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  1. Oh man, what a BUMMER! It's entirely your choice whether you start all over. There's a 'do I start over' link in my signature that you can read. I think if I was you, I would count this as 30 days and whatever non compatible ingredient was in that dressing would be your first introduction and then go from there using either the fast track or slow roll re-intro.
  2. You may not want to hear this but you are absolutely not eating enough and if this is the way you've been eating since you started, it's not really that surprising that you feel bad. Eggs when they are your sole source of protein should be as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping... most people that's 3 or 4. When you're eating bacon as the protein, that's actually considered fat for the purpose of the program so those days you don't have any significant protein in your meal 1. Your lunch has no fat in it. What do you consider a 'portion' of proteins? The meal template
  3. Yes, good disclaimer! Unless it has the W30 approved stamp on it, always read the labels... those food manufacturers are tricky week to week and also region to region.
  4. Correct, we would recommend that he not mix the two programs, however he can (and it has been done) do the Whole30 as written with just eggs as protein.
  5. It will definitely have some sort of sweetener in it, so it would be technically against the rules of Whole30. Would a patch work for you? Chewing gum, whether it's compatible or not (there are none) gives your digestive system a cue that food is incoming and it revs up all the digestive juices. This can create hunger, gas, cravings etc.
  6. Jim, this is amazing to hear! First, I can't believe DragonSlayers was FIVE years ago?? Second, the fact that you've kept up such a healthy lifestyle is really a testament both to the Whole30 as a program but also to you for committing to the program. Food Freedom is the end goal and I'm just so proud of you for having gotten there! So glad that you popped in to share!!
  7. Yes, I'm here! I'll pop over to your success story post
  8. It's not legal via the FDA (assuming you're in the states) to include any type of sweetener without listing it in the ingredients. If it's not listed, its not present.
  9. Hey there! Making your own Taco seasoning is SUPER easy and a bunch of us (friends and family of mine) have found this one to be EXACTLY like the Old El Paso in the yellow envelope... altho if you don't like this one, there are loads of recipes online. I usually make a triple batch and then store it in a mason jar in my spice rack so it's ready for whenever taco night happens. Also, in order to get it to thicken up, I add 1 tsp of arrowroot powder or tapioca starch to the recipe (more if doubling or tripling).
  10. If an item has MSG listed on the package, we don't expect you to figure out what the MSG was derived from. However, if a corn product is listed on the ingredients then you know that it's corn and since corn is out for the program, the item would be out.