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  1. Extreme gas

    I'm not a moderator, but this way of eating seems like it might become problematic/unhealthy for you. You say you only eat meat, eggs, and veggies - but the only side veggies you do eat are boiled cauliflower and brussels sprouts (and I guess a baked potato if you decide to eat it "dry")? It seems like you can get other veggies in when you add them to meat, so cooking them together might be where you should focus. It's obvious from your postings that you really want to succeed at Whole 30, but I just would suggest taking a step back and work on some basic building blocks before committing to trying to eat 30 straight days like this - it just seems like it may do more harm than good. Maybe try a few weeks of half steps? First really attempt to figure out a fat you can use - whether that's committing to make your own ghee, or searching for the mildest tasting olive oil so you can stomach it (they have "lite" olive oils that have little discernible olive oil taste), or maybe even trying to source a good animal fat - duck fat is likely prohibitively expensive, but maybe shmaltz (chicken fat)? After that, try to find ways of preparing potatoes and maybe another carb-y vegetable - how about carrots? Here's a great recipe for carrots (which uses olive oil, but I bet you could use any other fat you ultimately choose): Also, maybe try to find recipes that lend themselves to being mixed together, so you don't have to worry about having a "side" veggie so much? Things like soups and stews might open up some cooking possibilities. Personally, I don't know if doing a "strict" or "perfect" Whole 30 is really worth it if you're so limited that you can't eat fat or carbs for 30 days.
  2. Here goes!

    Finishing up Day 2 of my W30 between non-gluten reintro and my slowroll plan for my weekend in Vegas, and I have to say, I feel great! Like, definitely back to Tigers Blood with energy and mood, which made me realize that I felt pretty not-great on some of those reintro days. Especially yesterday morning, I had a pretty low mood. Not sure how that factors into my ultimate FFF eating plan, but it is very nice to know that just one full day of eating W30 can get me back on track. So now today I’m packing for Vegas and getting very excited. I’ve planned out where we’re eating and have even selected a few dishes I know I want to try- all W30! (This is not new behavior for me though, I routinely stalk the menus of places I plan to eat and pick out my order in advance.). Our big meals will be lunch and dinner, and our breakfasts will likely just be at the coffee shop in the hotel- I think that’ll actually be the most challenging- likely there won’t be many W30 options and no “worth it” splurge foods (I’m not a fan of breakfast pastries), so I think the challenge will be for me to eat enough for breakfast. I’m hoping there will be hard boiled eggs available, and I guess fruit. I’m packing jerky and a few Rx bars, but wonder if that’s better than just under-eating? Happy to hear thoughts. If breakfast the first day goes off the rails, I’m fully prepared to splurge on a picky room service order the next day! After Vegas I have a full 7 days of W30 eating planned to recalibrate before I start reintro again. It’ll be interesting to see how many days of W30 eating I need to feel back on track, although I suppose that’ll depend a lot of how off track I get.
  3. Maybe try a combination fast-track + slow roll reintroduction? In other words, follow @ladyshanny's advice and fast-track as many items you reasonably can, then for vacation shift to a "slow roll" where you only reintro items that are really really worth it. Depending on where you're going, that may be really hard if the cuisine has a lot of mixing of non-compliant items (I'm trying to think of a good example, but say, Japan, and you wanted to enjoy the sushi but it combines rice and soy, so having that item even though 'worth it,' if you had a bad reaction you wouldn't know if it was the soy or the rice); also it may be difficult if you don't speak the language and can't inquire about what's exactly in each dish. Are you going somewhere that you think might lend itself to a lot of Whole-30 possibilities? (Again, I'm thinking of something like steakhouses, etc.) Maybe if you start thinking about potential whole-30ish possibilities, you can tell better if you could continue your reintroduction even on vacation. For what it's worth, I have a mini vacation this weekend in Vegas, and this is what I'm doing - I did a fast track of wine, added sugar, and then non-gluten grains (although it hasn't been that fast, I've had about 2-4 days of W30 compliance in between, and the reintro phases have lasted about 4 days each). In Vegas I plan to attempt a slow roll and only go off plan if I find something is really worth it (but I've selected restaurants that I know ahead of time will have nice W30 options). After returning, I have a Whole-7 planned to re-calibrate and then go right back to the rest of my reintros. Not sure if it'll work (I leave tomorrow, so I'll let you know Tues how it went!), but I think it helps to have some sort of plan and vision of how you want to continue after the vacation. I've done two previous W30s, and this one is by far the most effective because I've really committed to the reintro process, fwiw.
  4. Meal Delivery? Cooked-Concerns

