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Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)


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Day 1

April 30

B: 2 fried eggs in coconut oil, cup of carrots, lemon water

L: homemade chicken/cauliflower thia curry , carrots, pinapple

D: oysters on half shell! with only lemon and hot sauce

During this journey I hope to conquer the life long battle I've had with food and slay the sugar dragon once and for all. I also want to create healthy habits and expand my recipe box to include more healthy recipes. My husband and I would like to start ttc in two years and I not only want to be in tip top shape when I get pregnant but also want to raise our child in a healthy family.

Starting these habits now will ensure it is a way of life that can be sustained with children in the future.

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Welcome Casanandez!

Things to consider: Are you eating enough? Including enough healthy fat?

Also, you probably want to move your log to the Whole30 Log section, as this is the post W30. But we'll be here when you are ready to join us :)

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