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  1. @nira81 Hi! I became much more active on the Whole 30 sub on Reddit so haven't been back on here! I completed the 30 days and decided to continue on to a Whole60 at minimum. I didn't measure myself until towards the end of my first 30 days, so I won't have accurate numbers for that yet, but I did lose 18 lbs in the first 30 days. I'll weigh again at the end of 60. I feel good. Zero cravings which is insane to me!
  2. @nira81 I am so glad to hear that you are continuing on! You are almost there I'm going to check out that course as well. The tortilla chip craving actually was an isolated incident in that I have NEVER craved something so bad. Like, I actually wanted to go out to a Mexican restaurant, walk up to a table, eat one tortilla chip and leave LOL! I think I may be lucky in that I don't have a roaring sugar dragon. My weakness is not sweets, it's anything savory. I miss tortilla chips, pizza and jalapeno poppers (still miss those and always will lol!). I may EVENTUALLY make some compliant ones, but I feel, for me, those would 100% be SWYPO. After 60 days, I'm going to see how I feel and continue on if I see fit. Otherwise, I see a transition to modified paleo. I never plan on bringing back dairy or grains at all, but I do plan on eventually bringing back some legumes and soy strictly in the form of soy sauce if I am out eating sushi b/c I don't want to carry around my coconut aminos! @catel so glad to hear you are continuing on as well! Isn't it amazing to realize that you have not had a binge? I am not sure the level each of you were, and perhaps this is too personal of a question, but did you ever take prescription medicine specifically targeted towards your BED? I was on Topamax (noticeable reduction in binges, but made me dumb as rocks, seriously...) and then was given an RX for a newer drug called Vyvanse. I believe it's the first drug approved by the FDA to treat moderate to severe binge eating. I have chosen not to take it at this point. W30 has really helped me, and Vyvanse is a stimulant so, combined with my anxiety, I'm not sure how I feel about taking it. I'm not anti medicine at all as I take things for my panic and anxiety disorders.
  3. Can we do this for under $400/week??!!