    Ok everyone, I'm pulling the trigger! Just purchased the lunches and dinners for next week. I'm very excited to see what will turn up, especially about portion size. You're right @ladyshanny, it does look like they've edited descriptions to be more accurate. I'm in the middle of reintros, with a weekend slow-roll trip to Vegas, and then plan to do a Whole 7 upon my return. It's definitely nice to have this option so I won't have to worry about what I have in the fridge to eat upon my return. Once it arrives, I'll def post to this thread with my impressions. Maybe I'll even remember to take pics!
  5. Here goes!

    Non-gluten reintro complete! Good news, bad news- the whole corn reintro did not give me heartburn/“acid tummy” but it did trigger my Sugar Dragon and cause my energy levels to crash. Bummer. I had corn with my scrambled eggs and immediately thought, wow, this is sweet- yum! And it got worse from there. I sautéed some frozen kernel corns in ghee and coconut milk, then roughly puréed, and had that as a base for a shrimp gumbi-ish dish for lunch. Really good, but again, tasted so sweet to me, and immediately after eating I craved something sweet. I skipped it and went to the gym instead, but my energy levels crashed after that- I had to eat dinner at 5:00. I had two big slices of roast pork and a ton of broccoli, which seems to have set me right, but I’ll be glad to be back on W30 tomorrow to truly even out energy levels. lesson learned- corn is okay-ish,but prob best with a really well-balanced meal with extra vigilance for the sugar dragon!
  6. Here goes!

    @berry straw that is so interesting, thank you! I think there’s something to it, maybe. Again yesterday I def had an acidic tummy. I hope it’s less so today with the corn, but we’ll see. I did a little research on alkaline vs acidic and what food can cause what- it does seem like corn is on the list for acidic (but so is a lot of other stuff I eat regularly, like meat and eggs). Like I said, it’s been fairly mild, so while not worth it for gross polenta, it would be for creamed corn. After the corn-heavy lunch, I’m back to W30 through Friday and then off to Vegas for the weekend! That’s when I switch from my “fast track” reintro to my slow-roll/is it worth it phase? Should be interesting, and Vegas seems like a good place to practice since there are just so. many. options. I’ve got reservations at a few places that I know have W30 options, and the rest I’ll wing it! Then a week of back to Whole 30- and I’m actually really excited since I’m going to invest in a W30-approved meal delivery service. A whole work week of not cooking- what a dream! On one hand, I hope I like it; on the other, I hope I don’t like it too much - I could prob get really used to it. Weight is still slightly up again, so while one or two days could be a fluctuation, eventually it seems like a trend. Oh well, just one more day to go, which should help reveal the trend (or non-trend), then back at W30. And even if I go off the rails in Vegas (although I have a pretty good feeling I won’t- I’m starting to feel really confident, which is soooo nice), I’ll have the following week of Whole7 to fix me right back up. It’s been two weeks from the end of my Jan W30, and I’ve remained committed to the reintro process, and it’s def starting to feel easy and habit-like. I’m very excited, I do think I’m nearing the point where this starts to feel second nature, so once I finish the reintro (and having to be soooooooo observant about everything), I think I’ll have a good, sustainable way of eating established for myself.
  7. Here goes!

    Just finished dinner- Sunday sauce with polenta again, and I have the slight acidic feeling to my stomach again. Very strange- it’s slight, not even really painful, but I’ll see if it turns into full blown heartburn. Right now it’s just a rumbly tummy. But even that I’d say is not “worth it” for polenta- at least this polenta. Turns out I don’t super love it unless it’s cooked in milk with cream and lots of cheese- go figure! Honestly, it’s just pretty bland and I probably would’ve preferred sweet potato or zucchini zoodles had I not been doing this reintro. Tomorrow will be a better test as far as what I miss/crave- whole kernel corn. Especially in the summer- it’s prob my go-to ingredient. I’d originally only planned on it for lunch- a semi puréed corn dish with coconut milk, shrimp, and roasted peppers, but I think I’ll add some of the frozen corn kernels to my scrambled eggs in the morning. what the heck- make it a bigger test. Other than that, energy/cravings/mood were all good today. Got pretty hungry for dinner, but not abnormally so (and was pretty light on protein for lunch- I had puréed cauliflower soup and I dumped two sausage balls in to get some protein- but prob should’ve had three, had they fit!)
  8. It might not be from the chocolate - it could be from the gluten in the bread or the corn. For what it's worth, I reintroduced corn yesterday and have been having mild heartburn ever since. I'm not sure that's what caused it yet (I have two more reintro days with corn to go), but I think it's possible. Maybe you're experiencing the same thing?
  9. Here goes!

