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  1. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    I finished my Whole30 yesterday. Awesome job everyone!! I know this is a tough thing but it's totally worth it!! I weighed and measured with my trainer yesterday at the gym but I didn't look at the results yet. I'm trying to stay focused on eating good food and maintaining healthy habits and I don't want how much weight I did/didn't loose to impact that. I'm just WAY to emotional around what the number on the scale says. @Laura of The Great White North thanks for sharing your first reintroduction! Isn't it crazy how your taste buds can change in just 30 days? I've experienced it too where sweet things are way too sweet after a whole 30. Don't know what it says about me but the first thing I'm introducing tonight is a nice scotch I've always done the Fast Track Reintroduction on my prior Whole30's and learned a TON! It's definitely worth doing!! This time I'm going to go with the Slow Roll Reintroduction. I need to keep focusing on habits and practicing my Food Freedom Forever. I really want to examine that question of 'Is it WORTH it' when eating something I know isn't the best for me. Oh, and @KaraS I'd definitely start reading Food Freedom Forever. I have it in e-book format and it's great! The first few chapters you can skip through because they cover the Whole30 program and other elimination diets. Then it gets into the tips and tricks of how to keep this lifestyle going. So, like I said, I don't know about weight or inches lost but here's some of the awesome things I've gotten out of this Whole30 round... More energy and consistent energy Enhanced focus Better mood...I'm downright happier Mental clarity I'm more 'present'...I'm just more aware of the things around me, how I'm feeling, just 'in touch' with things Emotionally stable - setback's don't rock me as much More motivation More self-confidence No heartburn/indigestion Better athletic performance - I still need to get more cardio in but I have more energy and am pushing heavier weights at the gym Less soreness and inflammation Less bloating Looser clothing My face looks slimmer Better complexion Reduced ketosis pilaris (that's the red bumpy 'chicken skin'...I get it on my upper arms and it's annoying) aaaaand a bunch of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Anybody else have some NSVs to share?
  2. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Great Job Laura! That is totally a win and an NSV I'd mark in my book! At this stage of Whole 30's in the past I've definitely needed to mix things up. What worked for me was finding one cool (possibly more involved meal) to make each week but then making everything else super simple (think sheet pan meals, or hashes, or instant pot/crock pot meals). Things you can set & forget or even freeze extra servings of if you don't feel like having it 4 days in a row (there's an awesome WH30 meatball recipe that makes pretty much 8 servings - I always freeze half and have the other half with spaghetti squash or sweet potato 'buns"). Speaking of sweet potato buns have you tried to 'faux' up your sandwich? You can make sliders with sweet potato slices you've roasted in the oven or make sweet potato toast. I also love some lettuce wraps! I use romaine or butter lettuce. And I cool trick I saw from a blogger was to overlap several pieces on parchment paper, fill with your sandwich fixing, fold over the lettuce then roll up the parchment. You can cut it in half and you've got easy-to-eat lettuce wraps that keep fairly well as a lunch on the go. My favorite are to do BLTA's with sugar-free bacon, paleo mayo, tomatoes, and avocado slices...SOOOO good! Keep fighting those's totally worth it! I'd love to hear some positive things you've noticed though. Would you mind sharing some of your NSV's with all of us? @kristilarson, @masonjar87, @Kris22 would you mind sharing some of your NSVs too? I know when I'm bogged down it's really helped me to focus on all the things that have gotten better (there's always more than I realize when I start listing them out!)
  3. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hey Kara! Just thought I'd share my experience extending a Whole30. I extended my 3rd Whole30 to 45 days. My main motivation was to cement my meal prep and healthy eating habits and really ensure the addictions to sugar/carbs were thoroughly broken. I kept on for another 15 days with no reintroduction. I'm sure there are some Forum answer and I know I've seen a Blog post about it but if you're really looking to see improvement in a preexisting health condition I would advise against re-introduction then doing another 30days. I'd wait to reintroduce when the full 60 is over. However...your 10th Anniversary is a BIG deal. You want to enjoy that event. And ultimately we are all looking to enjoy Food Freedom and be able to have cake or a glass of champagne at an occasion like that but then get right back on it. You could keep Whole30 until your Vow Renewal, enjoy it, but then get right on another 30 days and do the complete reintroduction after that. That's a lot of will power and commitment though. You need to think about what's best for you (and what will most benefit long term health and habits). Let us all know what you decide to do! You've got my support either way. And great job on everything you've accomplished so far!!! And and, I just found the blog post about extending your Whole you go!
