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  1. @Nedster7 I'm also on day 21 and though I've noticed some changes, I've noticed some bloating as well. Doesn't make one feel very well. Tiger blood hasn't come into action either...really questioning whether it will or not. I've basically been using the same recipes through out. I've bought some new dried fruit, whether freeze dried or dehydrated. That's offered up a bit of change and chew. Thinking I will definitely be adding onto the Whole 30 and stretching it out a bit. I've read of people adding in one thing, like diring the introduction, but keeping to the Whole 30 days after their day of eating (insert desired food) just to stay on track. Think I'll need to do that or I can see myself going back into my old eating habits.
  2. @Thulily It is hard considering that food is what soma my people bond over and it seems to be what people surround themselves with during most special occasions. We typically have a teachers room with some sort of sweet treat on the tables, and it's usually emptied within a few hours of the start of the day. Food is a reward on so many levels. I've never been one to focus in food, unless I'm the baker because I LOVE to bake, but now learning more about the addictive qualities makes it so much easier to say no thanks! I haven't had aNY NSV yest either, but I'm not giving up like you because we will Keep up the good work and Happy Day 12 everybody!! Laurie x
  3. @maggiemay Don't give up. Great job pushing through all those obstacle''s too. It's certainly not easy to do so, especially when your overworked, tired, and hungry! But we are all looking at the bigger picture here with you too, optimal health. We're in day 11, we can do this!
  4. Where did you find the Tessamae? Theredirect are some compliant dressings by Primal (don't quote me on the brand?) That's on Thrive Market. Have you ever tried those? I'm always weary of buying food items online...
  5. @Reba0313 It did, thank you. Maybe they would make me a big salad with their hot and mild salsas, guac and that's it! Lol. I miss eating there and it's only day 5!
  6. @Reba0313 can I ask what you ate at Chipolte? One of my favorite quick meals, but I keep wanting to go but without rice and beans I'll basically be getting a bowl of guac and lettuce,lol
  7. I hear you, just wanted to give another resource. The beginning of day 5 has been great so far. I haven't had a hangover like the time line had suggested. Hope it doesn't come later, because that would suck! Have a great day, whichever one you're on! X
  8. @maggiemay I never thought of it that way, but that's good advice and a good way to set yourself up for success.
  9. Feel free to come join us on Facebook too!
  10. @maggiemay Sounds like a successful 4th day! I too sometimes taste the foods I'm eating and wonder if there's something I'm missing. The sweet potato the other night almost tasted too sweet for dinner. Here's to a successful day 4 for all of us! If you haven't joined our Facebook group, there's a a few of us there from this thread sharing throughout the day. It's Whole30 forum 3/20 there's also a link in one of these comments that will bring you right there I believe.
  11. You are more than welcome to join Sheila! I too have considered adding meat back, but I am trying to co.plete the Whole30 journey as a vegetarian following the same rules as everyone else and not adding kefir or Greek yogurt for protein. Gotta listen to your body and do what feels right. I just found some antibiotic/hormone free chicken that I bought for my son that is really tempting!!
  12. @AMilam_W30R3 hey loOK at that! Haha
  13. I'm not sure how to respond to individuals in this forum...if someone wants to write a quick "how to" I will,lol. And I can't add people to the Facebook group ubless I'm friends with you or I definitely would. So.eine put the link to the group in one of these messages...THANK YOU! I need to figure out how to work this,lol