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  1. From all the research I can do (because i don't speak science), this seems fine. It's an emulsifier/gum and doesn't appear to be dextrose (sugar) based and not derived from grains/soy so I'd say good to go.
  2. This actually was a resource that was put out by the program (2014) but it was replaced with the one you linked (2015) because it was confusing for people to see a W30 resource with non compatible items on it. @TEwhole30 - sorry, it's unlikely that you'll be able to find a non blurry copy of that list online but you can probably use it to help you populate the existing list linked in the post above.
  3. I think they're definitely more of an 'emergency food option' rather than a full meal... but still great to have on hand for those 'prepless' days! Thanks for the update, I'm sure it will help others with the same question.
  4. I don't think anyone said your question was difficult to understand, Laura was clarifying what you meant by 'better'. As far as which is healthier, I don't recall seeing that on the forum but that doesn't mean it's not there. The only thing I can think of is that the heat in an oven will be consistent and the frying pan might end up heating the oil to a higher temperature as you can't set a burner to a temp like an oven. If you were using a low smokepoint oil, then in a pan, you might run the risk of overheating it but if you're using a stable oil that's not likely to be a huge concern.
  5. I have not seen the actual meals (Canadian here) but you're right, I would have thought the same thing. It brings to mind a discussion that was had surrounding the same concern on the Walmart Whole30 meals and the general consensus was that these are for emergencies... much the same as eating a couple Applegate hotdogs and roasted potatoes on a super busy day should be considered 'good enough', these would fall into that same category. Also, nutrition is cummulative so if you've been eating template meals for a couple weeks and then one day you end up needing to press one of these frozen mea
  6. This is exactly how things are done at my house... love the use of 'fling' in cooking!
  7. Olives? Sundried tomato in olive oil? (Costco sells a compatible one - just make sure to read your labels). Make some mayo based sauces like ranch? You can also look up recipes for batches of pesto (make sure you read the ingredients before you start making to ensure it's W30), chimichurri sauce, tahini sauces etc... there are loads of amazing Whole30 sauce recipes online and if your budget and location allows, there are also a great deal of pre-made sauces including our own W30 line of dressings and sauces. https://eatthegain
  8. You may want to take another look at the meal template (linked in my signature below). It looks like you're missing a plated fat with your breakfast (and potentially not enough veggies), protein with your lunch and then a fat with dinner and depending, you might be wise to add some more protein to your dinner - one chicken thigh (in your first post) is not enough for most people. Do you feel hungry between meals? It might be hard to tell if you have a headache... I am plagued with headaches and I definitely don't feel hungry a lot of the time - try increasing what you're eating wi
  9. You would need to find out what they put in their burger patties to determine if this was compatible. Since this is a national chain, if they list their ingredients on their website, that would be sufficient for determining compatibility, otherwise you'd have to ask at the restaurant.
  10. The stem and leaves are fine, just make sure there are no additional sweeteners or other non compatible items in the drink.
  11. I sent you a private message - I am really sorry this is happening and also so sorry to hear of the loss of your mom.
  12. As with any supplement or vitamin, you'd need to check the ingredients. They usually have corn starch or other starches and sometimes sweetners in them.
  13. No, no products made or derived from grains. I also suspect that if it might have some sort of sweetener also which would make it not compatible with W30.