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  1. Can’t have this!?

    That is treading way too close to pancakes for my liking...
  2. FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    Sorry, I may have been mixing up communion with Shabbat - my mistake and apology.
  3. Over indulged on Almond Butter!

    My guess is you're not eating enough... go ahead and list out your meals for the last couple days including specific template measurements, veggies, fat, fruit and protein. If you ARE undereating, then the craving may be for fuel and your body knows almond butter is fuel. I would get the Almond Butter out of your house
  4. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    This entirely depends on how you want to manage the events and your son visiting. If there are things that you and your son share (like say... a love of carrot cake and you always eat it when he visits) then you're going to want to do the reintroductions before cake day so that you know if it's going to be worth it to you. It is not recommended to continue on the program until the day of the event you think you may not be able (or want) to stay compliant to because if say... dairy was a problem for you and you didn't know and ate a bunch on the event day, that's going to be really terrible for you. My recommendation would be to do the reintros of those things that you think you might be eating and start to figure out what your food freedom is going to look like. For some people that's very similar to Whole30 but they don't quiz waiters about cooking oil and sugar in ketchup is okay - that's going to help continue to bring inflammation down in your body by staying close to the plan but it's your own WholeDianne with your own rules. Does that help at all?
  5. Mt Olive Pickles

    This is fine.
  6. FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    Religious requirements trump Whole30 - many people use dealcoholized wine and drink and eat only as much as is strictly required for the religious purpose
  7. Based on these ingredients, this is fine.
  8. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    For those not feeling the Tiger Blood yet, don't despair! First, it can mean different things for different people and often it's not 'peel me off the ceiling energy' but rather 'wow, I feel really stable or good or positive or bright'. Second, at this point some times people think they've got the template memorized and as they've been progressing, a little fat gets left off here, some starchy carbs forgotten there, too little protein because that one time you forgot to take something out of the freezer etc... Loop back to the meal template and make sure you're eating to match the template. If you're eating between meals, have it be protein and fat, not fruit, nuts, nut butters, dried fruit or other 'snacky' type items. Make sure you're salting your food and drinking 1/2oz of water per pound of bodyweight every day and then be patient... many of us have not been kind to our bodies over the years and while 30 days can seem like an eternity, it's not altogether that long and none of you are AT 30 days yet so keep down the path and have faith that you're nourishing your bodies and treating yourselves with respect and dignity and everything else will follow!
  9. Restaurants

    That's really not possible for us to say not knowing where you live or what is available in your area and budget. The best resource is the rules and the Dining Out Guide (google whole30 guide to dining out) and using those resources to make decisions about what to eat at a restaurant. You will likely have to put in some time to phoning the location you want to go and asking questions (as outlined in the guide) and doing a bit of due diligence.
  10. Mayo help!

    It's horrific!
  11. Sorry, can I clarify, you sometimes go from 1030am-9pm without eating? As far as the template, you can cut it down to the lower end of the template if you feel you are eating too much. Fruit is recommended to be 0-2 servings a day eaten with meals so if you're filling up on fruit throughout the day, you would benefit from not doing that and instead eating the three template meals. You don't say in detail how much you're eating but if you're working out 5-7 days a week and not consistently eating three meals a day spaced around 4-5 hours apart plus at least the post workout of lean protein and starchy carbs (epic bar not so much recommended), then your body is probably prioritizing staying alive and alert as opposed to repairing your muscles from workout.
  12. Day 21 Ready to Quit

    The problem may very well not be the salad greens but because they ARE problematic for some people and you're currently having problems, the best way to determine if they are or aren't a problemf or you are to remove them and then add them back. Same with the nut butters and onions etc... it's likely not forever for every item but it could be that you find that you have a limit tolerance to say, onions... that would mean that you can eat them twice a week persay but that more than that causes problems... that's something you find out through trial and error and while it is annoying and lengthy, there's not much way to figure these things out except to experiment - which is what Whole30 really is! As far as tips to lose weight, no we don't give out that kind of advice. We want you to nourish your body sufficiently, especially since you have a nursing child. Eat three (or four in your case because you're breastfeeding) times a day a template meal that keeps you full for 4-5 hours (or a little less since again, breastfeeding). I can't give any advice around the family as I am a single woman so I only have me to worry about and a family totalling 13 people is a bit different There have been people with large families who have done the program. Google being the best way to search the site, I suggest googling 'whole30 large family' and similar and you should come up with some forum posts and maybe even some articles from the blogosphere of those who have done the program with a large family. Edit to add: One more thing, you might want to look into digestive enzymes if you feel meat digestion is part of the problem. You can also google 'whole30 digestive enzymes' to get some results to look into of brands and how they help.
  13. Day 21 Ready to Quit

    Sorry your post in the other thread was missed - definitely not intentional! You may want to consider removing high FODMAP foods from your diet for a few days and see how you do... onions, garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, mango are all high fodmap foods which cause gas and bloating unfortunately. Here's a link to a chart but do a little bit of research on high/low fodmap foods so you have an understanding of what the potential issue might be Secondly, I would remove the salad greens as they can also cause bloating and gas and replace those with cooked veggies for a while and see how that goes. Third, nuts and their products can be very gut disruptive so you may want to consider reducing your consumption of those as well and hardboiled eggs are the hardest type of egg to digest for a lot of people so that could also contribute. It could be all of these things or some of these things or none of these things but like with anything, you have to remove them and then add them back to see how you do with them. There is a LOT of discussion on FODMAP here on the forum so you can google 'whole30 fodmap' and you should get lots of threads with lots of good advice and I know our moderator @jmcbn has linked a really good list on some of her posts as well. With regard to your expectations around weightloss results, as you know, this is an elimination diet meant to heal your gut and then allow reintroduction of foods in a somewhat scientific way to determine their impact on you. Weightloss is a sometimes side effect of changing a diet but depending on where you came from diet-wise previous, it's not guarenteed. We also lose weight slower as we get older and the more times our body has to bounce back from weight gain, even when it's for a baby, the harder it can be to lose the weight but do know that the more you support your body through proper diet, the more likely it is that over the long term, you'll end up at a statis of weight that your body is meant to be at.
  14. When will I start to see improvement?

    You can have as much fruit as you want but if you have loose stools, fruit is going to contribute to that potentially so I would remove it for a week or so and see how you do. Banana is actually one fruit that is going to be positively impacting loose stools so you may want to incorporate banana.
  15. When will I start to see improvement?

    You will not fix your digestion or your hormones by undereating which is what you’re definitely doing based on this log. I’ve also bolded all the items that cause bloat and possible loose stools so if you’re chronic with loose stools, you definitely want to be leaving the fruit alone and eating cooked veggies not raw salad greens/raw veggies. Kimchi also has potential to cause loose stools due to it being fermented so you might want to skip that for a bit as well. If you’ve got an issue with a certain food like FODMAPS or a reason behind chronic loose stools, skipping meals to give your GI tract a ‘rest’ is actually not going to do anything as you cannot heal your GI tract in a few hours each day. You can try removing the fruit and raw veggies and increasing your meals but you should also go to the doctor now, not later.