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2nd Whole 30 Log (7/1)


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I finished my first whole 30 2 weeks ago. For the past 2 weeks I have been compliantish... When I could be, I was... when it was out of my control (which sadly it is, sometimes) I didn't feel bad about it. I have noticed that chewing gum and drinking diet soda (even on occasion) really makes me WANT to eat... so, even after this 30 those 2 will not make a reentrance into my diet. Now, I have read THE BOOK and feel more prepared for my 2nd go round. Last time I relied way too much on fruit... so... I got my propane tank refilled so I can grill up large batches of protein and veggies... Tomorrow is my store day so today was limited...

Breakfast - egg fried in coconut oil over spinich

Lunch - mixed green salad, smoked turkey, cucumbers, boiled eggs, oil/vinegar

Dinner - Burger and greens

Snack - Lara bar (I plan on limiting my lara bar intake as I really want to cut out snacking...but in some situations I know the more hungry I am the more likely I am to fall face first into fro yo!!! so... they have their place...)

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