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  1. Good gosh mom... you couldn't have picked a different Disney park to do tomorrow? My plan to get a kid's burger (no bun, obviously) with grapes and carrots flew out the window. No quick-service at that park has it anymore. (I do this because the adult burgers always taste like they add some flavorings in there) I asked my mom, and she says "get a salad". Anyone dealt with this before (not the dismissing parent, doing Whole30 in the Magic Kingdom)? It's not too big a deal, but I don't want to be starving in a place that pumps appetizing smells into the street to make you crave totally non-compliant food. I'll probably pick up some jerky and an avocado tonight, scoop the avocado out and into a plastic bag, and just eat that tomorrow...
  2. Cheshire Cheetah

    Having a hard time finding Bacon without sugar

    I got excited for a second then remembered I don't live near a Wegman's anymore. Then I remembered that I hate bacon.
  3. Cheshire Cheetah

    Tylenol/Advil/other headache remedies?

    What type of headache? I know a few headache remedies, but some additional information would be helpful to make sure I'm not giving you useless information. (You're okay taking pain relief medication on Whole30, but since you asked about other remedies in the title, I'll answer that question too)
  4. Cheshire Cheetah

    Magic Kingdom - Worst Quick Service During Whole30...

    Ended up doing Animal Kingdom, which had what I was looking for, but still have to start over. I accidentally ate some cereal this morning instead of the meat and veggies I intended to. Next time I eating next to a sibling, I'll make sure I don't eat off the wrong plate.
  5. Cheshire Cheetah

    Compliant Chicken Broth

    Watch out for yeast extract. I find that in the strangest places, including chicken broth.
  6. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    I don't mind removing bones and skin, but I've never really liked the taste of salmon. I'll give it a try again. If I don't like it, well it's just 30 days. I can live without tuna
  7. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    It had soy listed in the sneakiest place: the allergy statement... Guess it was a part of the "vegetable broth" Ugh. I was hoping for a cheap protein source... Curse you tuna!
  8. Cheshire Cheetah

    toasted coconut chips

    Glad I searched instead of starting a new topic. I planned to keep some on hand for parties, since a lot of what I get invited to does not provide healthy fats. Wanted to make sure they were not a SWYPO food. Plants and animal proteins are easy to find, just needed a portable fat. It would be a little weird to bring an avacado to a party... My mom bought these two months ago (she never used them... I found the unopened package yesterday) and they aren't a FWOB for me (I feel satiated with a small amount, which is less than half of a recommended serving)
  9. Cheshire Cheetah

    ADHD success stories?

    Not with my kids (I'm 16, so no kids) but I did a mostly on track Whole30 in 2015 and found it much easier to concentrate. On a diet called Feingold my mom put me on when I was 9, the removal of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives helped a lot with my ADHD. Since Whole30 is focusing on real foods, these are removed by default. Just make sure you do the reintroduction for Whole30 correctly, and maybe consider not reintroducing artificial colours at all.
  10. Cheshire Cheetah

    Who's doing the #JanuaryWhole30?

    I've got my own little "Whole30" shelf set aside in the pantry. I'm starting tomorrow, though. Dang, my mom litteraly just told me we're going to a party tomorrow... oh well. I'm not budging. I said Whole30 on 1/1, I'm doing Whole30 on 1/1.
  11. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    My guess was right Now to triple check the tuna I bought has no Yeast Extract...
  12. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    The first two are salts. Yeast extract appears to be non-compliant. It contains Glutamates (which may or may not contain gluten). Yeast extract is also made with sugar.
  13. Cheshire Cheetah

    Daycare advice

    Based on the Holiday story, I'd probably go with the off-base one. I don't support screen time or organized early academics, but I'd rather deal with that than have no control over what goes into his body.
  14. Cheshire Cheetah

    Stok cold brew

    The closest thing I could find to a rule on coffee extract was, "However, avoid coffees flavored with extracts (usually alcohol based)" (Page 71 of The Whole30 guide) So if it is discovered that the "Coffee Extract" contains alcohol, then Stok Cold Brew is off-limits. Judging by the fact OP could only find coffee extracts with alcohol in them, it's safe to say it will probably end up being non-compliant. When I have something with vanilla extract in it, it doesn't say there's alcohol. However, since extracts often use alcohol, I can make the educated decision to not eat the product since it in against Whole30 guidelines. I am infuriated that a moderator is giving advice so clearly against the program guidelines, and needs to be corrected by members of the community.
  15. Cheshire Cheetah

    Sweet tooth- Need Help!

    If you're craving sugar, wait a few minutes and reevaluate. If you're hungry enough to eat something you don't usually seek out (in my case, any green vegetable but greenbeans), then prep a mini-meal. I try to keep out things such as fruit, nuts, and Whole30 approved seeds so that I am certain my sugar dragon is being properly starved, unless my body (and not my sugar dragon) is telling me I need such things. This sounds like your first Whole30, so your body is not yet properly communicating its needs to you. In other words, if you're hungry eat a mini-meal. If your sugar dragon is just throwing a tantrum, go find something distracting to do.
  16. Cheshire Cheetah

    First W30...Early Period

    I've always had a long cycle (35-40 days between each period), but on my first Whole30 a year ago I was surprised by it arriving 2 weeks early. Granted, I am still a teen, but after that Whole30 I went back to my crappy way of eating, and my long cycle and painful cramps return. I am now back to a mostly Whole30 (took me almost a year), and I'll share my results when my "monthly visitor" arrives.