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  1. I only just finished my 1st whole30 and would never claim to be a pro, but I do know W30 is not a weight loss plan. I get it, I was bummed I only lost a few lbs. However, my hormones were so out of wack from years of yo-yo dieting that it is really not surprising I lost so little. Did you have any other non-scale victories that you can celebrate? I had quite a few. I finished W30 on 1/26 and I have lost more weight during this reintroduction period than I did during the W30. All of that being said, I don't think you can technically say you did a whole 30 if you drank alcohol. Again, I get it, I like to drink. Heck, I planned my W30 in order to be finished in time for a parade so I could drink. If I can give up alcohol for 30 days almost anyone can Perhaps try it again sans the wine and see how it goes?
  2. perceivingperdita

    The one thing I probably miss most of all ...

    I won't be the one to tell you to reframe because I feel the same way. We ate out several times a week before and there are days when the last thing I want to do is cook and clean up and make lunch for the next day. But after 5 weeks it seems to be getting easier. We have not eaten out even one time since before Christmas. That is huge in my house. It is becoming a habit. Also, I try to remind myself that there are many people in this world that do not have a choice. They have to cook and clean at every meal because eating for convenience is not economically feasible for them. And then I remind myself that less than 60 years ago in middle class America there was very little convenience food and eating out was a special thing, thus everyone cooked and cleaned every night. Eating conveniently is a modern invention. Basically, I try to think if they could do it so can I. We are lucky that we don't have to do it, but I am making the choice for me health and for my family. I will say cooking in bigger batches leaves enough leftovers that at least one night a week we don't have to cook. Usually that is Friday night.
  3. perceivingperdita

    legumes and insomnia

    I reintroduced legumes yesterday. I had black-eyed peas at breakfast, refried beans at lunch and hummus at dinner. I had no problem sleeping, but my sinuses clogged up as I was finishing dinner. I woke up this morning with a bad headache and stuffy nose. It has cleared up as the day has gone by, but I still have a dull headache. I also has tummy rumblings all day yesterday, too. Legumes are off my list. I am afraid to try soy now.
  4. perceivingperdita

    Sample Day of Eating

    I logged almost every meal every day of my Whole30 that I just finished up on Wed. The link is in my signature line.
  5. perceivingperdita

    Whole 30 compliant fish sauce - not red boat

    I found it at Fresh Market about two weeks ago. Not sure if that helps the OP.
  6. perceivingperdita

    Day 31

    @ArtFossil Thank you! I pulled out ISWF this afternoon and realized it was two days between reintros not 1 so your advice is spot on. I think that's what I will do
  7. perceivingperdita

    Day 31

    So to tag onto this post with a question of my own: I am on day 27. I am in a parade Krewe and our big parade (like mardi grai) is Saturday, which is day 33. My plan has been to reintroduce something like legumes on Thursday, nothing on Friday, drink tequila on Sat but eat complaint, nothing on Sunday, then normal reintroduction after that. One of the reasons we started on 12/27 was so that I could be finished by the parade and be able to partake. Should I wait to reintroduce anything but the alcohol until after Sunday? Should I follow my plan? I have been thinking about this a lot since we began but now it's almost here and I need to have a solid plan. I will definitely be drinking Sat. it's just a matter of if I wait to start my reintroductions until after or not.
  8. perceivingperdita

    So... I Weighed Myself

    I had to be weighed on day 10 (currently on day 21) at a doctors office. I went in to have staples removed from an injury two weeks prior. I am sure there are valid medical reasons they need to weigh you every time you enter a medical facility, but really? to have staples removed? I guess if there was an emergency reason to provide meds? It seems excessive. But I digress...I told the nurse that I could not look at my weight and to please not tell me. I stood on the scale backwards and she did not tell what it said.
  9. perceivingperdita

    Spaghetti Sauce / Marinara

    I usually make my own: 2 big cans of tomato puree, 2 16 oz cans of tomato sauce, 1 can of tomato paste, onion, garlic (to you liking), & carrot, basil, parsley, oregano, a pinch of mint, salt and pepper, oil of your choice. Chop the onions and garlic, leave the carrot (s) whole. In a big soup pot, heat the oil over medium heat, add the onions and sautee the onions until they are soft. Add the garlic and sautéed that for a minute or two. Add all the tomatoes and spices, throw in the carrot. Bring to a low boil then turn down and let it simmer for as long as you want. The carrot takes the place of adding a bit of sugar, like many recipes call for, and you can choose to eat it or show it away. Just double and triple check your canned tomatoes for sneaking non-compliant ingredients. My mom has made her sauce like this for 30 years. It's pretty good. It is fast enough that there is no need to buy the jarred stuff. Mint is the secret ingredient - it just adds more depth to the flavor - but just a pinch - and you don't need it if you don't have it.
  10. perceivingperdita

    Eye Twitching

    I get eye twitches from too much smart-phone screen time. Also, if I read a lot. That only started after I turned 40. I needed reading glasses. If I wear them no twitches unless I go on a major candy crush soda saga bender. Optometrist told me that twitching comes from eyes getting dry from not blinking enough when looking at screens.
  11. perceivingperdita

    Olive Oil Confusion

    I am only on day 13 of my 1st Whole30 BUT I *think* any olive oil is ok. I have EVOO and regular as well. The homemade mayo really works best with regular olive oil. The EVOO is for salads. So I think you can safely stay at home warm and dry
  12. perceivingperdita

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    @megmac I live in the Tampa area - do you know if they still make deliveries? I looked on the website and cannot tell. Thanks!
  13. perceivingperdita

    Day 6 and still feel fine?

    Thank you so much!
  14. perceivingperdita

    Day 6 and still feel fine?

    @jmcbn Thank you for this! I do not mean to hijack this thread but since I am having the exact same issues with breakfast I was wondering if you know from your experience or from reading these boards how long it can take hormones to work it out so meal 1 isn't so difficult? I will try soup tomorrow morning.
  15. perceivingperdita

    Day 6 and still feel fine?

    I started on 12/27. I have not had much of a struggle with cravings other than wanting a soda when I checkout of the grocery store, which was a habit of mine. I wasn't grumpy on days 4 or 5, but I am a little tired today. That might be cause it's indicative of day 6 or it might be because I was up until 1 am last night? I am pleased with how it's going. I do struggle with meal 1, though. I am not hungry in the morning at all. I feel like I have to force feed myself. I have had a variety of proteins for meal 1 as well. Two days of the six so far I clearly did not eat enough because I was hungry in 2-3 hours. I am hoping that my body will adjust. Since I was about 14 I have not eaten breakfast at all (i'm 44 now). Maybe two years ago I started eating yogurt and then recently moved to lara bars after maybe an hour and a half after getting up. So, eating breakfast is a struggle. Have you always eaten something and just can't take eggs in the morning or were you like me and didn't really eat in the morning at all?