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  1. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Empty Nest, so many feels "comforted" by food

    @ChristyJ Why not start a whole7, 14, etc. whatever you have time to do now, and then do a full whole30 when you have the time to complete the entire thing? I guess I'm trying to say, "Why wait? Start now." You know your health is worth it. There's a "Riding Your Own Bike" article on this site somewhere that might help put things into perspective. My favorite part of that article is that it reminds me to be gentle with myself for slips and backtracks. They're going to happen. Life happens. We aren't going to be perfect at this food freedom thing right out of the gate. Once you recognize that you're no longer making healthy choices about food, go back to the reset. It doesn't even necessarily need to be a whole30, maybe you just need 10 days to get back on track. Whatever it takes so food becomes about nourishment again and not comfort. As for the fitness part, what about joining a running group or something? Maybe choose something easy, like a 5k or 10k training group (if you've signed up for a marathon, I'd assume 10k would be easy?). The group aspect would give you extra motivation as well as some socialization, and then once you've gotten your confidence in your fitness back it might be easier to go to the bootcamp.
  2. NoneOtherThanAmy


    @SnowflakeVT My digestion is maybe a smidge better right now, but it's the week before my TOM, so those silly hormones always screw with things. It's not really that bothersome and if I compare to pre-whole30, it's much better. It's just that between Whole30s I had what I would consider nearly ideal digestion and this is a little worse than that. You had a bunch of great NSVs as well as a nice scale victory! Congratulations! Are you planning to keep up with Whole30-ish eating in your food freedom?
  3. NoneOtherThanAmy


    I'm glad you made it all the way through, but sorry to hear that you didn't have many NSVs. Hopefully reintroductions will help sort out some things. Maybe you'll even find something that you do better with in your diet.
  4. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Can I have non-grain hot cereal?

    Are you two extending your Whole30 to a Whole45-60? If not, has he tried reintroductions? Perhaps oatmeal now and then wouldn't be a big deal for him. Or perhaps he'd learn that oatmeal doesn't taste as good or keep him satisfied as well as he remembers. I also just finished a Whole30 and am wanting to keep on plan as much as possible, so I get where this is coming from. In my food freedom I don't have a problem trying out some of those SWYPO-y type recipes, but I now have the meal template so firmly engrained in my brain that I can't justify a lot of the recipes. Most of those paleo "hot cereal" recipes are going to be high in fat, but lacking in protein and/or veggies. I know something like that won't keep me satisfied, so at a minimum I'd need to add some meat, maybe some sausage on the side? I feel the same way about trying to add in any other grains...If I were to eat oatmeal for breakfast, I'd still want to add protein, veggies and fat.
  5. NoneOtherThanAmy


    Awesome! Those are all great NSVs!! Have you read the articles on this site to do with reintroductions and riding your own bike? I found them to be very helpful and soothing when I was nervous about reintroductions.
  6. NoneOtherThanAmy


