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    Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    I miss alcohol a little. I had to cut it out for two babies and I thought my resistance would be much lower now hee hee. So I'll hold off til day 13. I'm thankful for the reintro guidance. Everything off plan makes me nervous now. I look at junk food and think "get away you'll make me feel terrible!" I'm on the non gluten grains day. I'm expecting to react.
  2. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. For now I'm just trying to avoid fainting as my body adjusts. i really think if I took away the approved sugars as you recommend it would make the problem worse. But I'm doing much better now. No dizziness.
  3. Thanks, I'll watch portion sizes for my meals more closely. I ended up eating a sweet potato and drinking coconut water and felt better.
  4. Jmcbn - I've been eating eggs with salsa and avocado for breakfast every morning. Along with a cup of coffee and sometimes fruit. I still get hungry mid morning and have nuts and dried fruit, or carrots dipped in almond butter. For lunch I've been having a can of tuna with olive oil and salt and pepper along with roasted Acorn squash or Kale chips. For dinner I had turkey taco meat on top of spaghetti squash, BLT salad and Kale salad. I've have baked sweet potatoes, Apple sauce, or hard boiled eggs with pesto for snacks too. I was sipping on coconut water for the first two days too. I have been drinking about 90 oz of water per day. I add plenty of salt to my food too. I got woozy this morning after the eggs and coffee. Maybe I need more carbs for breakfast? Thank you
  5. I'm new to whole30. This is day 4 for me and I just started dealing with lightheadedness especially when standing. I do seem to get this way when I eat healthy. I don't have migraines. I don't know if it's a blood sugar issue or a blood pressure issue. I'm trying to drink enough and eat enough carby veggies. Any other suggestions?