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  1. All Around Disaster

    Day 3 is a little early to be expecting clearer skin on a 30 day program. If you're not used to eating meat, we suggest finding a compliant digestive enzyme (you can find more discussion on this topic by googling 'whole30 digestive enzyme'. I would also suggest that you make sure whatever veggies you're eating are cooked, not raw as that can contribute to bloat and gas as well.
  2. Compliant shakes

    Sorry, we don't give recommendations around protein powders or 'shakes' because they are not recommended by the program. We recommend 3 template meals a day spaced 4-5 hours a part and not to drink your food.
  3. Approved Protein Powders

    Smoothies and protein powders are not recommended on this program, you can read more about why in the rules and recommendations listed in my signature below. We wouldn't give recommendations on brands or types for this reason.
  4. Hypoglycemia

    You definitely need to speak with your doctor about these concerns. If a glucose tab is going to save your life or limb and it's the antitdote to your situation, then doctor's orders would trump whole30. Food would not work as quickly I wouldn't think, however you may find that eating template meals three times a day will regulate your sugar and hormones enough that you don't have crashes. You also do not need to eat any fruit on the Whole30, many people don't as there is nothing in fruit you cannot get from vegetables.
  5. Banana milk?

    I believe this would be seriously towing the line of compliant... the ingredients may be but this is one of those 'concoctions' to try and make something similar to the sweetnened coffee creamers and as such, I would say no, too close to SWYPO
  6. Balsamic Vinegar

    What is the ingredient of which you are concerned?
  7. Whole30 App?

    I have just merged your post with another post of the same topic. The easiest way to find topics that have been discussed is through google. You can also find a whole30 log section where you can make a log and keep a journal but there are no plans for an ap.
  8. Anyone tried to cook this in a crock pot?

    You may want to put the squash in halfway through cooking because it could turn to mush... unless it's supposed to be mush... I don't have the recipe in front of me
  9. Cleanse

    There are no ingredients for us to see here. We also do not recommend cleanses and detoxes.. see my response to someone else here as to why
  10. Day 22 Where’s the energy?

    Cravings for high carb foods like bread and cake along with your need to snack twice a day tells me that you're not eating enough... try going to the higher end of the template (eat the whole chicken breast), add more veggies and added fat to the breakfast, I see no fat on your dinner etc... get those meals matching up to the template and eat to the higher end if you need. IN the meantime while you get this sorted, if you need to eat between meals, ditch the fruit and nut butters and eat a mini meal of at least protein and fat - hardboiled egg wtih a blop of mayo, guacamole and some leftover chicken breast etc...
  11. Almond Yogurt

    These two items are fine however nuts and their products are meant to be limited (think a serving being the size of as many whole almonds you can hold in a closed fist and then only eat that every other day at most) so it's not an ideal food for your Whole30.
  12. Eating Out

    There is no app and there's no way for us to tell you what to eat at certain restaurants but being familiarized with the rules will help and in my signature below theres a guide to dining out that may be helpful to you. Basically you just have to ask questions about everything... never take the word of someone on the internet for if they found a compliant such and such at restaurant xyx.. ask at the locaiton you intend to eat at. The dining guide will help I"m sure.
  13. meat overload

    I would encourage you to read through the rules and recommendations (posted in my signature below). Smoothies are discouraged and if you chose to go ahead and do smoothies, you'd need to find something like egg white protein (which I've heard is ghastly) or something that is compliant but we don't make reccommendations for brands or types because they're not in the spirit of the whole30.
  14. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    This is awesome! Love the way you've done it and that you'll check in every 30 days to see how things are going... make sure that you're keeping track of things that work and things that don't so when the 30 day mark rolls around you don't have to dig back into your memory!
  15. Confusion about rules on Dextrose

    @WeaselG Here is the official response from Melissa Table salt is always okay. Dextrose in any other context is NOT okay. Manufacturers of, say, deli meat don't have to spell out their table salt sub-ingredients, they can just say "salt." So if you see dextrose on anything OTHER than table salt, it's been added as a sweetner. To put it another way, the only context in which dextrose is okay is in table salt--otherwise, if you see it on the label, it's out.