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Earning my just deserts in 30 days - a healthy new me

Marie Davis

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So today begins official day 6 :D . I pseudo started the week before April 1, but knew that I would be attending a Passover Seder AND an Easer dinner, so rather than FAIL in my first week, I planned those into my "before" phase.

That being said, I didn't enjoy the wine, and being wheat sensitive anyway, the matzo consumption last Friday led to an unhappy Saturday tummy.

So, here I am a week later. I had my first food-porn dream. I dreamt about making dessert for a party, and ate half of it. I woke up feeling guilty, dirty, and the funny thing is, even when I DO make dessert for parties, I rarely eat more than one serving at the party, and often try to leave it where I bought it.

I haven't craved sweets during waking hours. Bacon, on the other hand... It's really, really hard to find SF bacon. And I'm not into buying $75 worth of the "approved" bacon to get my fix, clearly, this is an unhealthy bond I need to break :blink:

I'm feeling good, but starting to get anxious about a weekly family dinner, where they support wheat free, but I think butter, sugar, and processed flavorings are a part of every dish.

My only other concern is that I have been subbing in too much sweet potato. I know I am carb sensitive, so I'm heading to the farmer's market for greens etc. Thank goodness for a vibrant farm community in NH!!

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Phew - made it through a dinner not prepared by me! My MIL is awesome, and is so supportive :) SHe made roasted squash and beets with onions (mmm), grilled steaks, and a salad.

She also made me some pesto, sans cheese, and some cute little carrot sticks to dip.

Today's plan is to have some breakfast, then head to the grocer, and come home and slow cook some ribs inspired by another Whole30-er. With Nom Nom Paleo Whole30 BBQ Sauce :)

M1: 2 eggs cooked in ghee, 2 small sweet peppers, pesto, chicken sausage, 1/4 avocado

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