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  1. If an item has MSG listed on the package, we don't expect you to figure out what the MSG was derived from. However, if a corn product is listed on the ingredients then you know that it's corn and since corn is out for the program, the item would be out.
  2. You would need to probably call the restaurant and find out what accommodations that they're able to make - suggestion is to call at a non busy time and then make sure you have the rules of the program with you. Things that are listed as umbrella items in the rules (sugars, additives) have their own cheat sheets linked in my signature below that you may want to review before calling.
  3. Yes, the sprout part isn't the problematic part so any type of 'sprout' is fine but the actual bean @brenner.peggyis excluded. There are many foods that different eating mechanisms like Ayurveic would consider a good choice - for the 30 days of the Whole30, mung beans are not compatible.
  4. From HQ: Lupin flour would not be permitted. It is made directly from the legume and not the pod. Lupin is from the same plant fam as peanuts and is vaguely related to soybean. Leave lupin flour out for your Whole30.
  5. I will ask HQ for confirmation but I'm almost positive that this is NOT like a green bean. The reason that green beans are okay is because the 'bean' part is miniscule and the majority of what you're eating is the pod which is not the problematic part. From my quick research, when ingesting the lupin or items made from lupin, it's the actual bean that is being used. I'll get an official answer but until then, I'd steer clear.
  6. You could try adding some starchy carbs to your meals... I find that if I have too many, i have opposite of your problem so maybe that'll help a bit. Other than that, your meals seem fine... they don't completely follow the meal template recommendations (linked in my signature below) but the ingredients don't seem to stand out as something that might be causing distress. Perhaps it's just a prolonged detox.
  7. Sorry you're not feeling well. We could probably give you some tips if you shared how you've been cooking, what you've been eating in general etc...
  8. In order to know, you have to consider the recipe against the rules of the program. First check the ingredients - if there are any ingredients that are not compatible with the program, then you either need to substitute them or switch recipes. Second, make sure the recipe isn't going against the Pancake Rule or the No Recreating Baked goods rule... so no 'ice cream' regardless of the ingredients, no 'home made crackers', no 'noodles' that are not just a veg cut into a noodle shape. Once you've checked both those things, then you'll know if the recipe is actually Whole30 compatible or not. I
  9. We do take constructive and polite criticism so yes, your post is visible. We like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so it's possible that our moderator didn't know what Nicorette gum was but just reviewed the ingredients online, thus saying that it was not compatible with the Whole30. Nicorette is available to anyone who may wish to purchase it from most stores so in this case it isn't a "doctor's order" that we know of, however we do typically have a more nuanced response to quitting smoking either before or during Whole30. Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Hey there~ Ya, unfortunately, just because the flour is gluten free doesn't make it compatible with the Whole30. You would be okay to have fish dredged in flour substitutes like almond or coconut etc... but wheat flour, regardless of its gluten content would make it incompatible with the program.
  11. Removed the links to pie that you included as they would be incompatible with the Whole30. As far as members putting descriptors of products you might not be familiar with, that is unlikely - you're welcome to ask for clarification on anything you're not sure of or use google to determine what the item is.
  12. Hi; Sorry, it's very hard to read the tiny sideways pictures so I can't say for sure based on the ingredients - you want to look out for sugar, grains, carageenan and other sweetners... if the product doesn't have those, it's likely good to go. Oat was mentioned in your first post and that's a grain so that would be a no go. If you want further clarification, can you write out the ingredients or zoom the pictures and put them right side up? I tried to read them but just couldn't.
  13. Definitely not. Besides that we encourage you to get away from 'dessert', it's actually against the rules... this one in particular
  14. Do you mean homemade? We don't recommend adding any sort of preservatives if you're going to make things home made. Just make enough to last you and then make it fresh. If you really want to get into the ins and outs of preservatives, that's probably something google can help you with. Just make sure that whatever you put into your cashew milk, if you are doing the Whole30, is not against the rules.