessed what would happen in that short month.

The first week was tough, I won't lie. I went through sugar withdrawals and had full body aches. I felt awful. I rethought this plan quite a few times during those first few days. On day 7, something amazing happened. They call it the “magic.†My skin cleared up, it felt softer. I had an easier time getting out of bed in the morning and had constant energy throughout the day. I couldn't fall asleep on the couch in the evenings even if I wanted to.

The biggest and most surprising change however was my mood. I felt happier, calmer, able to take on any struggle that came my way. I felt all around great. Could food really have made that big of a difference in my life? I couldn't and didn't believe it. People around me started noticing a difference. I was an all around more pleasant person to be around.

The struggles were there. I was addicted to a diet cola, every night, no matter what. And I missed it. I even slipped up one day and tried a sip and it tasted horrible. All that fake sugary taste had lost it's appeal. I craved fruit and water now. That was my dessert. There was also the occasional event with desserts that, oh boy, did I want! But it was only 30 days so I resisted.

I felt healthier and stronger each day. Went I went to the grocery store and filled my cart with healthy fruits and vegetables, I felt healthy and proud. I stood a little taller, didn't look at my cart with guilt and felt like everyone was looking at me in adoration.

Now at the end of my 30 day journey, I'm not going back. I might indulge in the occasional chocolate or birthday cake. But I don't depend on it for my attitude. I don't need it for an emotional or energy lift. I lost over 6% of my body weight, but does that matter? Well, it is certainly a nice side effect. But my attitude, emotional state and happiness is what really makes the difference. How I feel about myself is so completely different, I never want to go back.

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This is exactly what my Whole30 provided me with --- a better attitude. Everyone notices it, and I mean everyone. My Husband hasn't had to deal with bickering. At work, there isn't annoyance when previously-hair-pulling scenarios come up. I've gained patience and perspective, energy and positivity. I wouldn't have EVER thought I would be that person who is bouncing down the halls or able to get up before their alarm forced them out of bed. I am that person now. I love it and everyone around me loves it. We call this new person 2013 Ann, and the plan is to keep her around long past 2013.

Congratulations on all of your successes! I hope the good vibes keep up for as long as they have been for me (2 months and 1.5 Whole30s now). All of the other stuff is the icing on the cake --- or should I say, the coconut milk on the berries? :D

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