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  1. I use a whole split vanilla bean for a wine sized swing top bottle and refill it several times and the vanilla flavor lasts a good while. Yum. My favorite.
  2. This morning my hubby was staring at my 2 scobies in the closet and he said, "This really isn't what I was hoping we'd be growing in the closet." ..................................... MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY
  3. I've started with much skinnier scobys though, I think it look fine.
  4. Megmac, if you had a high-powered telescope you'd probably be quite pleased with your little guys growth!
  5. I don't do many flavored bottles but lavender peach is a must!
  6. Oh, I guess I could explain my picture! Really I just love to make people look at the redic lady-onesie I'm wearing. I'm just showing using a siphon to fill swing top bottles and I'm doing Continuous Brew that way now by just removing a little but not having to tilt the heavy jar.
  7. When I explain to people what kombucha is and how the scoby works I liken it to yogurt (so mainstream!). I say that yogurt is made by certain strains of bacteria that eat the sugar in the milk and produce a byproduct that makes it taste tart. Then I say that kombucha uses a different bacteria (scoby) to eat the sugar out of sweet tea (also so mainstream, ESP in Texas) and leaves a tart byproduct. Anyone can understand that and get past the ick factor. It is amazing to me how many people don't realize that beer is fermented with yeast also- and that we have facilitated bacterial/yeast cultures
  8. Michele I think I have the first tapatalk that was available to us. No compass pointing Northeast. I just have reply, quote, edit and share. I may have to look into tapatalk 2. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Oh, I see. Tapatalk 2 is $3.99 in the App Store, but I think it's worth it as much as I'm on here.
  9. Oh yes meg. I know what you mean. I always grab my old lady reading glasses before opening tapatalk. Do you use tapatalk? Makes the site very phone friendly. You can't "like" posts from it though. Or edit a post. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You can "like" a post from tapatalk (well, I have tapatalk 2) by clicking on the post to bring up the toolbar at bottom and then click on the icon that looks like a compass pointing northeast. That opens tapatalk in what it looks like on your phones browser and then you can like and click back to get back to the forum. The editing is (I h
  10. You may try green or oolong (unflavored) both of which have less caffeine than black- then if you do your pre-steeping you should get it down to an acceptable level.
  11. Susan, just go ahead and rename this thread "Booch Porn"
  12. Just to add something about boiling the tap water- make sure to do that for 15 min with no lid so the chlorine can off-gas. So if you need a gallon, start with more to allow for evaporation. I have made many brews this way. Now I use a filter on my sink.
  13. Maybe if they were finely grated. I would probably add raisins or honey too. But maybe they are fine on their own because beet kvass ferments with only beets salt and whey. How's that for an answer that's not an answer :/