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  1. I've been trying to drink my coffee black or with cinnamon.... but it's just not good! Previously I would drink it with milk. How do you like your whole30 coffee?
  2. Hello! I'm starting a whole30 in January and am looking for make ahead meal prep recipes. Ideally big batch recipes that can be cooked and frozen. I have the whole30 book but any additional recipes would be fantastic! Please share recipes and links here :)
  3. I officially started my second whole30 on January 2nd (yesterday). So far, so good. Kind of. At 1.5 days in, I suspect I'm already having sugar withdrawal..... brutal headaches and I slept in for work for the first time ever today. Somebody save me now? Is it even possible to have sugar cravings after 1.5 days without sugar?!?!?! Jokes aside, over the last year I have really struggled. I hurt my back and slowly my workouts declined. As my workouts declined, my mental health declined. This combined with starting a new job that loves to feed us (wonderful, but perhaps overly appreciated by this food-dependant emotional eater), I quickly gained 50lbs. That's 50lbs in less than one year. From running distances, completing OCR's, training with Ashley Horner programs (she's a #badass!)...... to not moving at all, and struggling with my mental and physical health. What a drag. Anyhow, I've meal planned and prepped. Tomorrow is major grocery day (after having had to do a "mini" shop to start my whole30). I'm feeling ready and committed! "Fun" things about this journey thus far: my grocery list has never been this long in my life my office is full of sugar and wheat based delicious items like bread.... temptation is everywhere. This alone is probably why I've had a headache all day long. even if you've failed at making mayo a million times.... success is possible. Just buy a new immersion blender. As soon as you start a whole30, you will be invited to an abnormal amount of family dinners. It's like the universe is challenging you on purpose. I look forward to continuing this log as a part of my accountability.
  4. brandyontherun

    Whole Brandy- a whole30 personal accountability log

    7am Day 3: woke up and still had a headache..... tried to drink some coffee black. It was as bitter as I feel this morning (haha) but my headache is now gone. Caffeine withdrawal? As opposed to sugar withdrawal? I did not expect this. Also, wtf is up with the smell of this Ghee? Is this normal?
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    January start!

    Officially prepped d ready to start tomorrow here! I even successfully made mayo.... something I have failed at a million times lol.
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    January start!

    Hi, I'm a mom of 1 girl (6yrs) and am hoping to start in January as well. January 2nd start date. I've started picking out recipes to prep but that's as far as I've gotten in terms of planning. I did the whole30 once and had seriously fantastic results! But this past year has been rough but I'm looking forward to getting back on track.