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  1. Yep! It's only the ingredient list you need to worry about for the purpose of the Whole30. As long as sugar or any sugar substitutes or sneaky sugars are not listed in the ingredient list, then it doesn't matter what the nutritional panel says.
  2. From my cursory google of how they're made, I see no reason why they would not be compatible with the Whole30.
  3. Homemade mayo should actually last as long as the expiry date on the egg you used (unless you've mixed other things into it).
  4. Ideally you'd find one of these supplements that is compatible with the Whole30 (no sugar/sweetners) but this is a doctor's orders type thing so just find the item most compatible with the program and use that.
  5. You would want to talk to your own physician/nutritionist/pharmacist. The moderators on the forum are volunteers and majority if not all of the members are just regular folks, not in the medical field.
  6. What is 'honey dip'? Honey would not be compatible on the Whole30. As far as your meals, I would suggest that you're not eating enough and even more, you've not listed fat in these meals except the greek dressing. Have you see the meal template? It's linked in my signature below - try and make all your meals match the template for the best results.
  7. Tapioca starch is a non-grain based flour so you can have it for the purpose of Whole30.
  8. Unfortunately there's no such thing as compatible crackers based on the 'don't recreate baked goods' rule. if you're binging on snack foods, my guess is that you're probably not eating enough at each meal to keep you satiated for 4-6 hours. We don't decide if you need to start over, you can read the article linked in my signature below and decide what you would like to do. Either way, also take a look at the meal template and make sure all your meals are matching the template - that should help.
  9. Hi! I would highly suggest you eat more. Have you seen our template? It's linked in my signature below. For eggs, when they are the sole source of protein in a meal, we recommend that a serving is as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping. That's got to be more than two - some people don't want to eat that many eggs so maybe add some leftover protein from a previous meal. You also don't mention fat with your dinner and I don't see any startchy carbs which we recommend being a fist sized serving at least once a day. You may still feel yucky and the withdrawal from coffee
  10. Just to close the loop on this - HQ got back to me and unfortunately the product erroneously has the W30 approved logo on it. The ingredients are accurate and this item does in fact contain sugar so it would not be compatible for the Whole30. This is being fixed but but unfortunately there is mislabeled product out in the wild.
  11. Hey there! I'm sorry that you're feeling like there have been no benefits to this program that you committed to. I would say sticking through it for 30 days plus reintroduction, dropping a few pounds (which you seem happy about) and potentially learning how foods impact you would be some pretty big benefits! I would also encourage you to check out the Non Scale Victories (NSV) checklist (which I think I linked to you in your other post) to see what other things you might have actually improved without realizing it. As far as Tiger
  12. Hello; Providing that all ingredients are compatible (no sugar, grains etc), tamari is fine for the Plant Based Whole30.
  13. Your brain actually needs sodium to function. it's why there's sodium in gatorades and other sports drinks that are used to prevent dehydration. When you're eating a whole food diet like Whole30, you are generally cutting out most packaged and processed foods which contain high levels of sodium, which is why for people eating a standard American diet, they're encouraged to not use added salt or to select low sodium options. In the case of Whole30, we end up having to salt our food to get enough sodium because of our lack of eating these processed foods.
  14. Hi! Sorry, I wrote the entire answer on here the next day and it seems to have disappeared! The short answer is that the additive is not specifically on our 'off limits' list so it's fine to consume on your plant-based Whole30. The longer answer is that though it is typically derived from corn, it can be derived from any carbohydrate source through fermentation and it's impossible for someone to know where it was derived from when reading the package label. Also of note, it's typically only used in 'silken' tofu so if you are using other variations of tofu, you probably won