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  1. Starting Here In Israel

    Actually no, sugar isn't a huge gut disruptor like gluten is... if you had a choice between sugar or something with gluten, I"d pick sugar every time... the amount you're going to eat is minimal so it's not like you're going to get a huge sugar buzz from it but even a spec of gluten can mess up the gut reset if you're at all sensitive (and you may be, some people don't notice sensitivity until they do the program).
  2. Cold eggs?

    Pan fry the egg, flip it over, break the yolk and cook until cooked all the way through. Put in a ziploc bag. Great eaten cold.
  3. Trader Joe’s Organic Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage

    This is fine. It's a humectant that helps keep moisture in food.
  4. Headaches

    YES! Awesome, I'm so glad you figured out a soluition and that you feel better!!!
  5. I think google is going to be your best bet here... it's going to depend on whether you make or use a date puree or if this is a blended item, if you're just going to put the dates in and then grind it all up... Start with one and increase to taste.
  6. Starting January 1, 2018

    PJ's in yogurt sounds pretty messy... best to steer clear of that one
  7. A silly NSV... from :( to :)

    I LOVE this! That's awesome!!!
  8. Lara / RX bats as meal replacement

    Sorry, if you can bring in Larabars or RX bars, why can't you bring in a packed lunch? It's not entirely uncommon for people in this day and age to not be able to eat at these types of events, even if they're not on Whole30 so it's fairly common to see people bring their own food... are you going to be on a stage where people are going to see you eating something different? If not, then I"d bring proper food. To actually answer your question tho, if you ate bars all day as long as the ingredients were compliant, you'd still be on your Whole30 but you will probably feel really terrible the next day so bear that in mind when packing/prepping your food for the following day... eat to the top end of the template and probably throw a mini meal in between two major meals to catch back up.
  9. Pre/post workout meals when you train at night

    Any protein will do for pre workout. You may notice a struggle while your body is switching from sugar burner to fat adaptation... stay the course, you'll be thrilled when you come out the other side. As far as eating dinner, it's kind of up to you... the recommendation is to wait around 45min to an hour before ingesting fat so that it doesn't slow the absorption of protein into your muscles but you'll have to balance that recommendation with eating dinner at 8pm because we also recommend that people stop eating a few hours before bed. Have you tried googling 'whole30 late night workouts' or anything similar to see if anyone else has posted about this topic? It's not that unusual for people to workout at the end of their day so there's likely good information out there for the finding.

    This is a bit like shrub which is fermented fruit to make a vinegary liquid that you can add to water or sparkling water to make it flavorful... If you are using it to replace the evening gin and tonic, then no, but every once in a while to make water interesting would be fine. I answered this question about this exact product here: For future, the easiest way to search the forum is google... just type 'whole30 seedlip' for instance and you'll get the results so you don't have to wait for someone to come along and answer.
  11. It doesn't matter what the item is in... potassium bicarbonate is fine.
  12. Day 20 and exhausted!

    Your meals don't look too bad... where you said you 'sometimes make it into a salad' are you still adding fat to the meal when you don't make it into a salad? If not, you definitely should be. I do notice you mention following the template for protein and veggies but you leave off fat so I'm guessing part of the problem is you're not eating fat hence the energy problems. If you need a snack between meals, we recommend protein and fat; larabars are approved for emergencies only (stuck on the tarmac in a blizzard such emergency) not for snacking and nuts are recommended to be limited so just keep an eye on that as well. When you work out, do you eat the pre or post workout snack? If not, start at least eating the post workout snack because for all intents and purposes, the problem looks like you're not eating enough.
  13. Sunflower/pumpkin seeds?

    Have a google 'whole30 sunflower seeds' and 'whole30 pumpkin seeds'. Google is the best way to search the forum and Whole30 resources for answers to common questions. Peanuts are a legume and not a nut which is why they're not allowed, even tho the name says 'nut' in it
  14. Becoming Hypoglycemic

    Have you spent some time looking around the site and googling things like 'whole30 with diabetes'? There's a ton of information out there about things you can eat that are still compliant to get your sugars back up, so instead of me typing it all out again, have a poke around and see if you can't find some information As far as if you ate something non compliant and had to restart, the official ruling is yes, however we'd encourage you to make your own decision by reading the 'do I need to restart' article linked in my signature below. If you're used to carrying something with you to combat this situation, the research you do could find you different options of items that might work but obviously if it's urgent and life threatening and you have glucose tabs, take them; we would never suggest someone does something just to stay in the spirit of the program when their life is at risk.
  15. Can I have these teas on whole 30?

    Okay then maybe do a bit of research and google the ingredients to see what they are.... if they don't match up to the rules (dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, alcohol and some preservatives) then you're good to go. It's always good to know what you're putting into your body, even if it is from a reputable place like David's Tea.