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Time to ride my own bike


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I recently finished my second Whole 30 but don't want to rely on doing these to keep healthy. I want to find a balance every day.

I went on vacation last week and off-roaded with some less than pleasant results but I do want to enjoy the odd treat... This is my experiment to crack this search for balance in my eating once and for all!

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So, I'll start with yesterday's eats, third day back after vacation and mainly keeping on track. On Thursday night I was compliant until dinner time when I ate at a friend's house. We had salmon and prawn risotto followed by meringue nests with creme fraiche and berries. Light and fresh and no problems caused. Yay!

So, Friday...

Breakfast: Roasted vegetable and smoked salmon frittata

Lunch: Tinned salmon salad with olive oil and olives

Dinner: Homemade beef burgers with sweet potato wedges and salad

All day I kept thinking how nice it would be to have a cider with dinner. So, we bought a bottle each on the way home as an 'it's Friday we survived the first few days back from vacation treat'. I really enjoyed it at the time but then fell asleep on the couch and woke with a stomach ache 😒. It's never had this effect on me before but on vacation I was in pain for two days after eating some breadsticks and rolls so am wondering if my stomach needs time to heal and I should take it easy in this respect for a while. Onwards and upwards!

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So, Saturday was good:

Breakfast: Smoked salmon and roasted vegetable frittata

Lunch: Albacore tuna salad with olives and olive oil

Dinner: Grilled pork steaks with sweet potato wedges and steamed veggies and homemade apple and leek sauce

Weirdly my stomach started to ache a little in the afternoon. I hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary, so wondered if it was still my stomach getting over my vacation. Anyway, keeping it compliant to avoid any more weirdness.

Today I'm out for lunch but am pretty sure I can keep on track there - roasted meat and veggies. Mmm!

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Sunday was another good day, with some careful off-roading thrown in the mix.

Breakfast: Roasted veggie and smoked mackerel frittata

Lunch: Out - roast beef with roast potatoes, swede (kohlrabi) and carrot mash, green beans and red cabbage. I doubt the gravy was compliant and the potatoes were white and the cabbage definitely had red wine in it! I left the creamy cauliflower. It was really tasty and I enjoyed it. Everyone else had dessert but I wasn't fussed and had tea instead.

Dinner: Ginger broth with salmon and pak choy.

I was pleased with yesterday, a little bit of what I fancied did me good and didn't lead to me going off the rails.

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Monday was good although was hungry when I got in from work...

Breakfast: Mackerel frittata with roasted vegetables

Lunch: Poached salmon and avocado salad

Post-work snack: Mackerel fillet

Dinner: Chicken soup with vegetables

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Tuesday and Wednesday went a bit like this:


Breakfast: Mackerel and roasted vegetable frittata

Lunch: Chicken, olive and anchovy salad

Dinner: Grilled rib eye steak with steamed vegetables and sweet potato


Breakfast: Anchovy and roasted vegetable frittata

Lunch: Ham and avocado salad

Dinner: Goan fish curry with steamed vegetables (curry contained canola oil but all compliant otherwise) and a small glass of white wine. Considering a second but that will be the limit!

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Urgh, stressful day at work today and I had to make peppermint creams dipped in dark chocolate for a work thing tomorrow... You can guess the rest!

Breakfast: Roast vegetable and anchovy frittata

Lunch: Smoked mackerel salad

Dinner: Prawn and egg vegetable stir fry

In hindsight dinner wasn't substantial enough. I've since had two small glasses of wine, which then triggered the sugar cravings. So, two peppermints, a few squares of leftover dark chocolate (90% dark) and three or four mini caramel wafers I bought for my boyfriend the other day. It's bedtime and I feel jittery and crappy. Just like I knew I would! Not a great day. Wine in the week is not good at home. I'll save it for meals out. Lesson learned. On we go!

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Okay, so, Friday went from good to not so good to all out binge. It had been on the cards with a stressful week and a buffet planned at work. I resisted at first but later in the afternoon gave in to eating some sweets which transformed in to a binge on biscuits and chips on the way home.

Breakfast: Roast vegetable frittata with salmon

Lunch: Albacore tuna salad and some cheese and pineapple on a stick from the buffet

Snacks: sweets, biscuits, Kettle chips...

Dinner: cod wrapped in Parma ham with steamed vegetables and lemon rice

Oh, and wine. I have a real sugar hangover today. I feel disappointed but motivated to eat clean today, although I'm having friends over tonight and will have a few drinks. I need to stop using stress as an excuse to eat crap and then make myself feel worse. What a thankless cycle!

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Saturday wasn't too bad to start with. I'd had a dinner party planned for a while so knew I'd be off-roading to an extent in the evening.

Breakfast: Salmon fillet, chargrilled veggies (from a frozen pack with sunflower oil) and sweet potato

Lunch: Salad with egg, bacon and new potatoes, no dressing.

Dinner: grilled marinated lamb with Greek salad (with feta), pitta and dips. Dips included taramasalata and homemade tzatziki. I was loving the taramasalata and went back in there a few times with the pitta :S Dessert was a homemade apple crisp/crumble with cream. Plus Prosecco, white wine and a couple of Sea Breeze cocktails.

Phew! When you write it out like that... Then after our guests left I ate two mini gluten free chocolate flapjacks. For no reason. Hmm.

So, I need to break out of this cycle. My instinct is to be super strict, but the way I've been lately I think this will just lead to more bingeing... Does anyone have any suggestions? I've got myself back in a rut. Sugar makes me feel so rough - my skin is dull, I feel groggy. Time to stop!

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Sunday and Monday saw me getting back on the wagon...


Breakfast: roast vegetable frittata with grilled lamb

Lunch: burger and two sausages with salad and mustard

Dinner: grilled rib eye steak with steamed greens and tzatziki

Snack: some cashews


Breakfast: roast vegetable frittata with smoked mackerel

Lunch: ham and olive salad

Snack: smoked mackerel fillet

Dinner: baked salmon with steamed asparagus, samphire and broccoli and a sweet potato

I was really hungry when I got in from work so had some mackerel. Sometimes you have to snack! Feel so much better eating back to cleaner eating. Must hang on to this feeling.

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Tuesday and Wednesday have been pretty good:


Breakfast: roast vegetable and mackerel frittata

Lunch: salmon salad with avocado

Dinner: pork sausages, mashed sweet potato and green beans


Breakfast: roast vegetable and mackerel frittata

Lunch: mackerel and olive salad

Dinner: scallops, crab and prawns with new potatoes

Snack: handful of cashews

Feeling so much better, despite a really stressful couple of days at work. Military fitness class lastnight really helped, it made me feel strong and took my mind off work.

Dinner was epic tonight!

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Success today - two mini glasses of Prosecco at lunch and I managed not to go off the rails after! They were freebies at a shopping event and I couldn't resist after a stressful week! My colleague also bought sweets which I swerved.

Breakfast: three egg and veggie frittata (one egg had a double yolk)

Lunch: tinned salmon salad

Dinner: grilled pork chop with homemade apple sauce and steamed veggies and sweet potato

I worked out hard at military fitness class today, too. A good day.

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