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  1. Cheshire Cheetah

    Compliant Chicken Broth

    Watch out for yeast extract. I find that in the strangest places, including chicken broth.
  2. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    I don't mind removing bones and skin, but I've never really liked the taste of salmon. I'll give it a try again. If I don't like it, well it's just 30 days. I can live without tuna
  3. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    It had soy listed in the sneakiest place: the allergy statement... Guess it was a part of the "vegetable broth" Ugh. I was hoping for a cheap protein source... Curse you tuna!
  4. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    My guess was right Now to triple check the tuna I bought has no Yeast Extract...
  5. Cheshire Cheetah

    Silicon dioxide

    The first two are salts. Yeast extract appears to be non-compliant. It contains Glutamates (which may or may not contain gluten). Yeast extract is also made with sugar.