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Whole30 Attempt #4!


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Today I put up sticky notes along the corners of one of my bedroom walls - one for each day of the Whole 30! I also told all my roommates about the plan, hoping that even if they don't help me to stick to my goals, that my pride will keep me adhering to the guidelines. I want to succeed so badly this time!

Now that I'm fully healed from Montezuma's Revenge and am no longer on antibiotics, there are no excuses I can use to keep from diving head in. Yesterday ended in one of many binges that are now in my past, so after exercising this morning, I waited until I was hungry to begin, and only had two meals today as a result.

Brunch: 2 eggs scrambled with ghee, kale, onion, and two chicken sausages, hot sauce

Mid-day: apple cider vinegar with lemon juice in water

Dinner: sweet potato with ghee, brussel sprouts, homemade chili with carrots and celery

I've ordered a self-help/recovery book for dealing with an eating addiction and bulimia, and I've realized that as long as I am in the company of others, I feel in control around food. So a goal I'm setting for this go around is to take whatever measures necessary to not be left alone, at night, with a house full of roommates' non-Whole 30 approved food! :D

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Breakfast = 3 eggs scrambled, granny smith apple, black coffee with cinnamon

Lunch = baked chicken, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 avocado, carrots, drizzled with EVOO

Snack (not ideal ... I was babysitting & not binging & purging is a huge accomplishment so I'm not being too hard on myself for this one) = trail mix with cashews, almonds, raisins (no sugar added but still, so much sugar naturally :( )

Dinner = baked chicken, green beans, EVOO, and probably a pound of butternut squash - new favorite food! :)

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I was thinking back to when I've felt my happiest (the start of last semester when I had been at home all summer & eating according to how my family eats - basically Paleo - & I was avoiding sugar). I remembered how well my digestion had been working, how I had less infection when everyone else seemed to be getting a cold, & how much better overall I felt. I was incorporating a lot of fat into my diet, as well as having either chia seeds or flax seeds with every meal. I need to remember these as toppings when I'm making Whole 30 meals this month for an added supply of fat & fiber! Though I know it isn't realistic for me to plan on updating my meals every day, I plan to use this thread on the days when I expect to struggle (I'm babysitting tonight :wacko: - a prime time for a binge on processed foods), or when I have so much going on that I could easily get sidetracked on snacking or stopping at the grocery store just to pick up a jumbo bag of trail mix instead of preparing healthy meals for the day.

Breakfast = granny smith apple (not a vegetable but instead of snacking on my favorite fruit, I thought it'd be better to incorporate it into a meal?) covered in coconut oil and wrapped in Applegate Farms turkey salami :P. I also had a cup of green tea with a little lemon juice & a spoonful of chia seeds mixed in

Lunch = 2 homemade salmon patties (celery, flax seed, a little almond meal to hold it together, 2 eggs, spices, red bell pepper) cooked in coconut oil, and a few cups of mixed vegetables covered in more coconut oil

Dinner = arugula topped with a can of tuna, salsa, kimchi & ground flax with a sweet potato on the side. Also had some coconut butter - SO good! Not so good that I can't stop after a serving (finally, something I don't feel like eating the entire jar of in one sitting - I'm looking at you crunchy almond butter ....) but good enough that I feel satisfied with a spoonful & can put the jar back in the pantry ;)

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