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  1. susanleaf

    Vitamix for making soup, coconut milk, almond milk, etc.

    Love my vitamix. I recently made almond flour - so easy. Coconut flour will be easy as well. Pureed soups like tomato and butternut squash. Mayo - easy and delicious. Will never buy store bought again. I will do milks in my vitamix. Before Whole 30, did pizza dough in the Vitamix. The best pizza dough I ever made and best pizza ever. No need to buy pizza.
  2. susanleaf

    ghee or coconut oil

    Made a frittata this morning and fried with ghee and the potatoes did get crisp. I am wondering if I tried coconut oil this might give the potatoes a crisp coating. What do other members use ghee for and what do members use coconut oil for. Any preference? Any suggestion? Thanks Susanleaf
  3. susanleaf

    Canadians doing Whole30

    Hello, I live in British Columbia, in the interior, beautiful sunny Kelowna. Apples are in season now and lots of veggies are available. This is my first time doing the whole 30 and my husband is on board as well. Lots of firsts actually, making ketchup, mayonnaise and ghee. I will admit I was a bit afraid of opening my first can of coconut milk LOL - it is all good! Drinking my coffee black surprisingly has been an easy transition for me. In January I cut out honey in my coffee, but still need the creamo and that transition took a long time to get used to. I am so ready for this whole 30. Of course I would like to see a big drop in weight, but I am keeping an open mind of what surprises may come as a result of doing the whole 30. I threw my scale out last October and so not focusing on the numbers, but how I feel or how my clothes feel seems liberating instead of letting the number on the scale determine my success. I have had a good day 1 today! SusanLeaf