    Day 31!!!! WOOHOO! Made it all the way through. There were a few tough days in there, but I finished it. I did some measurements this morning and I'm right about where I'd expect to be, I think I'm down about an inch to a half an inch most places. Since starting the Whole30 back in April, I've lost about 4-4.5" off my hips, so that's pretty amazing. I'm not weighing myself this time. I'd guess I'd maybe be down a few pounds (like 2-3), but nothing crazy. The Good: Treating food as a reward: This Whole30 was not so much focused on body changes, but on getting my habits back on track. I was starting to stray (takeout) on weekends and I wanted to get back to reminding myself that I CAN eat healthy food on a Friday night after a long week of work. Yes, it takes some extra thought and effort, but it is definitely worth it. I had at least one "KILL ALL THE THINGS" day, which just served as a reminder that I still have some work to do on not using food as a reward. I think I made progress during this Whole30. I realized that I still "treat" myself with food, even if it is compliant and that can lead to me taking that same attitude to my food freedom, where the food treat is not always compliant. I've been working on developing non-food treats and rewards for myself. Friday evenings = relaxing walk or run in the park, shopping with a friend, Netflix + knitting, etc. I really think I'm making progress here and I want to continue developing these non-food rewards and self-care. Food cravings: Sugar cravings were virtually non-existent. Pretty amazing, considering I was a sugar junkie just 4 short months ago! Alcohol: I learned I don't even LIKE to drink while I'm out with friends. Who knew? The Not-So-Good: Digestion: I don't know what happened, but this entire Whole30 I've been dealing with digestive issues. The first few days I was completely "blocked up" and uncomfortable all day, then the TOM happened and I've had the opposite problem the entire rest of the Whole30. Things are moving too quickly and my stool is too loose. I actually had much better digestion right before my Whole30, so I'm not sure what has been going on. I can't seem to pinpoint it to anything. I thought maybe tomatoes and/or nightshades in general, but I cut out tomatoes for a week and it didn't seem to help. The only thing I can think is that I REALLY screwed up my digestive system with all the corn I ate the night before starting my Whole30 and it still needs more time to heal. Seems unlikely, but who knows? Food cravings: I've been getting some odd cravings here and there. My cravings seem to be especially for fast food, which is something I hadn't craved in the 3 months prior to this Whole30. Strange. I'm also starting to crave snacks while writing, again something that hadn't happened to me between my Whole30s. I did this Whole30 specifically because I knew snacking could be a temptation for me as I start my dissertation writing, but I was somewhat surprised by the cravings. Sleep: I think this was non-Whole30 related and more related to dissertation writing stress, but my sleep was off track for the last 1.5-2 weeks of the Whole30. I got a glimpse of Tiger blood right before the sleep issues, but I'm sad I wasn't able to maintain it. I'm not sure if I'll start reintroductions today or not. Since I've been extra tired and still have digestive issues, I'm not sure if I'd learn much by doing reintroductions right now. I may keep going and do the slow roll option. How's everyone else doing?
  7. Congrats on finishing a Whole30! That's a pretty big accomplishment. It sounds like this writer's retreat is also a pretty big deal, I mean you won your spot! That's also an amazing accomplishment, so I definitely wouldn't think you'd want to cancel. I think there may be a few things you could do: call ahead of time and ask about the meal options and see if they can accommodate paleo or a gluten-free/dairy-free diet. You have a few days to do reintroductions, so perhaps take one of those days to try something that will likely show up at the retreat. I had a very similar experience at the end of my first Whole30, so I reintroduced gluten and found that I didn't have many consequences from that, but I really needed to stay away from dairy if I wanted to enjoy my conference. That gave me very valuable information and opened up my food choices considerably. I also ended up doing the 3rd option on your list as well, so I just finished my 2nd Whole30 and am now going to reintroduce the things that I didn't have time to properly reintroduce at the end of my first one. I've enjoyed my 2nd Whole30 and learned some new things that I didn't learn the first time.
  8. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Failed Mayo 101

    @SugarcubeOD Oh no! That's pretty coincidental... You didn't have a horrible day at work right before that happened, right? If so, I may have somehow accidentally sent my bad luck off across the US and all the way to Vancouver. Sorry about that.
  9. NoneOtherThanAmy


    @ShellyM & @alw289 I'm feeling similar to both of you, somehow. It's almost the end! So I'm excited and kind of "blah" at the same time. I spent Sunday making up veggies for the week and didn't do much meat prep, so I had to do it on Monday. I've just sort of felt out of sync ever since then. The food has been fine, but I didn't really have a good plan for the week, so things were just sort of made on the fly with whatever I had on hand. I also had a mayo disaster (olive oil and raw egg all over the counter and floor) on Monday. It just hasn't been the week I was hoping for. @ShellyM I've never seen that vegetable before. It looks interesting. What did you end up doing with it? Hope the rest of the week has gone better. I only cook for myself and I kind of enjoy it. I can make whatever I want, I can make recipes the way I want, and I have leftovers for most of the week! I had a bf once who was a super picky eater and I hated it (like no onions...just, WHAT???? ). It's not why we broke up, but I am now completely grateful to be able to make food according to my preferences. I've also been thinking about extending my Whole30. I'm not sure if I will or not, but it might be nice to try for a Whole45.
  10. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Failed Mayo 101

    What a helpful kitty! Ughhh. Yours sounds like such a mess. I thought a cup of oil was tough to clean up, but 3 cups?!? Yuck.
  11. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Failed Mayo 101

    I just had to share my recent mayo-making fail so you all can commiserate or laugh with me. I use an immersion blender/mason jar combo and have always had great success. This time, I dumped everything in my mason jar, put the blender in, hit the button to turn it on....and nothing happened. So I'm messing with the plug to see if it's just not plugged in well, and the entire thing tips over! Yeah...olive oil and raw egg all over the counter and floor. I couldn't even make dump ranch with that failure! Luckily, I am not forever mayo cursed. I just got brave enough to try again and the blender worked! Even tried making the mayo with lime this time because I used up my lemon in the last batch and I like the flavor. I'm grateful because I was so bad at getting fat in my meals without mayo; it's like a staple in my Whole30 diet! I NEEDED my mayo!
  12. NoneOtherThanAmy

    Anyone have advice on learning to run?

