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Magda - ups and downs on Whole30


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So, I thought I'd start a topic to log my meals and workouts here instead of the Join Whole30 forum. Well, hi once more to everyone from Poland :)

Today is my second day, Here's what I ate

Breakfast: cauliflower-sweet potato mash seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg and coconut milk with ~6oz of organic beef sausage and one fried egg on top of it. It was great and actually kept me full from 7AM until after 1PM. I also had a coffee with coconut milk on my way to work

Lunch: tuna salad (tuna, apple, cucumber, scalions, mustard and mashed avocado + salt and pepper). I also had a bell pepper on the side. It was good, but actually left my stomach a bit upset. I'm not sure whether it was because of the raw pepper (I'm not really fond of them and don't have them often) or because the whole meal was ice cold... Or because I had a strong black coffee afterwards. Whatever...

I had lunch about 1.30 PM and when I was leaving the office, I was starving. Possilby also the infamous carbs hangover is kicking in, because I felt a bit dizzy, had a headache and generally felt off. I planned to avoid snacking, but knowing that it would take me about 2 more hours to get home and make dinner, I bought an apricot and some pistachios. However, my small (or not so small) success was that I managed to actually not eat the whole bag of pistachios - I ate a small handful until I was no longer super hungry and left the rest. My willpower rules ;)

Dinner: totally random, but quite tasty - leftover soup of roasted peppers and zucchini with some grilled turkey. Since the portion was quite small and there was hardly any turkey left in it, I mixed in a scoop of the ccauliflower-sweet potato mixture and also added some chopped sauteed turkey livers.

Off to make myself vanilla roiboos tea and do some much needed cleaning to distract myself from the carb flu (which, by the way, is not so bad and hopefully will not get much worse)

Have a nice day/evening - I guess there are people from pretty much every time zone here :)

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