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  1. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! @Laura of The Great White North Way to stay strong! If you’re craving something like that try these recipes from Paleomg. I haven’t tried the potato salad but the jalapeño Popper chicken salad is life! I’ve already got it planned for next weekend’s meal prep for lunches. She’s got a lot of good salads and casseroles. Not everything is Whole30 but a lot of it is. @KaraS making healthy meals your family loves is an awesome NSV! I don’t know about the’s not a symptom I’ve dealt with before. Maybe one of the moderators has some feedback. As far as being really tired, that’s right on track. Your body is switching from carb burning to fat burning. One thing to keep an eye on though is being crazy hungry for meals. If you’re feeling super hungry between meals or like you’re starving right before you eat I might take a look at your portion sizes and healthy fats. Hunger is normal and great, your body is getting back to typical signals. If you are crazy hungry though and the tiredness lasts longer than a few days you might not be eating enough. Just something to think about! Well, I’m heading to a Bastille Day festival soon. I’m carrying some emergency food to help resist the wine and crepes...wish me luck!
  2. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    @Laura of The Great White North I’m with you and @kirbz my symptoms the first few days are more subtle (I’ve also found during reintroduction that I don’t have strong interactions to any particular food group but I do when I start mixing them together or having things several days in a row). The biggest things I’ve noticed today was some fatigue, mood swings and variable energy. @KaraS great job fighting cravings and getting better in touch with your body. I hope the pain recedes and you’re sleeping through the night soon! I know that’s one of my FAVORITE Whole30 NSVs...awesome sleep! @Kris22 I’m just gonna echo what others said, hang in there and give yourself some grace! You’re taking big steps to improve your health and changing a lot!! Just keep it compliant, add enough healthy fats, and it will all start to feel more normal. You’ll be able to start fine tuning serving sizes once you’ve gained confidence eating compliant meals. And don’t feel sorry for a ‘negative share’. That’s what I love about these forums we can be real and honest about what we’re dealing with and feel understood and supported! Great job making it through another day everyone!!
  3. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Ok you guys, tonight was tough. I have a new foster dog and I came home from work to a whole bunch of things chewed up (including a new pair of expensive shoes) and pee and poop on my bed...yep, on my bed. Needless to say all I wanted to do was order takeout and pour a drink. BUT, I did neither. I stayed strong and make steak, sautéed squash and pan-roasted potatoes instead. It was REALLY hard to resist going to food for comfort when I was stressed and tired and frustrated but I did it! Now to figure out how I can help my foster not be so anxious and not ruin my stuff, lol.
  4. Sarah_MT

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hey All! I just started my Whole30 yesterday. I hope you don't mind if I join you all on this thread. I've completed 4 Whole30's in the past and an active/supportive Forum group has been really helpful to keep me accountable and focused on my goals. I did my last Whole30 in January and pretty quickly returned to poor eating habits. I just got back from a lot of travel and determined that a mid-year Whole30 reset would be the perfect thing to get me back on track. With every Whole30 I've completed I dramatically improved my health. Each time I learned an enormous amount about how food effects my physical, mental and emotional health. I'm not gonna lie, the first one I was REALLY focused on weight loss. No, I didn't break the rules, but I still just couldn't wait to step on that scale at the end. I was really proud of that first Whole30 but I kinda let how much weight I lost define my stole a bit of the joy. In more recent rounds I've really tried to focus on the NSVs and I've been SO much happier for it. I've found if I'm doing the other stuff the weight loss will come and I'm less likely to define my worth by the number on a scale. I'm so excited to take on this journey again and I'm mentally preparing for the challenges (known and unknown) that a Summer Whole30 will bring. Awesome job those of you that are a day or two ahead. Keep it up! Sarah
  5. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Congratulations everyone on making it to Day 31! Whole 30 can be challenging and you all did SO awesome!! What are some of the results and NSVs you guys are seeing? I won't have scale/measurement results for a couple weeks since I'm extending to a Whole45 (woo @Abi Labrador, SO glad you're finally feeling good and joining me through 45 days!). The non-scale victories are too numerous to count though! Better mood, more energy, more focused, better complexion, brighter skin, shinier hair, more slim appearance, clothes fitting better, fighting cravings, more productive...and on, and on... Let's keep the positivity's everyone else feeling?
