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  1. Perfect! This is exactly what we want you to do! Figure out a framework and a list of 'worth it' foods and write a 'Whole2GreyCats'. Live on it for a while, reassess and see what's working and what isn't, return to Whole30 if things went really off the rails and then reformat your 'Whole2GreyCats' with what you learned... unfortunately it's not a one and done process but it does mean that you're going to figure out exactly how 2GreyCats' body likes to be fed.
  2. Yep, definitely. I'm in Canada and altho we have 'some' Whole30 approved products available, there are not many and when I did my first Whole30, 'whole30 approved' didn't even exist so label reading was where we had to begin and end every trip to the grocery store. It becomes second nature and you get very good at it. You may want to start by label reading your own kitchen and putting a sticker on non compliant items or depending on the ratio, making a shelf dedicated to one or the other - then as long as the people cooking know what those stickers/shelves mean, you can eat in relative peace knowing you don't have to grill the chef (punny). Good luck! You have a great attitude!
  3. SugarcubeOD

    Eggplant Recipes?

    how about this?
  4. My guess would be that this is probably more from the corn product than the chicken altho it's hard to say. It's entirely up to you whether you restart or not - there are no Whole30 police but given that you had a reaction to something, in order to do reintroductions on a clean slate and really find out what works and doesn't work with your body, you want that 30 days of healed gut to do the experiments on... bummer that happened!
  5. That is true... but that doesn't mean that it's Whole30 or off the rails. How about reintroduction and then try and make a plan that works for you... it can be very close to Whole30... for instance, maybe you choose to eat only Whole30 compliant food for breakfast and lunch but for dinner, you don't mind if there's some sugar in the ketchup or rice in your meal... we can't tell you exactly what that's going to look like but you get to make your Food Freedom whatever makes you comfortable while still meeting your goals. What we DON"T want you to do is take the Whole30, turn it into a food prison and live by 'our' rules forever. Many of our long time posters here and mods will have a Food Freedom plan that looks a LOT like Whole30 but is tailored to their specific context and needs. Lets try and work out what that might look like for you... what things are you missing right now and what things do you see yourself doing without/never eating again (for me, I never brought beans back... not sad about it at all...). Lets start there
  6. SugarcubeOD

    Can I have D-Ribose>

    No it is not.
  7. SugarcubeOD

    RK in Denver, CO— Starting the adventure...

    Yes definitely - there's a whole Recipe Sharing subforum that you're welcome to share in. Please just make sure that you're not sharing recipes that are copywrited or that have non compliant ingredients or they'll get removed. Happy Sharing!
  8. Hey there All the science behind the rules on Whole30 are outlined in detail in It Starts with Food. Alternately, you can dig through the archives using google and find many discussions on almost every topic. I've gotten you started here with a response from one of our previous moderators in an archived post. Most nuts and seeds deliver a high dose of omega6 fats. Most of us already have too many omega6s and we need to reduce omega6s and increase omega3 fats to achieve a proper balance. So, while nuts and seeds are okay, eating a lot of them will tend to overload you with omega6s. Some nuts are lower in omega6 fats - macadamias, hazelnuts, cashews, so they are "better" for you. Others are especially high in omega6s - walnuts, brazil nuts, etc. Almonds, which are Paleo favorites, are in the middle of the pack. Flax seeds have a lot of omega3 fats, but in a form that our bodies can't access readily, so they don't add health benefits. The oils and butters of the nuts and seeds have the same nutritional profile. In addition, many people lose control with nuts and seeds and eat a lot of them.
  9. SugarcubeOD


    You can google 'well fed meatza' which is a meat and vegetable dish seasoned with pizza flavorings (the 'crust' is actually a giant flat baked hamburger patty). @kirbz is right tho, there is no crust that is made with compliant ingredients that will work - cauliflower crust is great for food freedom but does cross the line of recreating baked goods which is not allowed.
  10. SugarcubeOD

    Is Organic actually better?

    We want you to buy the best quality of food you can afford and that is available to you. If organic is not something that is of great significance to you (it isn't to me), then you don't have to worry about that. I think it's likely stating organic in the book because organic is generally accepted to be a higher quality food, however if you have found research and done your due diligence and believe that for your purposes, organic is no better or worse than conventional, then carry on with conventional.
  11. SugarcubeOD

    Pea Protein

    It's possible that the processing of the peas into flour is what has caused your issue... just an aside tho, there's no such thing as compliant pasta on the program based on the 'do not recreate baked goods' rule.
  12. SugarcubeOD

    Coffee Smoothie?

    This sounds very much like a coffee milkshake type thing which with none of the ingredients being against the rules would likely not serve you well in your program. I'd leave it off and try it as a special occasion item... I wouldn't think of it as a 'coffee alternative' to have every day
  13. SugarcubeOD

    Gut issues after 1 year

    Do a slow roll, lengthy reintro where you take your time and really test things... then go back to whole30 until you're feeling great again and test something else... If you google 'whole30 slow roll reintroduction' it will give you a good basis for that vs a more fast track version. I think when you have a known issue like this, the slower and more methodical you are about the reintroduction, treating it very much like a controlled experiment, the more you're going to potentially find answers to what may be going on...
  14. SugarcubeOD

    Gut issues after 1 year

    sorry you're not feeling well. It's definitely difficult for us to say what might be missing or something you might be sensitive to, especially since you're eating in your Food Freedom. My best suggestion would be to do another Whole30 with a robust reintroduction. It's also possible that there are foods within the Whole30 that do not benefit you personally so it may be a longer experiment to try and figure out what it is that's potentially bothering you. You may also want to visit a doctor (now's not the greatest time but there are virtual options) because it's possible that there's something medical going on with you that we aren't able to advise on.
  15. I don't mean to make light of what could potentially be an issue with your meal template or even how you digest certain foods but is it also possible that because the world is in a pandemic state right now, that you could be reacting to even the latent and chronic stress that it is affecting almost every one right now? Bags/dark circles under the eyes, foggy brain, fatigue - all symptoms of a stress reaction. I think you should take Shannon's advice above and have a look at some of those things and list your meals as suggested so we can see what if anything stands out but i think it's also reasonable to expect that it might not be 'just' food... given where we are as a society in crisis at the moment.