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  1. Kaleena

    Home stretch and extinction strikes

    Haha yes! I did my 30 in January and the last weekend I was on I had a show I had been preparing a month for that went so well and everyone was drinking wine and eating chocolate and I felt like pulling out my hair and running into walls. It really showed me that food is definitely a "reward" for me. Anyway, I daydreamed about chocolate for days after. I feel for ya!
  2. Definitely not me but if you are comparing a sugar addiction to alcohol think about how bad the sugar addiction is for us all, especially since generally speaking, most of us have had our sugar addiction since we were old enough to ask for it. It's an incredibly difficult habit to break. I was proud of myself for going 30 days without it but I craved it almost every day! Yikes!
  3. Kaleena

    Please Critique My Meals/Portions

    It's always reassuring to see meals like yours because I too see these itty bitty meals and wonder about mine too from time to time.
  4. Kaleena

    Portions for Stewing Meat + ? Re: Meat Consumption

    Thanks, Kirsteen. It turned out okay. I need more experience cooking meat though. It was kind of chewy. Lol
  5. Kaleena

    Calories and Cravings

    It's actually really hard to count calories on the Whole30 because nothing comes in a package, and if you catch yourself online looking up, "calories in one parsnip" just slowly back away Good luck, you will love it!
  6. Kaleena

    Portions for Stewing Meat + ? Re: Meat Consumption

    Wow, okay. I actually did end up splitting it and it seemed like a pretty small (but satisfying dinner) so I guess I'm doing okay. So much unlearning to do!
  7. Hi All, I'm new to eating meat and I'm making this recipe: http://paleoinpdx.com/2012/11/16/simple-supper-friday-butter-beef-stew/ I'm using 1lb of stewing beef from the local farm-raised , hormone free butcher shop so I don't know if it's lean, how many calories, fat etc. Between two people, how much of this would you eat? We're an active, hungry couple. Any help would be appreciated. On a bit of a side note I'll just add my other question to this post. Is it really okay to eat meat so often? How many times a week do you eat beef, for example? Lately I've been eating it 2-3 times because I haven't eaten meat in 12 or 13 years and I actually like it. I've also taken a pretty strong liking for wild boar but that's pretty expensive! I'm worried about health but also, let's be honest here, I don't want to gain weight. Thoughts, reassurances?
  8. I did the Whole30 on fish on eggs. It's definitely possible!
  9. How long does an almost 5+ pound roast last you? Do you keep it in the fridge or the freezer?
  10. Kaleena

    Food for Energy and Focus

    I dance so it's not for endurance, more for mental clarity, focus and a boost of energy without the sugary stuff I used to turn to!
  11. Is there any food that you would swear by to give energy and focus? Something small you would eat one hour or so before a competition or performance for a boost of sorts but not something that would make you feel full?
  12. Kaleena

    My poor nails!!

    During my 30 my nails went down to the bed too. I *have * a dishwasher and I wash a ton of dishes to keep up. I've been following a 4 day on and 3 day off since I finished my Whole30 on Feb 2nd and my nails have been growing back stronger.
  13. Kaleena

    Difficulty staying motivated

    I had been veg for 12 or 13 years and tried (red) meat for the first time last week. I'm still having a hard time dealing dealing with the idea that eating meat often is unhealthy and fattening.
  14. Ah, thanks all for the tips. This is going to be the best Vday ever! : ) And, no cooking when I get home from class. Huzzah!
  15. If so, please tell me how! I don't know if I'll have time to allow it to simmer for 2 hours today but chocolate chili on Valentine's Day seems rather appropriate!