  6. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @POhio I agree with @Jim4884 and @kirkor about doing one food at a time. I know it might be hard given that you're visiting NYC but I'd definitely reintro one food at a time. You've put SO much work into re-setting your body so you can do your own personal experiment about how foods effect you. For example; on a previous round of WH30 (this is my 3rd) I didn't have any strong reaction to individual food groups. I found when I put together dairy and gluten it was bad news bears. My mom on the other hand had a strong reaction to soy. If she'd had soy sauce on rice she wouldn't have known if it was grains or legumes that did it. If you really want to sample try making it a dairy day and have the cream cheese with vegetables. Or, make it your gluten day and have the bagel but bring some Almond butter to put on it. Let us know what you decide to do and Good Luck!
  7. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Day 28/29! Woo!! Havent checked in awhile (things have been crazy busy) but I'm still sticking with it. Glad to hear everyone else sticking with it too...even when it's been tough! My NSVs are off the charts right now; more energy, better skin, better hair, clothes fitting SO much better, really focused, more productive, easy to turn down general, I'm just in a better mood! I'm actually just plain happier! Sounds like y'all are feeling some of the benefits too. What other things have you guys noticed? I'm still planning to keep going after Day 30 and push to a Whole45 before I do reintroduction. Anybody else extending? If not, what are your plans for reintroduction? OH, and @Blackcreekrob I have TOTALLY had those dreams where you eat something off plan and feel incredibly guilty. It's such a relief when I wake up to realized I hadn't spoiled all my hard work.
  8. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @GayleG truth to tell I haven't really looked through it a bunch. I use the RealPlans website to help with meal planning and to keep things fresh. The have some of the new recipes loaded in their database. I'll try to look through it tomorrow night (I'm about to head to bed...TRYING to get to bed earlier so I can get better sleep). I'll let you know what I think! Good to hear feedback on the Instant Pot...I bought my sister one for Christmas but she hasn't done much with it yet. Been considering getting one but I'd have to re-arrange my appliance cabinet to make sure it would fit! But hey, spaghetti squash in 15mins is pretty darn impressive. Good luck trying to eat earlier! I totally understand the struggle (didn't eat until after 8pm tonight myself).
  9. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @lilliegirl You should be SO proud of yourself, that's huge! Isn't it crazy how different our bodies respond when we give them actual, healthy food. And that beef root veggie stew sounds awesome! @Abi Labrador I completely agree with @kirbz. I don't think you were eating enough at each meal. That's definitely something I found doing WH30. When you're eating good, real food you need to eat more of it than you'd think to fuel your body. The weight loss will come. We're forming the habits now to keep feeling great and losing weight after 30 days. How are things going now? Did increasing meal sizes work for you? @kirbz Thank you for all your feedback and support. As someone who is on their 3rd attempt at a WH30 Round 3 I totally get that things come up. I needed to be in the head space to fully dive in and do it right and and sometimes things just didn't add up. Have an awesome time on your cruise and have a great WH30 when you get back! @Blackcreekrob Snacking in the afternoon is tough, I'd try to increase the size of your lunch first or shift your afternoon trigger to drinking tea or something like that. If you're truly hungry I'd always try to combine protein and fat. Hardboiled eggs with carrots are great. Also some cold grilled chicken and avocado. Try putting together snacks like these as opposed to fruit or too many nuts. For breakfast...forget that it's breakfast! It's just another meal. One of my favorite 'breakfasts' is actually a hamburger patty with paleo mayo, bacon, avocado, tomato and a side salad. @Erinmhess sounds like you're experiencing some AWESOME NSVs! I'm with you that the Tiger Blood has been slow coming (see previous post) but sounds like you're focusing on the right things! A moderator might chime in but what you decide to do about the supplements is up to you. Below is a really good blog post about re-starting. If you DO decide to keep going you won't be alone! I decided to do a WH45 instead of just 30 days so I won't be starting introduction until Feb 21st. @GayleG Sorry you were sick but great job staying on plan! Those recipes sound really good, might have to try those ribs!
