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  1. Sarahhuzzah

    New and need coffee help!

    I want to make sure I'm reading this right - so the part that you use in your coffee is the solid, not the liquid?
  2. Sarahhuzzah

    Orangetheory Fitness/ OTF forum

    So glad I found this! My trainer at OrangeTheory recommended that I try a Whole30 as a part of our Weight Loss Challenge and I'm learning so much about the other benefits as I go. I've been going to OrangeTheory three times a week for about two months and today is Day 18 of my Whole30. I have been feeling sluggish in my 6:15am workouts the last week and came here looking for help . . . I didn't really think about having something to eat pre-workout. Oops. Guess I'll have to add that into my meal planning. It sounds like a small amount of protein or fat are the recommended pre-workout snacks, like an egg. That should be easy enough too add. I typically eat my breakfast an hour or so after I finish my workouts. (I've been having an egg bake most days - all the assorted veg I need to use up plus either chicken or pork sausage thrown in a baking dish, covered in beaten eggs and baked for 20 minutes) Should I also still have something RIGHT after workout? That feels like a LOT of food.
  3. I do have a dishwasher and I might have to take your advice and start putting things in it that I typically wouldn't. I always hand wash knives and my stainless steel pots and pans . . . though I know they are supposed to be dishwasher safe, I just can't bring myself to put them in there! YEP. All of that. Yes.
  4. Sarahhuzzah

    Valentines Day

    We are having skirt steak fajitas with lettuce wraps for me in place of tortillas. Marinated skirt steak, sautéed bell peppers and onions, tomatoes, and avocado in a lettuce wrap! Delicious! My favorite meal so far in my Whole30, so I requested we do it again tonight. :-)
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with this topic. And, like our OP, while I understand the need to move toward Whole eating and all the amazing benefits of eating "real" food . . . The dishes are really, really, REALLY getting to me (and I'm only on day 16).
  6. Sarahhuzzah

    Jarred Spaghetti Sauce

    If I'm reading the ingredients correctly, the Classico Tomato Basil and Spicy Red Pepper are also compliant. Those are the ones I typically use.
  7. UPDATE - In case anyone is curious, I had a lovely time with my friend at our Galentine's Tea and I stayed on plan. :-) I put a carton of Califa Farms Better Half unsweetened Coconut Cream and Almond Milk in my purse, drank a looooooot of tea, and ignored the plate of scones and sandwiches on the table. I'm glad I went and SUPER glad I stared sugary carbs in the face for two hours and didn't crack!
  8. @kruddock Hmmmm, how do I feel is a good question. Bored, mostly. So it would probably be a bad idea to "indulge" and basically give in to the food boredom. I feel strong in my resolve to keep it Whole30. This is my first one and I really would like to complete it! I'm one of those people who does really well with hard and fast RULES and less well when I'm given freedom (ie - just portion control type plans). NSV - I had a really difficult day on Tuesday - had a family emergency that required me to drop everything, call out of work, and drive eight hours round trip from my home to my dad and back. I tossed a banana, a larabar, and some pistachios in my bag as I ran out the door and that was all I had for about 13 hours. While clearly not ideal, I am SUPER proud that the stress and hunger didn't break me. Thank you for your words of advice. You are right, enjoying time with my friend is more important than the food. I think I'm concerned that she will either think it's silly to not eat when she paid for the event or maybe even be hurt that I would choose to do that (since she bought the tickets and it's almost like I'm "rejecting" the gift). I need to realize that is all in my head. She is a good friend and totally supports me. She will support me in my Whole30 aspirations too. :-) Thanks for the reminder to check the tea! I will!
  9. Sarahhuzzah

    cranky cranky cranky

    I don't have any expert suggestions for you, I just wanted to tell you I understand! I had a desperately bad sugar craving/angry period one evening around day six. The way I powered through the sugar craving was to literally not move until it passed. I was sitting on my couch when it hit me and I almost got up to get a piece of fruit or something . . . but I decided I was better to not give in at all and I just tapped away on my phone for about 30 minutes until I felt like I could walk past the kitchen without eating ALL THE THINGS.
  10. kruddock, today is day 12 and the tea is on Sunday, so that will be day 14.
  11. My friend and I have tickets to a special event this weekend, a Galentine's Day Tea (where my Parks & Rec ladies?!?) at a local coffee shop and bakery. The tickets were purchased weeks ago, before I knew I was doing a Whole30. The menu will consist of tea (no problem), scones with lemon curd and Devonshire cream, finger sandwiches, assorted shortbreads, and other baked treats (uh oh). I knew this event was coming when I started my Whole30 and at the time I just said "that's fine, I'll eat what I want that day and not worry about it!" because I wasn't as familiar with Whole30 yet and that it's not just about cutting stuff out so you can drop a few pounds. Now I'm not sure how I feel about choosing to indulge since I know the other parts of the Whole30, like changing my relationship with sugar, would be effected. So the question is - do I allow myself this one event since it is a special day for my friend and I? Will I "ruin" my results if I do? Or, do I hold strong, enjoy the tea, and not eat?