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H Mart anyone?


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Hi, this is my first post. I'm on day 14 and feeling great!

I have an H Mart (huge Asian market) close by and wondered if anyone has any tips on what to buy there. I went there last night and was overwhelmed. I was hoping to find cheaper Komucha than Whole Foods but didn't. They have a kimchi section the size of a small store but I don't know what to look for (never had it).

I did pick up some great coconut milk and some produce. I bought a bag of dried seaweed. I've never tried that and haven't opened it yet. The ingredients just say "seaweed." This is way out of my comfort zone :)

If anyone has any tips about H Mart or shopping in Asian markets in general I'd very much appreciate it.


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I've been to H Mart twice and have been super overwhelmed both times. I usually end up getting a few random fruits and veggies, and a few weird cuts of meat/fish. They also usually have a good selection of dried peppers (that can be harder to find in regular stores) and sometimes coconut aminos...

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If you're not one to buy all organic, usually the Asian grocery stores are cheaper in the fresh produce area (usually higher priced in the frozen foods section).

I also get a box of sweet potatoes from there - it's cheaper by the box (my kids love it and I use it as a part of my post workout meal) (that is if you don't mind non-organic).

In addition to that you can also find...

fish sauce (I got Red Boat fish sauce from my asian grocery store),

they have lots of spices that come in bulk (cumin, coriander, garam masala, oregano, basil... you name it, they probably have it!),

Nori (dried seaweed) (great to wrap seafood & fresh veggies in and dip into coconut aminos)...

I'm sure you can probably also find Thai curry pastes.

Another forum member had mentioned finding Whole30 compliant bacons in an Asian store... I'm Korean and don't know of "bacon" but I do know that Koreans love to eat pork belly (looks exactly like bacon, but with no flavoring). Just add some S&P (and if you're not a strict Whole30 add sesame oil to the s&p and use that as a dipping sauce).

I'm still new to Whole30 so this is all I can say from my time in the Whole30 world. =D

You should take some time to just walk slowly through the aisles and see what there is - lots of new spices that would be great to make up for the ingredients that we're so used to using (like I found/used Garam Masala for the first time b/c of Whole30!)

Don't be scared! Think of it as a new adventure, like Whole30.

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Love H-Mart! I think it's a great option if you're not buying organic, (I can't convince hubby to go organic just yet). So we go there for:

1. Fruits and veggies - especially herbs / vegs you wouldn't find at a regular store - galangal, varieties of mushrooms, lemongrass, thai basil. Tom Kha Ga soup (coconut -based) is a staple comfort food now.

1a. dried mushrooms - a quick way to add flavor & texture to soups / stews

2. Meats - especially the offal / organ meats, bones for broth

3. Salted dried fish (little bags of dried anchovies) - good snack, and also a flavor enhancer

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