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  1. SugarcubeOD

    Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice?

    Roasted chicory and cinnamon are extremely sweet in tea - it shocking how your taste buds change isn't it!
  2. SugarcubeOD


    if you google 'whole30 fibroids' you'll get past discussions - google is the best way to search this site and most things are somewhere in the threads
  3. SugarcubeOD

    Starting Oct 1

    If you put the lime in with the rind, it will make your soup super bitter... I did that once thinking if zest and lime juice are good, the whole lime must be better... ya, no. Not sure that's what you did but thought I'd throw that out there.
  4. SugarcubeOD

    Orange juice

    Added sugar is not the only thing to be concerned about... what are the ingredients on the carton of the item you want to consume... that's the standard of care that you need to take for all items you want to eat. Check that the ingredients list does not list anything that is off limits for the program.
  5. SugarcubeOD

    Orange juice

    What are the ingredients?
  6. SugarcubeOD

    Doing great! Except..

    Are you salting your food and drinking 1/2oz of water per pound of body weight? If the headaches are concerning to you, please go see a doctor as headaches can be a signifier of issues and not always caused by the food we are eating.
  7. SugarcubeOD

    Tobacco Products

    I don't think anyone is shaming anyone else... smoking is an addiction the same as drugs or alcohol if misused - this forum would not stand for people shaming others because of something going on in their life that they're struggling with and if you do see a post where it feels less than uplifting and encouraging, definitely flag it for us. I do believe you're correct that doing a Whole30 while smoking may be the right order for some people to be able to kickstart something difficult like quitting. Some housekeeping: we don't allow cross posting into multiple threads so I've removed the topic you created with this exact post - I think this is a good place for the conversation to continue.
  8. It's unfortunate that sometimes when people who have autoimmune conditions like eczema do the program they tend to eat items in abundance that trigger symptoms... if you're eating more eggs, nuts, night shades or other eczema triggering foods than you usually do then it's definitely possible that you're impacting your condition. I would try cutting out those items for a couple weeks and see how things go... unfortunately again, with something like a skin condition, it can take more time to heal the symptoms so you can then see where you're at - I know someone that if they get an eczema flare, it takes 14 days to get back to a solid baseline. I don't think cutting out known eczema triggers is arbitrary but that's definitely your call to make... if you cut them out and that doesn't help resolve it, then add them back - maybe you have a tolerance limit that you've exceeded and cutting them out and then going back to having 'some' of these items would work for you. It's not possible for us to say exactly what it is and it really does suck that the only way to figure these types of things out is with experimentation which often takes a while and can be very frustrating. Maybe just keep going with the program as written for a couple weeks and if things get better then great and if not, then go the next two weeks cutting out triggering foods. Make notes/journal what you eat and the symptoms etc... so you can take a lot of great personal information to the doctor.
  9. SugarcubeOD

    Day 3 Cramps

    Sorry to say that 6 out of 10 cramps every 5 min are not a standard side effect of the program and given your recent travel, please have him go see a doctor.
  10. Maybe you should try going to bed earlier? It could be that you need more sleep than you're getting or that your personal sleep time is 11-6/630 or something... Sleep banking IS a thing and it's possible that now that you're getting good sleep, your body is asking for more of the same to make up for a deficit from years gone by. I would try getting to bed earlier and then either waking up at the same time or seeing if you're more alert if you wake up earlier in the morning.
  11. I’ve honestly never had a problem with egg baking on to the pan or muffin tin when making egg muffins or frittata. For the egg muffins, you could try lining the muffin cups with procuitto or compliant bacon or a muffin tin liner… You could try putting some oil into the egg mixture before it goes into the pan too… never a harm to have a bit of extra fat anyway when you’re breastfeeding. If the egg mess is too much to try and figure out, what about meatballs dipped in guacamole or mayo and some raw veggies dipped in same? Or cold chicken thighs cut up into chunks… I get that some stuff would be weird and potentially messy eating over a baby’s head but if you can get something chunky like roughly chopped chicken and roasted veggies, those are pretty easy to stab with a fork and go direct from plate to mouth without much spillage. It’s definitely harder I’m sure to try and work yourself and your needs into the day when baby and even dog are more demanding but you’re the one keeping all of you alive so you should probably put your own name at the top of the list or everyone else eventually is going to suffer too.
  12. Can you eat while you're breastfeeding? What about making some egg muffins or fritatta that you can eat one handed while feeding? Honestly, putting yourself last behind your baby and the dog is not going to be sustainable. Maybe if you can't eat while breastfeeding, you could eat before putting clothes on the baby... jammies until mom is done eating isn't the end of the world. When you're back from your walk and if the baby is in a playing mood, is this not something that can be participated in with one hand free to eat? Can you let the dog out in the backyard or something for a quick pee before you go for the walk so dog is not panicked? Can your husband, older child, neighbor help with the dog? If you don't prioritize eating in the morning, it won't become a priority and therefore will fall to the bottom of the list of 'things that need doing'. I don't have kids or a dog but I know that being a breastfeeding mother, even one working on your PHD, is not a sentence to starve all day... Can you husband help you batch cook or prep food? Your ability to properly nourish yourself (and therefore the baby) should 100% be his priority as much as it is yours.
  13. SugarcubeOD

    Slip Up

    Soy is extremely disruptive to some people - this would be entirely your decision whether to start over but it would be our recommendation to do so. You can check out the article linked in my signature below titled 'do I really need to start over' and see what you think. The other poster said add a few days on to the end but that's not quite how it works. If you were on day 4 when this happened, then doing a 'whole34' would rectify the problem and you'd have 30 days straight on the program. Just adding four days for four random days where you ate something non compliant doesn't work like that - you need the full 30 days straight through to heal your gut and provide the best basis for the reintroductions to see how foods affect you.
  14. SugarcubeOD

    SOS Day 21- bad side effects

    Have you seen the meal template? None of your meals match it unfortunately which is really where the magic of the program is in regards to feeling great. Your breakfast has no veggies – the recommendation is to fill your plate with veggies… that’s usually 2-3 cups, more if it’s leafy greens. Your lunch has no fat and I suspect you didn’t eat 3 cups of green beans. We recommend you add a plated fat to every meal and don’t rely on cooking fat as much of it is left in the pan or split between portions when batch cooking. Add a half to a whole avocado or some mayo or olives to that meal and up the veggies. Your dinner looks better altho again without fat and it’s hard to know how much salmon you ate. You also workout but don’t list pre and post workout meals… preworkout is not always necessary depending on when you workout compared to when your last meal was but post workout is always recommended as an addition to your three meals a day if you do a workout of any intensity (if you sweat or breath heavy, eat that post workout meal of lean protein and starchy carb). Try making your meals for the rest of the program match the template (which is a range so don’t shy away from eating to the mid/high end). I think you’ve been undereating overall and if the last 21 days resemble what you’ve listed, then it’s not that surprising that you don’t feel good.
  15. SugarcubeOD

    Tummy pain

    Is that all you're eating is a few hardboiled eggs, a juice and salad?? If not, what else are you eating? list out some meals with specific veggies, fat and proteins and we can take a look. Also, raw veggies can be hard to digest so you might sub the salads for cooked veggies and leave off the juice.