    @yogajen welcome to my world the first week of W30! My boyfriend and I also embarked on this journey together. Our first week cost roughly $350, but I can now see why this was so much. I planned out our meals, but we also bought pantry essentials that we would never have pre W30 (spices. Tessmae's, other various condiments, etc.). We now shop almost exclusively at Whole Foods (when did I become that person?!) and then supplement with Trader Joe's for some items. We spend $200/week now (this week was $189). I was able to do this by planning out all meals for the week and buying exactly what we needed. The only "extras" I buy are a couple extras of brussels & butternut squash zig zags as I know we go through those very fast. Planning out every meal is time consuming, but I prep on Sundays and it's given us a lot of variety. We have yet to get bored with our meals and I am beyond thankful for that. To give you an idea, part of this week's menu that encompasses the $189 spent this week is shrimp and artichokes over spaghetti squash, chicken wings two ways (lemon pepper & buffalo cayanne), mushroom, tomato and green onion scrambles with bacon, lamb roast with root veggies, and chik fil a "nuggets". Some may consider the last SWYPO, but I love the recipe and we have only done it once before. I get many of my recipes from Stupid Easy Paleo - it's a great resource! Goodluck!
  4. @CateL @Nira81 Hi ladies! Just wanted to check in and see how it was going? I'm currently on Day 21 which would normally mean only 9 days left! Since I decided to do at least a Whole60, I'm almost halfway there. I hope you are both hanging in there I did have a rough day yesterday craving tortilla chips! I realized it was because I did not eat enough that day (my lunch was way too small/not matching the template). I'm making sure to eat even if I don't feel hungry which is weird a concept (so different than eating when not hungry during a binge because I am emotionally hungry then).
  5. Hi all - I'm on R1D19 and, other than the detox feelings, have been doing relatively well! I have been meal planning every weekend, cooking every Sunday and making sure my boyfriend and I have a variety of meals each week to avoid boredom. We generally stick to eggs (frittatas, scrambles, etc.) in the morning following the template w/ protein, veggies, fat, etc. Lunch is usually leftovers and dinner is generally always something new. We decided to try to the chicken wings 2 ways (http://whole30.com/2015/07/pot-luck/). They were AMAZING, but I was not feeling great after. I have had minimal gastrointestinal distress during my W30, but that night was terrible. I had a very intense pain on my upper right side. I avoided googling for a bit as I can be ridiculous (WEBMD SAYS I HAVE CANCER!), but I finally gave in...and it looked like it could be my gallbladder. We have been sticking to lean cuts of meat, lots of veggies, etc. so this probably was my most "fatty" meal I have had to date. I haven't had the pain since then, but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I have never had any gallbladder issues before just as some additional background. Thanks!
  6. @CateL I 100% agree regarding how W30 can feel freeing. I know that there is a suggestion to immediately stop W30 if you feel yourself reverting back to the way you are when you are deep in the throes of your ED. It has been the exact opposite for me, perhaps because BED consumes so much of your time. On my first day of ED therapy, my therapist asked me what percentage of the day I spent thinking about food, thinking about calories, worrying about a binge, etc. She basically wanted to know how much I thought about food in any aspect. I didn't even have to think twice before I said 90%. It was seriously that way and it still was for quite a while. I'd say I'm at a good 80% now (LOL, but it is progress...that's a big change when it's consumed your life!). It has gone down even further during W30. I think about my meals to PLAN them out and enjoy them, but I'm not obsessing over whether I will binge or not.
  7. Hi all - I've been looking for a "go to" other than Chipotle in my area. I came across True Food Kitchen and was thinking of stopping by the Pasadena location tonight. Has anyone dined there? Or, if you're too far away, what would you recommend from the below menu? I'm scared to eat out anywhere other than my standard Chipotle. I was thinking I would order the roasted brussels sprouts and the organic tuscan kale salad (no grana padano, no breadcrumbs, no dressing, add shrimp). http://www.truefoodkitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/TrueFoodKitchen_Pasadena_Full_01042017_WEB.pdf
  8. @CateL Hi Cate! I have noticed quite a few changes thus far on my W30 journey. Honestly, the worst and hardest rule to enforce with myself has been no weighing, but I haven't done it....yet! Prior to this, I weighed myself EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and my weight truly did dictate my mood for the day. It's been freeing to say the least, but also a challenge since weighing myself everyday was my go to. My skin looks better, my hair is great (and I heat style often!) and I just feel....GOOD. My clothes do seem looser and I find myself obsessing over what amount of weight I have lost. Lots of thoughts about "If it's only 10 lbs I'll be mad" or "Ok, maybe it will be 20. No, don't get your hopes up". I need to spend more time getting rid of that, but with 20 years under my belt of that kind of self talk, it will take a while. The lack of counting my calories, points, etc. has been the most important part for me. I was in CBT for my eating disorder and this is one of the things I was told to let go of and work on every single day to the best of my ability. It's hard to not be as structured as I was, but W30 is doing that for me so far. Most people see W30 as very strict, but it does not feel that way to me since I've been in intense cycles of either my BED or restricting for many years prior.
  9. @Nira81 @CateL I can relate to this and have been a binge eater for almost 20 years (I'm 32 now). I am currently on day 16 and have had one "binge" during W30 after a particularly bad day - I ate two handfuls of pistachios. Looking back at a normal binge, two handfuls of pistachios is nothing. I am actually shocked I didn't give up and quit at any point on this journey. For me, I've found two main things to keep me going and prevent the desire to binge. First, I eat big meals. I follow the template, but I make sure I'm eating at least three eggs at breakfast, multiple veggies and half an avocado. I fill up with spaghetti squash and lean proteins, but am also very cognizant of adding healthy fat to each meal. I feel full after, but not stuffed. For the first week, I concentrated on just eating a lot 3x a day and zero snacking. No nuts in the house (until those damn pistachios). It worked. I'm leveling out portions now as I get more in sync with the program. Second, nighttime was always rough for me. I wouldn't say no to some jalapeno poppers from Jack in the Box during my pre W30 life. Now, I eat my dinner around 6:30 p.m. and have a chamomile tea after that. I brush and floss my teeth (side note: I find myself taking better care of my body in all aspects now, including flossing lol) so that I've signaled to myself that I am done eating for the night. Out of the 16 days, there's been around 3 where I truly still felt hunger later. I ate a hardboiled egg and that was that. I know it sounds easier said than done, and I wouldn't believe this myself pre W30, but it really has changed so much for me in only 16 days. I know my habits and lifestyle will take longer to reverse so I've committed to a Whole 60.
  10. Tessemae's Ranch Out of Stock?

