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Day 28


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I didn't really do a log here because it reminds me too much of WW and stuff like that (and to be honest but not judging, even reading the lists of what people eat at each meal made enough anxiety that I don't often look at the threads in this log), but here I am at four weeks and I'm feeling pretty great. I have not gone out on a limb and eaten at someone's house or at a restaurant, but that will be something I do soon.

I plan to reintroduce dairy this coming week, and wine and dark chocolate the following, to see how they might be as off-road foods (neither one for me are brakes-off, though both are foods I get great pleasure from), and have no plans for the moment to reintroduce grains at all. I'll see how white potatoes feel, as I enjoy them, too (potato salad especially), and I don't really associate sweet potatoes and heavier squashes with after-winter eating. Now that lettuces are coming in beautifully at the stores, they will become a staple of lunches and dinners, and I'm looking forward to experimenting.

Sugar is the big addictor for me. When I think about all foods, it's sugar + fill-in-the-blanks that I feel I have little control over until I've eaten so much that I'm unwell (and these days, that's not a ton of sugar). So, for the foreseeable future, desserts will be limited to Thanksgiving and Christmas days (I make pumpkin and mincemeat pies that are beloved traditions that I still want to share with my family), Easter morning (sweet dough rolls, another tradition I choose not to give up, and I'll see in two weeks how badly that feels the day after), and my birthday (a slice of chocolate cake with fudge frosting--which thankfully I don't even have to think about for another 11 months!). On the 4th of July, I'll have a hot dog, a Coke, and a side of potato chips. All those sound good and right to me.

After Easter, I plan a Whole 60 to really heal up and settle down food issues that might contribute to the fibromyalgia pain which has not only not gone away, but has gotten worse (but I did stop all pain medication due to side effects just as I was starting this first W30). At that time, I'll concentrate on not isolating myself food-wise, continuing to vary food choices, and anticipating seeing even more results.

And on Tuesday, Day 30, I might post here if I lost any weight, but then again, I might not! :-) Until then, in deep gratitude for this "resolution" of illness related to diet and life choices.

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I know someone with fibromyalgia who can't eat wheat at all without totally paying for it for the week afterward. Hopefully, this doesn't happen to you on your special occasions. It might be worth it to find out before you introduce it on a special day you don't want ruined, in the event you have a particularly bad reaction.

Just my two cents. Your plan sounds reasonable and I hope it works for you!

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