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Whole 30 # 3


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Ok so.... My first whole 30 was back in September, I started a whole 100 with the 100'days of awesome group and only made it 45 days:). This is my third whole30. Since my first one, I have mostly eaten paleo.

I am excited to remove the cheats on pizza and cookie, as they tend to mess with everything:) my head most of all.

Today's day 3 for me and it has been a success!

Rib eye, mushrooms and spinache in ghee for breakfast

I did have a bananna as a snack:)

Chicken strips with avacado to dip

Salad with oil and vinegar and more of that rib eye

I had a struggle today with craving sugar so I caved and had a few dates with coconut....all whole30 compliant foods but one of the other things I struggle with big time on my whole 30's are; dates,almond butter and the occasional Lara bar. This time I'm trying to nip the snacking in the bud.

The whole 30 is about changing habits and thinking when it comes to food, I have had a hard time with this in the past.

Happy to begin another re-set, my mind is always in a better place after week one:)


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Happy day 6!!!

Today the Mac and cheese my kids were eating was seriously smelling delicious...I just reminded myself why I am doing this. In that moment I was a klittle blinded and had a moment of memory loss on why I am doing this:). My head likes to play tricks on me when it comes to food. I can lie to myself and not even know it. I did make it through successfully though:)

B-2eggs fried in coconut oil, and asparagus

L- I was in my car all day for work but had grilled chicken strips ( homemade)

S- an orange and a Lara bar....still on the road

D- grilled shrimp in ghee with a big salad with avacado and a little sweet potatoe.

I still feel a little dazed, can't wait to start reallllllly feelin the changes. I didnt have enough fat or veggies today. Will up them tomorrow.

Hope everyone's doing well!


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