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I CAN do this


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On day 4. Started 4-1-13. DH started with me and he is having more trouble than I am. SE: slight headache last three evenings.

Cravings: chocolate. That sugar dragon is tough. Loving meat, usually I would be craving carbs but I've been carbless for two months minus a few vacations. It's amazing how meat sounds like the best thing ever! Loving my salads!

Meals: day1 fritatta, coffee, L:salad w/ hb eggs 2 D:

day 2 hardboiled eggs-2 coffee L: salad w/hb eggs D: meatloaf cauliflower

Day 3 B: hardboiled eggs2 bacon2, L: salad w/ meatloaf& cauliflower D: blue hake, broccoli carrots.

Day 4 B: hardboiled egg, guac 1 Tbsp, L: chicken, salad, gr beans D: pork ribs &________.

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Day 7: B: fritatta

L: ribs avocado Tom salad

D:fresh salmon, salad, asparagus

Ran/walked c25k week 1

Day 8: B: 2 eggs& salsa

L: chic beef fajitas w/ salad & guac

S: hamburgers w/ fresh vegs and salad

Ran/walked c25k wk 1

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Day 10 1/3 there!

Not weighing in is killing me! Prior to this I had been weighing daily. I feel good, face looks good, still craving sweets but I don't think that will ever really go away.

B: 2 hb eggs, celery, almond butter

L: salad w/ chix

S: spaghetti squash and shrimp scampi

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B: hb egg, grapefruit

L: salad w/ chicken

D: venison straps cauliflower brocc salad strawberries almond butter

I love that doing whole30 together has brought my husband and I closer together. Planning and preparing meals, avoiding sweets, comiserating!

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