    This morning I feel relatively good, albeit tired (can’t blame the non-gluten grains for that- that’s entirely the fault of a little white dog who wants her breakfast at 3 am. Ridiculous.) I’m hungrier for breakfast than normal, but within reason, and my energy seems good (so far.) One thing I’ve noticed is that my stomach feels slightly acidic all the time, if that makes sense? Like kinda rumbly/gurgling, but not hunger growling necessarily. I’ve read articles before where people talk about trying to eat more “alkaline” vs acidic? I never paid much attention, but it might be interesting to compare my typical W30 diet and see if it’s considered more alkaline vs the non gluten/polenta possibly being acidic? Who knows, it may just be rando heartburn. One other thing I’ve been tracking since W30- my weight, which has consistently been going down liiiiiiitle by little, and now has stopped going down and may be trending slightly upward. Definitely could be a random fluctuation, but I’m going to keep my eye on it. I would’ve expected the scale to go down a bit today based on my activity level yesterday and “good” eating (by which I just mean I had three full meals and no snacking), instead it went up the tiniest bit. I’ll stay vigilant today with the eating plan (again, just no snacking but a normal amount of polenta at dinner for a true test), and see what happens tomorrow. I hate focusing/relying too much on the scale number, but I don’t have another objective way to measure fat vs sugar adaption. Tracking my energy and mood is iffy at best given the other variables around those things. I have two more non-gluten days to go, so hopefully that will be enough to see if it’s a true trend and not just a fluctuation.
  10. Here goes!

    Added polenta tonight for dinner- the only non-gluten for today. Interesting observation- it was really hard for me to judge the appropriate portion. I served myself about a half cup of polenta with a lot of Sunday sauce- prob about 2 cups. I finished all the sauce and left some of the polenta, which seemed like a fairly reasonable portion (it filled my plate.) But I thought I was still hungry and wondered if I’d be really hungry during the night, so much so that I almost went back for more. Then after about 10-20 min I started feeling really full. It was pretty much the opposite of how I feel when I eat a Whole 30 meal- there I seem to get full right as I finish eating dinner, but then a bit after eating I feel lighter and there’s no heavy-full feeling. I think heavier starches like polenta may be easy for me to over eat because the satiety signals take longer. It’ll be interesting to see how hungry I am tomorrow for breakfast. If it’s just the normal, yup I’m ready for breakfast/stomach growling, or famished and lightheaded/really hungry. And just generally how my energy levels react. Today’s energy was good - no dips and I had the energy for a long run. Good mood all day, too. I did have further twinges of heartburn, but it never became full blown.
  11. Here goes!

    Thanks @chichi! I am feeling so much better today- I managed to move past it and realize it really was just a blip in the context of over 40 days. And it wasn’t even that bad as far as what and how much I ate (all compliant and maybe an extra glass of wine and some dates/nuts). I finally realized I was still mad about the work thing and I was just misdirecting the anger. So I got back on track and reintroduced non gluten grains in the form of rice in paella. The meal itself was amazing, with lots of W30 compliant dishes, and the paella was an amazing treat. Felt fine until the middle of the night when I had severe heartburn- it almost made me throw up. But it was also the type of heartburn that passes very quickly when you turn over onto a different side. I don’t have any more rice planned for the reintro, just corn in the form of polenta tonight and later some whole kernel in a dish. I’m wondering if I should make a quick risotto ish dish for lunch? Eh, I think I’ll just stick with the plan. I really don’t eat a lot of rice normally, so I’ll prob just wait until the next time it comes up naturally and make sure to pay attention. I wouldn’t mind trying to recreate that paella at home some day! Another thing I learned this week- last week I got really burnt out on the endless weekend meal prep, so I took advantage of my telework day last week and did a lot of the prep I’d normally do during the weekend, and it really made a difference. I feel like I have a true restful weekend again, and if i had had to do prep yesterday, I definitely would not have, which prob would have led to non-compliant choices out of necessity. As is, I have everything I need already for the week with just a few sides I need to make as needed. So while the weekend prep strategy usually works well for me, this week a break from it was essential. Other than that, I’m excited to already be on Step 3 and see how that all goes. Other than the heartburn, I feel great today. Not overly heavy/full/bloated, and my energy and mood are good, and my weight didn’t tick up. So all he markers I can think of to observe seem ok. I’ll be on the look out for a pm crash though (although I have a run scheduled, so that usually prevents it.) probably need more than one meal to see culmulative effects anyway, so this reintro is scheduled through Tues.
  12. Here goes!