    Oh @ThyPeace, I'm so sorry to hear about the extent of your injury. I discovered your thread back in May when I was doing my first Whole30 while also learning to run and I learned a lot from it. I was hoping I'd check in and see you back at running. I hope you can avoid surgery and that you find some other options for exercise.
  13. NoneOtherThanAmy


    @stacie66 I had a lot of the same worries around reintroduction during my last Whole30 as well. There are a few very good articles around this site on life after the Whole30 (moderator @ShannonM816 has a bunch the links her signature) that helped me gain a good perspective about reintros. Specifically, one called "Riding your own bike" was very helpful to me. The thing I needed to hear is that I won't be perfect as soon as I complete my first Whole30 and that's OK. I'll try my best and when I get way off track, I can come back to the Whole30 to get back to where I want to be. This 2nd Whole30 has been amazing for me in terms of learning things that I didn't learn during the first round. I think I've mostly conquered my sugar dragon, but I still definitely have a 'convenience/celebration' dragon that demands junk foods Friday nights and after a hard day of work. I'm getting better about working through that, but it's so much easier on a Whole30 when those things are just completely off the table. We can make a group thread over in the reintroduction section when that time comes. We did that with my last group and it was a great space to work through some of my stumbles and figure out my sugar triggers. As for other social media, I'd love to keep up with everyone else too! I really only use Instagram right now and I'm the same user name there - NoneOtherThanAmy - but, I will warn you ahead of time that about 1/2 of my posts or so are about my other hobbies, knitting and spinning yarn, with a few random science-y posts thrown in here or there. I do post some whole30-related things too, of course! @alw289 Your plan sounds great to me! It's great to hear that you'll be putting your hard work to good use this time by doing reintroductions. I'm also glad you're focusing on your NSVs. It can be very difficult to maintain positivity when you're not feeling like you're getting to a goal that you were hoping to make even if that wasn't the main focus. I've been having some great NSVs lately too. I'm much happier and more confident than before and those NSVs are much more important to me than any of the other changes. To put my body changes into perspective, it's not as if the clothes I bought at the beginning of September are falling off. I don't think it's been a big change in body composition, but I wasn't expecting much change at all, so any small change is kind of exciting.
  14. NoneOtherThanAmy


    Glad you're feeling good about your progress again @stacie66! It does become easier as time goes on, but eating this way takes a lot of time and effort. I'm in the middle of a big cook up for the week and halfway dreaming about the days when I could lay around and watch football all Sunday long! I'm also curious about the cholesterol thing. I know the science is explained in "It Starts with Food" but it's just so against the grain of everything I've heard all my life. Thanks for the sauce recommendation @ShellyM! I'll have to give it a try! Thinking of that...I ran out of mayo yesterday and didn't have any fat with my breakfast this morning. Oops. Things are going well for me on day 24! I'm surprised at how much it feels like my body has changed. I'm going to have to start buying new running leggings and shorts pretty soon. I was pulling up my shorts every few strides for the first bit of my Saturday AM run (luckily, they stuck in place after I started sweating ) and I hadn't had to do that with those shorts before. It's getting a little expensive to keep replacing all these clothes. Other than the clothing, I felt pretty good on my run. I'm doing the No Boundaries 2 group with the Fleet Feet here and we moved from intervals in No Boundaries 1 to running the entire distance plus adding in some speed bursts or hill workouts. It's a little intimidating, but I'm enjoying it. I joined these groups to RUN!!! I *should* be exhausted by the end. How's everyone feeling about reintroductions starting next weekend? I have a few food groups I want to try such as legumes and non-gluten grains. I screwed up my reintroduction with NGGs last time, so I want to see if they really make me extra exhausted or if it was trying to go for a run before work! As a scientist I should have known better than to change another variable on a reintroduction day. After that, I'll probably go into slow-roll mode and do my best to stay as Whole30 as I can until the end of the semester and the holidays.
  15. NoneOtherThanAmy


    As for resources...check out the book Food Freedom Forever as well as the "Post Whole30" links in Shannon's signature above. I found all of those things to be extremely helpful while I was figuring out my Food Freedom. One thing I found interesting is that I also didn't feel like I had conquered my sugar dragon after my first Whole30, but I thought it got better the more I tried on Food Freedom. I think there was something about the switch from the mindset of "you can't have sugar" to "you can have sugar, but do you *really* want it?" that helped me figure it out. I had lots of slips (like the time I ate 5 donuts in 24 hrs and let's not even talk about that package of totally-not-worth-it lemon squares), but they became less frequent as time went on. Each slip I learned something about my cravings and why I ate sugar. For instance, if I'm grocery shopping and my sugar dragon is telling me I CANNOT leave the store without buying something sugary (no specific craving, just sugar!), that actually means I'm hungry and as soon as I eat a Whole30 template meal the craving will go away. You'll get there! It may take a little trial and error, but you've got this!