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Caulipum Souffle Omelet

Evelyn Benchimol

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Thought I'd share this as I just made it for breakfast and was surprised at how tasty it was. Someone's probably already come up with something similar but hey, throwing it out there.

I had barely 1/4c cup of riced cauli and some really strong pumpkin puree (i think i had left the pumpkin in the oven too long and the flavour was intense and I didn't know what to do with it) in the fridge. Felt bad throwing them out so figured I'd toss with eggs... measurements are approx. YUM!

In a bowl, mix really well:

1/4c riced cauli

1/4c mashed pumpkin

2 eggs

1/4tsp pumpkin pie spice


Put into hot pan with lots of coco oil.... if you want a regular omelet then watch it and flip when needed. If you want more of a souffle texture, put a lid on it and check on it periodically....it puffs up. When you think you can flip it go ahead and put the lid back on for like a minute.

I had this with collards and really enjoyed it. Had a nice natural sweetness to it that was a nice change to regular savory omelets. Let me now what you think :)

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