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  1. SugarcubeOD

    La Croix

    In some people, carbonation causes bloating but carbonation is not a food, it's gas forced into water (or other liquid)
  2. SugarcubeOD

    Epic Performance Bar Almond Butter Chocolate

    I believe the rx bars use cocoa, not chocolate (which is a processed product).
  3. SugarcubeOD

    La Croix

    How would drinking bubbly water make you gain weight? For budget tips, google 'whole30 forum: whole30 on a budget' and other search terms as this has been discussed at length on the forum and there are tons of ideas, tips, tricks and resources already listed here - instead of us retyping it all.
  4. SugarcubeOD

    Fresh Thyme brand Kombucha

    These are fine
  5. SugarcubeOD


    Lairds does not froth.... it also doesn't actually 'cream' coffee, it just makes it kind of cloudy....
  6. SugarcubeOD

    Basic mayo help!

    This has been talked about thousands of times on here Google being your best way to search, google 'whole30 forum basic mayo help' and you should get lots of results with tops such as keeping things room temperature, using an immersion blender, ways to save the mayo etc... too much to rewrite here
  7. SugarcubeOD

    Texas De Brazil

    It sort of doesn't matter what CeeeVeee's answer is... what she ate could have been compliant at the time, in her region or even not compliant at all. Definitely call to ask the actual restaurant where you'll be eating.
  8. SugarcubeOD

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    They can't add sugar to any ingredient or the product itself without declaring it.
  9. SugarcubeOD

    My period came TWO weeks early...and I take birth control!

    It won't be every month... when our hormones change it can affect breakthrough bleeding to the point of actually getting a period. Ride it out this month - you shouldn't have a month long period but it may be a couple days longer. If this continues to happen you may need to change your BCP cycle to match to your natural cycle so your hormones aren't in conflict with the added hormones in the pill but more working together. You can also consider going to your prescribing doctor and letting them know that you're doing the Whole30 and that one of the effects of it is that your hormones can change as you change the food on your plate (removing processed, packaged additive laden foods).
  10. SugarcubeOD

    Inquiry about protein (meat) portion

    Ahh, that makes total sense... weighing for a few days to get an idea of what 'your palm weighs' in different kinds of protein probably does make grocery shopping easier
  11. SugarcubeOD

    Barcode scanner... approved?

    There are no Whole30 apps endorsed by the Whole30 and barcode scanner apps have got to be the worst of the worst... You're better off becoming a barcode scanner yourself Seriously tho, it's easier to learn how to read the label for non compliant ingredients that it is to pull your phone out everytime you want to buy something. The thing about apps and the reason we don't have one is: 'who would keep that database updated?'. Say a company puts sulfites in something that 3 months ago they ddin't have sulfites in? Or in your region of the country there's no soy in the tuna but in my area there is... We have a few pdf's that you can keep as photos on your phone that might help more than the app. One is the sneaky sugars pdf and the other one is the common additives pdf. They are both linked in my signature below and cover pretty much anything you're going to find on a label in the store. As a funny aside, apparently Alexa has a 'whole30' app thingy now... Melissa Urban tried it out and it told her that Ground Beef and Cauliflower were not compliant so take that for what it's worth
  12. SugarcubeOD

    Picked my date Feb 10 2019

    Hey there, welcome! The Whole30 Daily was discontinued in favor of the Whole30 Day by Day book which was actually a better value (cheaper than the newsletter) and more personalized in that you fill parts of it out. You should be able to find that anywhere books are sold and online.
  13. It sounds like you're having a really tough time and for that, I"m sorry. This program can be most difficult for people who have limited dietary likes and almost unlimited dietary 'unlikes'. You mention that you cant make soup and you'd have to ask your family to make that for you - why can't you make it yourself? Many of the things that you normally eat CAN be made with compliant substitutions but you have to be willing to try and expand your palette and be willing to try new things... your dill dip can be made with almond milk probably as the dairy substitution for instance. I totally get that chicken and beef can become boring if cooked the same way for 30 days but there are unlimited recipes on Whole30recipes instagram page that you could find a different way of cooking chicken or beef for every day of the program. You say you don't like seafood - does that also include fish? You're probably not eating enough and that would be the reason why you aren't getting better energy and maybe not seeing other results that you might see at this stage if you were eating enough. Maybe make a list of all the types of foods you DO like so that you can work off that list instead of working off a list of things you do not like - even that slight change of your outlook and perception from negative (do not like) to positive (do like) is going to change things for you. Also, banana isn't fat so if you're using banana for a fat source, that's going to be problematic. Take a look around at the Whole30recipes instagram feed as well as even the Whole30 hashtag (with caution as there are definitely items on there that are not Whole30) and see if you can find something that sparks your interest.
  14. SugarcubeOD

    Egg Free Whole30

    i think it depends on what you're trying to determine by eliminating eggs and/or a full AIP program. AIP is definitely more challenging than the regular program altho since you've done two already, if you've stuck pretty close to the Whole30 protocol between rounds, it's usually easier to then take it a step further for AIP. Tiger blood or the lacktherof is often contributed to more by the meal template and whether you follow all the recommendations than removing more foods from your diet. If you don't have a medical reason to be eliminating eggs or doing AIP then that might not be your best bet for getting that energy you're looking for. One thing to think about also is that Tiger Blood doesn't necessarily mean that you're running around like your tail is on fire all your waking hours. For some people it's just feeling 'good'. Feeling like they can go for a walk after dinner or being sharper at work or during their hobbies. Melissa has written some new articles on tiger blood recently because of this very problem of people thinking they've done something wrong because they didn't turn into Tigger on the program. I think if you google 'whole30 tiger blood' you should be able to find some articles as well as past discussions about what it is and isn't. In the meantime, before you decide to go AIP or egg free, if you have a recollection of how your meals were composed on the last round and can give some reasonably specific detail about how and when you ate, maybe there are some tweaks in there on the standard program that you can try before you go to eliminating additional foods. Thoughts?
  15. SugarcubeOD

    I don’t know if it is worth it

    I am very confident that if you follow the rules and the recommendations that you will have success at the end of the program. Keep an open mind about non scale victories as well and maybe have a look at the two page list of non scale victories we have... I'm sure SOMETHING on there will be a success criteria for you (you can find it by googling 'whole30 non scale victories' and a pdf should come up