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First Whole30 - Starting Tomorrow (March 20th)!


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I'm beginning my first Whole30 tomorrow! Anyone else beginning tomorrow also? I'm looking forward to this forum helping me stay on track; I signed up for Whole30 Daily, too.

I took 'Before' pictures and have some goals set...feel healthier, feel stronger during workouts, speed metabolism, enjoy eating clean, subside cravings, reduce body fat and build muscle.

I'm currently 5'6", 150 lbs (very muscular, but for sure have fat I want to lose). Ultimate (not just in 30 days) goal weight is 125-130.

Hope everyone's plans are going well!

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Hey Hannah,

I started today. So far ok. So happy not to feel bloated and yuck at the end of the work day!

I have also taken before pics and measurements. I am also just a little over 5'6" and weigh 156. My goal is for about 135. But really if I'm solid and NOT jiggly jiggly I'll be good at whatever!

Good luck to you! Hopefully we talk again :)

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