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  1. Daisy R

    Whole Foods Hot Italian pork sausage

    I definitely think it depends on where you are. Even near me different Whole Foods will have different sausages behind the counter. I also like to buy in bulk since I save some money. Also in the premade section, theres an italian herb chicken sausage that is pretty good and compliant.
  2. Daisy R

    Whole Foods Hot Italian pork sausage

    thanks Doni. The sausage I'm talking about is behind the deli counter. I've found lots of compliant sausage. the andouille is pretty good. I've gotten a couple other pork and chicken ones also that are compliant. I can't think of them off hand. And behind the deli counter, their turkey hot sausage ones are compliant and I just bought a bunch of other sausages recently like the breakfast sage ones they have, the chorizo and another one. Now I just make sure to read the label they have in front of the meat and the sticker they put on the wrapper as well.
  3. I just wanted to share this with everyone. I had purchased Whole Food's hot italian pork sausage. I read the ingredients on the tag in front of it and it was Whole30 compliant. Just now when I was about to use it, I read the label on the sticker they put and guess what?! it says sugar! I was so upset. I was about to make this awesome sausage gravy recipe. Oh well, now my boyfriend can eat it instead. But now I know to read all labels, even after I think it's completely compliant.
  4. Daisy R

    Pre-workout meal... At 5 am?!?

    I too workout in the morning, despite not being a morning person. I like 3 blocks from my gym, so usually I just wake up throw on my clothes and leave. I haven't been eating before because I feel like I have no time to eat beforehand, especially since I don't have time to let my food digest before getting to the gym. it's been working fine so far. My energy isn't always that great, but I think that is because of lack of adequate sleep, now that school has started again. But I always eat right after. So typically, I'm waking up and working at around 7:50am, I work out for an hour or a little more. I come home shower and eat around 9 to 9:30am. My last meal is usually around 830 or 9pm, depending on what time I get home. Should I be eating beforehand?
  5. Daisy R

    Scale addict - and kicking the habit

    I too dream of getting on the scale! I would wake up feeling bad about giving in and weighing myself before day 31 lol. I wish I could look at it, but I definitely want to stay away from the scale. My relationship with is so unhealthy and I think even after my Whole30 I'm going to only weigh myself every 30 days, so I don't drive myself crazy.
  6. Daisy R

    Spotting the Whole Time

    I'm surprised no moderator has weighed in on this yet. I am on day 17 of my Whole30. I guess you can say I've been "spotting" also. but like someone else said earlier, it's like this brown color thing. I just just had some other stuff come out when I peed, which of course freaked me out and had me run here lol. But I'm thinking maybe my uterus is healing itself and shedding old skin, materials, whatever. Who knows! It's really weird. In the past, I've done a 21 day juice cleanse, which caused my period to start earlier then usually. This is not the same, so I wonder what the difference is. I am also on nuvaring and will be taking our my ring next week, so maybe that is also why this is happening. It's just really weird.
  7. I'm glad you posted this. I'm on day 11 of my first Whole30. My story is very similar. My max weight was 213lbs and I'm also 5'5. I did WW from January 2009 to about March or May 2010. My lowest was 164lbs, but then I moved out of my parents house. I had all the freedom in the world and lived near a bunch of fast food places. It was definitely a bad combo. Anyway, I totally agree with you about WW. It does not promote a healthy relationship with food at all. This is why I quit, because I was so obsessed with balancing out what I overate with exercising because I didn't want to go over my points. It was crazy. I'm glad though that after WW, I went on to learn more about food and have now found the Whole30. I'm hoping this works for me and helps met get this weight off finally. I miss my lowest weight and want to go even lower. We'll see. Thanks for sharing your story Suzy.
  8. Daisy R

    Jumping in on January 13th

    Hey everyone! I'm also starting this sunday. I'm so excited. I'm also enjoying my last days of eating grains, no over doing it though lol. I had a veggie panin and will be having a grass fed burger tomorrow with the bread. Then to start the Whole30 Sunday. I'm glad there are other people starting the same day. We can all support each other in this journey.