    Ok, so yesterday I experienced probably my worst failure of my W30 and subsequent reintroduction. Day 2 of my back-to-W30 eating in between added sugar and non-gluten grains, everything was going great. Then a stressful episode at work, followed by heading home on Friday evening to my comfort wine. Which turned into three comfort wines. Which led to after dinner snacking- compliant jamon and almonds and dates, but honestly, it might as well have been a hot fudge Sunday based on how it made me feel. And honestly, it probably made me feel worse mentally than it did physically. I’m just really beating myself up about it today. I thought I had a handle on this work stuff and was proud of how I was overcoming this really upsetting incident, then one little thing crept back and sent me into a tailspin. Objectively, I know it’s not that bad- the only non compliant thing I had was wine, and I’m back on track today, it’s just not what I wanted for myself and I guess it has me worried about the next time I’m faced with something similar. And I don’t know what to do today to move past it. I’m home alone, it’s raining so doing something physical isn’t really an option. I want to do something to treat myself well/kindly, but I don’t know what that is. I feel like going back to bed, but so far I’m just frozen on the couch watching soccer.
  13. Here goes!

    Reintro of sugar complete! I’m very happy to report that yesterday I was right back on track with full-on Tigers Blood! I have to say, it’s very comforting to know that feeling good comes back so fast during reintro if/when something is off. I think it makes the idea of reintro easier, knowing that just a few days of W30 can fix you right up (as opposed to doing a full 30 days again.) Yesterday I still had some added sugar, as mentioned, and it seemed to be the right amount. Everything about my meals looked W30ish- following the template for portions, etc., with just some minor sugar snuck in. No ill effects, and it felt like a true W30 day. So, lesson learned- some added sugar is ok on my FFF, as is cooking wine! Looks like I’ve got 2 of my 8 steps done, and I see this is day 9 of me reintroducing. Honestly, I may be more proud of my commitment to reintroducing than I was to staying compliant during the actual Whole 30! Throughout my life, I’ve found losing weight to be easy- I’m good with rules (for anyone that’s read Gretchen Rubin’s work - I’m an Upholder), but I’m terrible at maintaining. I just sort of fold when there is no structure, so now I’m giving myself structure. I feel like my momentum is back after transitioning from completing W30 to focusing on this plan. I even made myself a new calendar. With stickers. I bought stickers. I feel insane, but it works for some reason. I have my completed W30 calendar on my fridge with 31 big red Xs and it motivates me every time I look at it. Ok, off to start the day. Back to W30 eating, which, by the end of this I’m confident will just be...eating.
  14. Here goes!

    Late in the afternoon yesterday I experienced another reaction to all the added sugar- I had a definite energy and mood crash. Right about 3/4 pm I got decidedly hangry and all my energy/motivation to go to the gym later vanished. This wasn’t just the absence of Tiger’s Blood, it was more than that- it felt like a definite sugar low. I was much hungrier for dinner than I normally get, and in a different way - like I’d abruptly run out of fuel. So I moved my dinner time up to 5 (instead of snacking), and literally drug myself to the gym. I did put some of the sugar energy to good use- I found I had plenty of energy for a longish and fastish run. But gathering up the willpower to go and start felt almost insurmountable. So, lesson learned- eventually “added sugar” just starts to act like sugar sugar. For me, the tipping point came after about 2.5 days of a lot of added sugar, so now I know I can have some, but certainly not a lot. Today I’m moving back to just a very small amount of added sugar- some in my ketchup at lunch and about 1 teaspoon in tonight’s relish. I’ll see if that’s enough to move me back to my regular energy usage (and hopefully even to Tigers Blood.). But even if it doesn’t, I know I have full Whole 30 for two plus days to fix me up after that!
  15. Meal Delivery? Cooked-Concerns

    @ladyshanny Thank you so much for following up! I’m still planning on trying this out during my reintro after I get back from the long weekend, since I won’t be able to do my normal meal prep over the weekend (and frankly, I am in desperate need of a cooking break.) so I’ll come back the week of Feb 18th and let you know how it works out!