  10. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Hey All! I'm not gonna lie, it's been a struggle-bus for me since last Thursday. I had no appetite and wasn't eating most of my meals. And, as would follow, I had zero energy. Definitely not how I felt on my first couple rounds of WH30. But, this helped remind me that every WH30 is different and you learn something new. Last night I think I finally turned the corner though! Ate all my dinner & got some serious meal prep done. Made the breakfast dish from the new 'Whole 30 Fast & Easy' cookbook (link below) and it was AWESOME! I prefer my eggs scrambled so I just scrambled up a couple this morning and scooped up some hash on top. How's everyone else doing? Hopefully several of you are starting to feel that 'Tiger Blood' energy, focus, and just plain well-being! If you're like me and it's been a bit delayed just keep pushing through. Changing your life takes time...but we're all getting there!
  11. Sarah_MT

    Day 17...Not Hungry

    Thank you @ladyshanny! I was nauseous just trying to choke down my breakfast this morning. Hopefully this will pass soon. Thanks for directing me to the thread! I tried to search for lack of hunger and couldn't find anything...just wasn't using the right keywords.
  12. To start, this is my 3rd round of Whole30 (1st - Nov 2016, 2nd Jan 2017). I know each round is different but I've run into some challenges the last several days. Since about day 13 I have not felt hungry. Or maybe, better stated, nothing is appetizing (I still have hunger pangs and my stomach rumbles). Now, I know this is the time when food boredom sets in but I've been switching up my recipes! Made some delicious things I just don't want to eat them. As a result of not eating as much I've been a lot more tired too. (On past WH30 rounds I was feeling Tiger Blood and firing on all cylinders by this point.) I also work out regularly and need to make sure I'm fueling my workouts. The only other thing I've changed over the past several days is I started taking the 'Calm' brand Magnesium supplement as recommended by my personal trainer. I wouldn't think that would affect appetite but I don't know. Any advice on how to tackle this? Thank you!
  13. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Sorry for the lack of Posts everyone, it's been a BUSY week...and COLD! Dallas, TX isn't supposed to see temps in the teens! How is everyone doing on their days 13/14? For me I made it through the dangerous Days 10 & 11 but today I'm just not feeling hungry (also a stage I went through last time). Not total food boredom because I'm eating new recipes today. Just don't feel really hungry...for anything! (even the delicious looking mega cookies left over from a company lunch today...oatmeal raisin is typically my weakness!). What is everyone else feeling? @Abi Labrador, @Erinmhess, @kirbz, @Linwe, @Blackcreekrob, @GayleG, @Artistcam, @Betina, @Jane G, @BeeSC, @lilliegirl, @Sjc123...and anyone else following this thread...
  14. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Erinmhess I used a recipe from Real Plans but I found the same one at the link below. The Real Plans recipe adds 2c cooked chicken but you could also leave the chicken out and serve with whatever protein you like (grilled chicken, steak, pork all sounds good). I add diced green onions and bacon to the top before serving. It is REALLY yummy and satisfying! If you try it let me know what you think!
  15. Sarah_MT

    Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Days 10/11 everybody...woo! These might be 'The Hardest Days' but I know we've got this! This weekend was tough for me...felt really snacky for some reason and didn't get all my meal prep done for the week. Still stayed on plan though and I'm happy to get back to my work routine today. Wish me luck on my meal prep tonight! Still need to make beef stir fry and cauliflower/yam chowder. How did everyone else do this weekend?