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  1. SugarcubeOD

    White film on stool (TMI warning)

    That's really outside the purview of the program and our ability as volunteers to help troubleshoot. We can also not offer medical advice outside of suggesting you see a doctor if you are concerned. Also, please don't post the same topic multiple times. I've removed your other posts. There isn't always someone online but we generally get to answer most posts within a few hours.
  2. SugarcubeOD

    Pre and post-WO meals after Whole 30

    It's generally accepted in the workout community that you would eat a pre and post workout meal... often you can skip pre depending on when you workout and when your meals are spaced based on that but post is always recommended. It's not to do with fat adaptation, it's to do with replenishing your muscles while they're open and receptive to fuel.
  3. SugarcubeOD

    Citric Acid

    Citric acid is fine.
  4. SugarcubeOD


    Easily found by looking at the many resources or by googling 'whole30 can I have smoothies'. I can't link here for you but you're welcome to google it; it has nothing to do with 'looking like a milkshake'. Your other post has been removed as it had nothing to do with the discussion at hand. If you would like to eat off plan foods, that's your prerogative but we don't host that type of discussion.
  5. SugarcubeOD

    Trader Joe’s Organic Ketchup

    Have you read the rules? No sugar of any kind, sorry.
  6. SugarcubeOD

    Actual Monk Fruit

  7. SugarcubeOD

    Day 28, constantly sleepy

    Your meals all look fine to me for the most part... I would ask about added fat in some of them but otherwise they look good. As you know, it only 'starts' with food and it's possible there's something else going on like low iron for instance... might be worth a trip to your PCP to see if there's anything they can rule out. If you stopped eating fruit 7-8 days ago and this is still lingering, it's not really reasonable to assume fruit is the cause.
  8. SugarcubeOD

    New Whole30 Day by Day handbook

    Hey there! I'll send your post to our administrator who can follow up directly with Melissa and her team.
  9. SugarcubeOD

    Whole30 compliant B12?

    She has not been online for over a month. Chris said to the participant that doctor's orders trump Whole30 and that the item that she was taking was X and it had Y sweetener in it... which given the doctor's orders would be fine for the original poster's whole30 given the 'doctor's orders trump Whole30'. If your doctor has told you to take B12, then you also can take whatever you want, or you can decide for yourself if the B12 is something you can give up for 30 days given the high level of nutrition that you'll be getting on the program.
  10. SugarcubeOD

    Day 28, constantly sleepy

    It is not likely that watermelon 15 days ago is causing you to be very sleepy... it IS possible that your body just wants more rest. 6 hours isn't a ton; the usual recommendation is 7-8 hours. Even if you've only slept 6 hours previously, it's worth a try to go to bed earlier or sleep in later if you can and see if that resolves the problem. The fact that you're also having afternoon slumps is also an indication that you're potentially not eating enough. You say you've taken care to ensure you're not undereating but without further information about exactly what you're eating, we can't really make any suggestions.
  11. SugarcubeOD

    Nuts "Roasted in pressed Canola/Sunflower Oil"

    No sorry. Seed oil is only acceptable for dining outside your home when there are no other options.
  12. SugarcubeOD

    Whole30 compliant B12?

    The context of what GFChris was saying was the one that she takes but that it has a sweetner in it so it's not compliant. The fact that a moderator takes a vitamin has no bearing on the program as Chris was likely not on a Whole30 at the time of writing it.
  13. It honestly doesn't look like you're eating enough. What did your doctor say about weaning hormones (I've never heard this term)? Have you been making your meals match the template? 1-2 palms of protein (or as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand without dropping), a plate of veggies (2-3 cups, more if it's leafy greens) and plated fat such as avocado, olives, guacamole, pesto etc...
  14. SugarcubeOD

    Day 17 and exhausted

    It's a bit of both... increase your amounts but also prioritize protein and fat and see how that goes. We generally suggest people dont' count the cooking fat as much of it is left in the pan or split between portions so always add a plated fat... with breastfeeding, your supply is also linked to your fat intake. You might also cut back on the coffee which is an appetite suppressant - if you're going to drink it, make it after meals, not with or before.