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  1. Toralora

    February 1 start!

    So after boldly stating I would start on February 1...I actually started on February 4, which made my last day today! It feels different from my last Whole 30, in that I couldn't wait to be done that one, and this time I'm figuring I'll probably just continue with some occasional reintroductions. Most surprising was that I packed up all my non-compliant food into a big plastic bin for storage...and I'm realizing that I didn't miss any of it! Anyone else finished up?
  2. Everyone's mentioned the salsa chicken, which is great. I also like making Indian butter chicken in the slow cooker - there are some tasty Whole 30 versions out there. You cook the chicken with spices, tomatoes, and onions, and I believe you add coconut milk towards the end.
  3. Toralora

    Compliant Chicken Broth

    I can't tell you how annoyed I was when Aldi had a reasonably priced bone broth as a special, and it turned out to have sugar in the ingredients. So disappointing!
  4. I tried some delicious recipes from that plan. I liked the citrus chicken, the garlic-mint pork loin, the steak Italiano, the beef and cabbage soup, and the paleo chili. I do struggle a bit with the slow cooker thing because it can end up making so many servings, and after a couple of days I'm over it. I will probably make some of these this time around, but I will have to think about freezing some leftovers where I can.
  5. Toralora

    Blue apron

    I picked one of the Whole 30 meals for my box earlier this month. Flavor was fine, but I think if they keep it up they'll need to work on making things a little more interesting - meat and veg + spice packet isn't necessarily worth ordering from someplace like Blue Apron. I'm planning to order the meals at the end of February - we'll see how it goes!
  6. Toralora

    February 1 start!

    Hello! I'm starting my second round of Whole 30 on February 1. Truth be told, it might as well be my first since after my first one I kept finding mistakes I had made (soy lecithin? In my herbal tea?!). I have to say that I'm really excited for it this time, now that I have some good recipes under my belt and got some good deals at the supermarket this weekend. I'm even looking forward to cheering on my Eagles with a Whole 30 Superbowl Sunday!
  7. Toralora

    I have almond butter. Now what?!

    I was about to say - I actually love almond butter with celery and carrots. I definitely need to try that sunshine sauce!
  8. Toralora

    Go-To Grocery Store Brands and Foods

    Whole Foods 365 organic marinara sauce is compliant, which is great if I don't have the chance to make real sauce. They also carry Brat Hans chicken sausage - the organic bratwurst is compliant, and I believe the organic chicken apple sausage is as well (not sure because there's some fruit juice in it). I haven't checked the non-organic varieties yet.
  9. We have cake events in my office once a month or so for birthdays, and when I was doing the Whole 30, I just said "no thanks" and the person serving cake quickly moved on. I just hung out and chatted and it was fine. That said, my office also had a vegan who could never eat the cake (except his own birthday month, when he brought it from his favorite bakery) and someone else with diabetes who usually skipped it. (I will not comment on my success in doing this when not on the Whole 30. )
  10. Toralora

    Favorite Compliant Slow Cooker Recipes?

    No, mine doesn't have a built in timer, so I was using a digital one plugged into the wall, but I somehow set the shut-off time wrong, which made it never turn on in the first place...which meant all that ground beef sitting at room temperature for like eight hours while I was at work. Big nope on eating that.
  11. Toralora

    Favorite Compliant Slow Cooker Recipes?

    This Butter Chicken: PS: Always double-check your slow cooker, peeps. I just lost like three days worth of food because I messed up the timer on mine.
  12. Toralora

    Kitchen gadgets

    I've made good use of my Paderno spiralizer (my lone complaint is that I can't quite get the suction to work, which is a pain) and my food processor (great for cauliflower rice, slicing sweet potatoes, pesto).
  13. Toralora

    Bread Crumb Alternative / Binding Agent

    Oh wow - that's a really good point and something I totally didn't think of. I was just trying to find another way to put more veggies into the meal!
  14. Toralora

    Bread Crumb Alternative / Binding Agent

    How about arrowroot starch? I made zucchini tortillas the other day (because I could not look at another bowl of cauliflower rice) and they called for a mix of arrowroot starch and coconut flour. Be careful with it, though - it's a fine line between firm and rubber.
  15. Toralora

    Almond Butter and Banana

    You can also make meatballs out of ground turkey or chicken if you want a change - yum!