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  1. Breakfast: 2 egg/sausage(homemade pork), sundried tomato muffins; one cup of black tea-sometimes will have leftover veggies with this Lunch: Large salad with protein source, a piece of fruit, sometimes a handful of cashews, water OR leftovers from the night before such as Whole30 chili or a ground turkey scramble with veggies Dinner: Salmon patty on seasoned sweet potato zoodles; salad, water (this was last night); Night before last was a ground turkey and veggie stir fry in a lettuce leaf taco shell
  2. Day#13 here. Doing relatively well. No snacking. No cravings, per say. A bit food tired...not that crazy about eating, but that seems to be improving. My issue has been headaches. They started somewhere towards the end of the first week. Daily, nagging, whole head headaches. Not migraines. More muscle aching headache. Often would occur after lunch-within a half hour of eating. Now they occur anytime during the day. Initially lasting a couple of hours and going away. Now sometimes lasting several hours and I have to take a Tylenol. They are interfering with