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  1. Dietary cholesterol is not equal to blood cholesterol - there is a ton of research and information around things like eggs and cholesterol in red meat. If you're interested in more indepth reading, I'd suggest the book Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe. Here are also some articles about cholesterol that were posted on our forum a few years ago - I have not clicked through all of them so i'm not sure they're all still active but there should be a few good ones in there to get you started. Here are a collection of articles to get you started:
  2. For the motility issue, you could try taking a supplement like Natural Calm which helps draw moisture into your digestive tract... the unflavored one is compatible with the Whole30. Just make sure you start with a small amount and work up - you can get into opposite of constipation distress if you're too quick with the amount you take. You can also google 'whole30 natural calm' and a bunch of conversattions should come up. As far as not eating meat, if you're doing the program as a vegetarian, then you can have eggs - we had someone do the entire 30 day program with eggs as their sole sou
  3. Vegetable gelatin is suspect because one of the ingredients that hides under this name is carrageenan which is specifically called out for the program. Unfortunately there are other ingredients that hide under the name that are not called out, such as agar agar. Otherwise, this product seems fine if these are the only ingredients.
  4. We make that recommendation repeatedly that people should start over if they have eaten something that is not compatible with the program. I can't remember the post you're referring to and I looked back in my posts over the last month and it's not there so it must have been older - if you go to my profile and hit the 'see activity' button on the top right, you can search through my posts to see if you can find it.
  5. As you know since you've been around the forum and program for a while, stevia is not compatible with the program.
  6. Lets try and keep this Whole30 focused please - the forum is specifically for the program.
  7. Your assumption would be correct that it is not compatible due to the corn. You can eat anything for breakfast that you'd eat at any other meal of the day... try perusing this thread to get started with ideas:
  8. I'm not sure if you're having bowel trouble right now but sometimes 'constipation' is just lack of 'poop' because there's nothing to poop... and it sure looks like you're not eating enough... Your breakfast has no fat and no veggies, your lunch and dinner have no fat and altho I have no idea how much 10oz of chicken wings is, I suspect it's not that much. We suggest that instead of weighing your food like this, you use the meal template which is linked in my signature below.
  9. Do you generously salt your food? You mention you might need more water - are you drinking about 1/2 oz per pound of body weight? Your meals also look a bit light from how you're describing them. Are you following the meal template for every meal? Do you workout? If so, are you eating a pre and/or post workout meal/snack?
  10. You could try using the evoo and just heavily flavor it... maybe make a chipotle or ranch flavor? The mayo itself will turn out fine but it's going to be a fairly strange flavor if you don't do something to disguise the taste of the evoo... Or make it up plain and then you can add things to it (ketchup, salsa etc) to make more of a 'sauce' that helps disguise the flavor.
  11. Oh and just got invited to stay here with my best friend's family for a few days in June... I will dream of this every night until I go there! It's in Tofino BC, right on Chesterman Beach. I go there every year in summer with this friend but I think this place is going to take the cake as the nicest view/place in the 13 years we've been going... It's so west coast vibes it makes me laugh!
  12. @Rebecca001 - those pics are amazing, you must be so pleased! You definitely look stronger in the second set! @christine19 so glad you guys are getting your vaccines! I was volunteering at the health care workers vax clinic the last two weeks and people were saying the same thing about getting appointments! It's actually a great thing to hear because it means that there's a great demand and that a lot of people are getting vaccinated... it would be tragic if appointments were super easy to get because no one was booking them! Sorry I've been quiet on here - I haven't read a book or writt
  13. Sorry, I totally missed that in your first post!
  14. Very good reminder! Unless the item has the Whole30 Approved decal on it, it's good to check the labels every time you buy an item - who knows which time is the time that it's changed... doing so also makes a person VERY good at quickly scanning labels which helps when trying out new products! Thanks for the reminder!
  15. For the purpose of the Whole30, sodium tripolyphosphate would not cause a food item to be non-compatible. However, there are a lot of food additives and preservatives that are not specifically called out in the program that you might not want to include in your own food plan. A lot of people feel this way about, for instance, artificial flavors. For the purpose of Whole30, you can eat this but I would encourage you to do your own more fulsome research if this is an item you think you might want to steer clear of... Also, how scammy that they add something unnecessary to fish so that we