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  1. Yesterday was Day 60! Results and Pics :)

    🎉ðŸ‘ðŸ—ðŸ…ðŸ’👌🎉 BRAVA!
  2. I feel like Debbie Downer

    This isn't scientific but just my own experience: losing weight makes me feel like garbage. I mean, some kind of stored waste and/or fat is being metabolized and excreted trough all elimination channels (digestive, skin, respiratory) maybe those channels are struggling to keep up. If you were eating processed packaged food before maybe these bad feelings are part of the adjustment to a much cleaner diet.
  3. Insects

    We went through a phase of attempting to forage grasshoppers from our land. My brother in law threw one on the grill and a worm came out of its behind and we all skeeved out and no one has mentioned eating them again since. I definitely think its a fine idea though, and definitely w30 approved.
  4. I do very will with soaked or sprouted nuts- and NEVER overeat them. Something about them raw or roasted (any variety) seems to cause overeating and/or bloating and irritation. It's just my rule now to only eat them soaked and dehydrated. I have seen soaked nut butters online but am too cheap to pay shipping on food so I just go without. I have made larabars from soaked nuts though.
  5. If you are having chronic constipation I would say eat less fiber, not more. It's bulking and if things aren't moving swiftly enough along that's creating a big (and potentially toxic) problem. Chris Kresser has a great article on too much fibrous veggies in the diet (easy to google, I promise)
  6. How do you take Greak Lakes Gelatin?

    I mix it into ground beef for making meatballs or meatloaf and it makes it juicier, I presume by holding the vegetable and meat juices together. I also add it to broth and brothy sauces. I tried it in a beverage once but I didn't like the smell. Savory foods hide it.
  7. Nico- I'm on my phone and will have a hard time linking it, but if you click on my profile and go to my content it will show up there. I think it was called AIP forever whenever whoever group log. Best wishes to you (and Bet), the first time I did AIP wholeheartedly I felt amazing. I was able to successfully reintro eggs and FODMAPs and I only get into notable tummy distress now if I really overdo it with nuts or sweet fruits. I am also tolerating grassfed dairy, which I am quite pleased with.
  8. I may be wrong here but I thought the green parts only of scallions were ok for low fodmap? Maybe?
  9. I wouldn't say anything about his garbage-food-fest and let the side effects of it speak for themselves. You could encourage him to follow the reintro schedule and view it as learning how things do affect you. Chances are he won't like the weight creeping back and whatever other nasty symptoms crop up and you will be right there with healthy food waiting.
  10. autoimmune 30 easy plan?

    That's what it's all about Bet
  11. Vegitable Confusion

    That whole meal template thing is just the suggestion. You could do a w30 and eat nothing but fruit, technically. I have no idea how much sugar a tomato has compared to a grapefruit, that's an interesting question though. I do know I had a time where I could hardly digest any fibrous vegetables and I are mostly meat with fat and sweet pots or butternut squash and I felt great and healed my digestion to the point I could eat many vegetables I hadn't tolerated well in a long time. So I don't know, eat what you like. Make it your own. Don't let striving for the ideal keep you from enjoying the program or your food.
  12. Another great book is the Nourishing Traditions for Baby and Child Care by Sally Fallon. Just exclude the soaked grains and legumes to keep it paleo. That's not just eating advice either, it's everything baby. Her nutrient dense recommendations are fantastic.
  13. autoimmune 30 easy plan?

    I followed AIP for a while and one of my most often used meals was browned ground beef (in a cast iron skillet) which I would then remove to a bowl and add more fat if needed and then a can of puréed butternut squash and heat through. I would add coarse Celtic salt and whatever herbs I had and eat this with the meat. I still love this meal. The key is getting some nice browned bits from the pan to transfer to the squash and don't skimp on fat or salt.
  14. I use a whole split vanilla bean for a wine sized swing top bottle and refill it several times and the vanilla flavor lasts a good while. Yum. My favorite.
  15. This morning my hubby was staring at my 2 scobies in the closet and he said, "This really isn't what I was hoping we'd be growing in the closet." ..................................... MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY