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I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I have a 2 year old who is very picky eater. I would like her to eat the way my husband and I do but she won't try anything. She has actually been eating more fruit since we started our whole 30 back in Jan. She ate very little fruit before that so that makes me feel a little better. She really doesn't eat veggies. She will eat sweet potato fries w/ ketchup. She also gets tomatoes in her pasta sauce and chili. For protein, she eats chicken with ketchup and ground beef in tacos and chili.

I have changed her peanut butter to almond butter so that is a start. I am not replacing any of cereal, crackers or noodles after they are gone. But I am just worried she won't eat enough. I know they say they won't starve themselves but I still worry. Another thing I worry about is taking away her milk. I know she can get calcium in other ways but if she won't eat those things she won't be getting it.

Thanks for letting me get that out it makes me feel a little better.

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W30 eating for @ a month has changed my kids tastebuds so much. They started out eating tons of fruit and nuts and now they eat what we eat for dinner most nights. One compromise I made was allowig them ham and summer sausage from pastured animals- even though it has sugar it has upped their protein and fat and stopped them from eating so much fruit. Also, I noticed they started liking other kinds of meat too. And I made it fun for them by keeping large containers of their raw veggies and fruits and meats where they can reach them in the fridge. My husband and I both have noticed they are calmer and happier (2 1/2 & 6, boys) and they play together better, pay attention better and are just generally happier. It is worth all the work. I will do anything to keep my kids eating what I know to be the absolute best nutrition possible.

Keep posting here, read the other topics in this forum and keep moving towards what you know is the best way to nouish your child. It may not be the easy way or the way that most everyone else does it, but do the 30 days for your child and you will see for yourself what a difference it makes!

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