    I'm in CA (Los Angeles) where I have access to quite a few WF markets. However, I do notice the ranch takes much longer to restock for us! We buy the ketchup, buffalo and BBQ sauce and I usually never have an issue finding those. When I see the ranch in stock, I buy two so I can be stocked for a bit as my boyfriend goes through it like crazy...for me, I like it more than "regular" ranch, but I can live without it sometimes!
  11. Coconut amino

    I just want to sing the praises of coconut aminos! I just bought it yesterday for the first time and had serious doubts. Yes, it is sweeter than soy sauce. Does it work as a replacement? Absolutely. Would I still use it outside of W30 instead of soy sauce? YES. I actually purchased these because both my boyfriend and I LOVE poke bowls. I wanted to marinate the tuna for 30 minutes beforehand and used this to do so....amazing stuffed in half an avo!
  12. Introducing myself (R1D13) + a few questions

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful replies! @Nat.M I have hidradenitis suppurativa which you either have and know well, or have never heard of most likely! I noticed no new lesions/boils, etc. after starting W30 and I was attributing it to dairy as I have cut that out of my diet before and had seen a reduction in symptoms. I actually just had a flare up yesterday and was surprised. I will be transitioning to the AIP after a W60 as I want to continue the program rules of the W30 for a solid 60 days before I work myself up to the stricter AIP (I love peppers...). @ArtFossil @MeadowLily thank you both so much for the recommendation re Tom! I have read a lot of his story and posts as I was a bit of a lurker on here before finally getting the courage to start posting. I am going to delve deeper in to his stories for inspiration as I continue my new journey.
  13. Starting January 23rd, 2017 -- Anyone else?

    Wow, I am so sorry you had to go through all that @FinallyFindingShannon! You sound like an unbelievably strong person. I just joined the forums recently, but I am on day 13 now. Coming from being a binge eater, this is SO worth it. I cannot believe how different I already feel. I will be adding you on Insta if that's ok! Cheers, Ashley
  14. Hi all! I have posted before and also responded, but never introduced myself! I am currently on day 13 and can honestly say I have only had one really terrible day (day 11, working in the field...boss forgot to order me lunch and I was in a private business club where I could not order anything...there's a longer story to that, but I eventually ate something compliant about 7 hours after my breakfast!). Today is my birthday and it was odd to celebrate without being surrounded by food! I got together with my family last night and we did surf & turf - lobster tails with ghee, organic sirloin, roasted brussels sprouts and roasted garlic cauliflower mash. It was great! They have all been very supportive and my live in boyfriend has committed to the 30 days as well. He had it much harder than me with the sugar as he loved drinking soda, but he's now feeling great! I saw a rise in my anxiety at first, but it's leveled off as I get used to the program. If I'm being totally honest, I NEVER thought I would make it this far. I can commit to things, but I am a binge eater and thought this would be impossible for me. I made a very concerted effort to make different meals every day, which involved spending entire Sundays in the kitchen, but it has been absolutely worth it. While I know W30 is not for weight loss, I wanted to get some opinions from those who have walked this path already. I have a significant amount of weight to lose. I have lost before with Weight Watchers (not ever interested again...I wouldn't eat all day then eat junk, but stay within "points" so it was OK). I do need to lose the weight, as well as testing out this helping an autoimmune disease I have, and I'm wondering how W30 will play in to this. I plan to do a W60 and incorporate AIP after that if I don't see changes with my autoimmune issue. I really do not want to count calories again...can I do W30 as a sustainable and realistic way to loose this excess weight (FYI - I'm talking 90 lbs, not 20). Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all!
  15. No problem, @jennello! Please let me know how you are feeling as you continue this journey. I am now on D10 and FINALLY slept better last night with much less anxiety. I am a very high strung person (lol!) so that will be the hardest part for me...just keeping myself stress free.