  4. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Had a dream last night that I ate bread and drank wine. Was SO relieved when I woke up
  5. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hey All! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Things have been busy but I'm 100% still on it and still compliant! It's my Day 17 and I actually had to count that up early today cause I'd lost track! I'm noticing that this Whole 30 round (It's my 5th) has been a lot easier. I've been able to quickly recognize cravings, process it, find an alternative, and move on. It's not taking near the conscious effort to resist temptations as it has in the past. I guess I'm trying to say, it get's easier! And it's really resonating with some things Melissa says in the Food Freedom Forever book. Now all that being said, I ABSOLUTELY get where you are all at cause I've been there before. @Laura of The Great White North, @KaraS, @Kris22, @masonjar87 I've noticed a theme in what you are all going through at this point. Because it's happened to me MANY times in the past. I've recognized it as my brain making a crazy-strong last-ditch effort to get me back to quick sugar & carbs. You're dreaming about non-compliant foods and the dream-guilt you feel eating them. Numerous times I've dreamed of eating pizza (my kryptonite) and woken up in panic that I'd broken my Whole 30. I've also experienced the lack of appetite...nothing sounds good. It's like my brain is a pouting kid that doesn't want to do anything if it can't get what it wants. ANY off plan food sounds better than the healthy food you've got prepared. All I can say is STAY STRONG! Your brain will eventually give up, you'll enjoy all your food again, and you'll feel incredible. You are all making amazing changes to your eating and your lives. It's hard. But there are really good reasons why you are doing this. When things get tough count your NSV's, drink some water, distract yourself (my favorite is putting on some 90's hip hop/R&B and dancing like a fool in my kitchen), whatever it takes to keep going. Keep up the awesome! Sarah
  6. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! @Laura of The Great White North Way to stay strong! If you’re craving something like that try these recipes from Paleomg. I haven’t tried the potato salad but the jalapeño Popper chicken salad is life! I’ve already got it planned for next weekend’s meal prep for lunches. She’s got a lot of good salads and casseroles. Not everything is Whole30 but a lot of it is. @KaraS making healthy meals your family loves is an awesome NSV! I don’t know about the’s not a symptom I’ve dealt with before. Maybe one of the moderators has some feedback. As far as being really tired, that’s right on track. Your body is switching from carb burning to fat burning. One thing to keep an eye on though is being crazy hungry for meals. If you’re feeling super hungry between meals or like you’re starving right before you eat I might take a look at your portion sizes and healthy fats. Hunger is normal and great, your body is getting back to typical signals. If you are crazy hungry though and the tiredness lasts longer than a few days you might not be eating enough. Just something to think about! Well, I’m heading to a Bastille Day festival soon. I’m carrying some emergency food to help resist the wine and crepes...wish me luck!
  7. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    @Laura of The Great White North I’m with you and @kirbz my symptoms the first few days are more subtle (I’ve also found during reintroduction that I don’t have strong interactions to any particular food group but I do when I start mixing them together or having things several days in a row). The biggest things I’ve noticed today was some fatigue, mood swings and variable energy. @KaraS great job fighting cravings and getting better in touch with your body. I hope the pain recedes and you’re sleeping through the night soon! I know that’s one of my FAVORITE Whole30 NSVs...awesome sleep! @Kris22 I’m just gonna echo what others said, hang in there and give yourself some grace! You’re taking big steps to improve your health and changing a lot!! Just keep it compliant, add enough healthy fats, and it will all start to feel more normal. You’ll be able to start fine tuning serving sizes once you’ve gained confidence eating compliant meals. And don’t feel sorry for a ‘negative share’. That’s what I love about these forums we can be real and honest about what we’re dealing with and feel understood and supported! Great job making it through another day everyone!!
  8. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Ok you guys, tonight was tough. I have a new foster dog and I came home from work to a whole bunch of things chewed up (including a new pair of expensive shoes) and pee and poop on my bed...yep, on my bed. Needless to say all I wanted to do was order takeout and pour a drink. BUT, I did neither. I stayed strong and make steak, sautéed squash and pan-roasted potatoes instead. It was REALLY hard to resist going to food for comfort when I was stressed and tired and frustrated but I did it! Now to figure out how I can help my foster not be so anxious and not ruin my stuff, lol.
  9. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hey All! I just started my Whole30 yesterday. I hope you don't mind if I join you all on this thread. I've completed 4 Whole30's in the past and an active/supportive Forum group has been really helpful to keep me accountable and focused on my goals. I did my last Whole30 in January and pretty quickly returned to poor eating habits. I just got back from a lot of travel and determined that a mid-year Whole30 reset would be the perfect thing to get me back on track. With every Whole30 I've completed I dramatically improved my health. Each time I learned an enormous amount about how food effects my physical, mental and emotional health. I'm not gonna lie, the first one I was REALLY focused on weight loss. No, I didn't break the rules, but I still just couldn't wait to step on that scale at the end. I was really proud of that first Whole30 but I kinda let how much weight I lost define my stole a bit of the joy. In more recent rounds I've really tried to focus on the NSVs and I've been SO much happier for it. I've found if I'm doing the other stuff the weight loss will come and I'm less likely to define my worth by the number on a scale. I'm so excited to take on this journey again and I'm mentally preparing for the challenges (known and unknown) that a Summer Whole30 will bring. Awesome job those of you that are a day or two ahead. Keep it up! Sarah