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  1. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Failed Mayo 101

    @SugarcubeOD Oh no! That's pretty coincidental... You didn't have a horrible day at work right before that happened, right? If so, I may have somehow accidentally sent my bad luck off across the US and all the way to Vancouver. Sorry about that.
  2. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Failed Mayo 101

    What a helpful kitty! Ughhh. Yours sounds like such a mess. I thought a cup of oil was tough to clean up, but 3 cups?!? Yuck.
  3. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Failed Mayo 101

    I just had to share my recent mayo-making fail so you all can commiserate or laugh with me. I use an immersion blender/mason jar combo and have always had great success. This time, I dumped everything in my mason jar, put the blender in, hit the button to turn it on....and nothing happened. So I'm messing with the plug to see if it's just not plugged in well, and the entire thing tips over! Yeah...olive oil and raw egg all over the counter and floor. I couldn't even make dump ranch with that failure! Luckily, I am not forever mayo cursed. I just got brave enough to try again and the blender worked! Even tried making the mayo with lime this time because I used up my lemon in the last batch and I like the flavor. I'm grateful because I was so bad at getting fat in my meals without mayo; it's like a staple in my Whole30 diet! I NEEDED my mayo!
  4. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Whole30 Ketchup Recipe

    @LauraOC From my perspective as a Whole30 participant, the recipe in the book does use apple cider as a sweetener, so I had no issues with using dates to sweeten the ketchup when I made my own. To keep more in line with the Whole30 feel, I only used 2 dates to sweeten the ketchup rather than the 1/2 cup called for in the recipe I was following. I do remember that I used much less vinegar than the recipe in the book, but I think I added more at the end to come up with a flavor that I thought would be similar to the recipe in the book. I'm pretty happy with my ketchup; it is not overly sweet or vinegary, but has hints of both flavors and goes well with burgers and baked "fries".