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  1. I don't have any gum tips, but try putting a spoon or two of ghee or coconut oil in your coffee (healthy whole30 approved fats) and whiz it with an immersion blender or in a regular blender. It totally makes your coffee creamy and delicious!
  2. When I make my own, I store it in a little jar that used to have honey in it. Too funny that people can't find unsalted butter----that's all we've got here! Salted butter is a specialty and only comes in small amounts.
  3. You are not a failure!! You came here and posted about it, which is the first step. Now, pull your head out of the frosting bucket and start again. Make your next choice a good one. Take it one meal at a time. And forgive yourself. We've all been there (I know I've had chocolate for dinner before!) which is why we needed to do a whole30 to start with!! Just keep trying.
  4. I make beet chips in my dehydrator (could also be done in the oven). I think my favorite way is just to roast them--peel raw beets and cut them into chunks, toss them in some oil (I use coconut), sprinkle on some salt and roast them in the oven for about 20 minutes. I also eat them in salad.
  5. I pretty much own them all and I like different things about each one. Well Fed (good recipes and meal planning ideas) and Make it Paleo (well organized and beautiful pictures) are my favorites. Looking forward to Gather and Beyond Bacon which will be coming out soon. I really love the iPad app from nom nom paleo and she has very few distracting treat recipes. I also really enjoy Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals. I haven't actually made any of the recipes from Sweet Potato Power, but I did enjoy reading it. My least favorite is Everyday Paleo.
  6. Hi JTandi! Very excited you are going to try this I bottle all of my kombucha in mason jars after brewing. If I'm doing a second fermentation (adding fruit) I do that in mason jars as well, but instead of putting it the fridge (which is what I do if I'm just making plain kombucha), you have to put those mason jars back in the closet/cupboard for several days while the fruit is fermenting. I've never tried with just fruit juice (probably a little high in sugar content) but have used fruit puree or plain old fruit. Once I've added fruit and let it ferment, I pour it through a strainer to remove the fruit bits. I wash all my mason jars and lids in the dishwasher. Kombucha Kamp has has everything you would ever want to know about kombuch brewing, jaring, flavoring etc...
  7. Been there and done that!! When I did my first whole30 a few years ago, I way over did it on the nuts, nut butters and coconut chips. I didn't do it because I was hungry...I did it because they taste good and it took me awhile to get over the habit of hand to mouth snacking. I still (years later) struggle with eating too many nuts and will periodically just cut them out for a few weeks at a time until I feel like I have control again. When I decide to stop eating them, I actually have to make sure I don't have any in the house. If they are there, they will call to me and I will eat them sooner rather than later All that being said, I don't know how I would have gotten through my first whole30 without eating nuts. It was a lot to handle just getting sugar, grains and dairy out of my system. Once I had all of those cravings under control, I was better able to address my 'nut problem'.
  8. I make my own and let it ferment long enough that it tastes really tart rather than sweet. I feel that the benefits outweigh whatever small amount of sugar may be left in the tea.
  9. There are a group of us posting under the logs (100 days of awesome whole 100 group). Everybody started on January 1st. If you read through the first week or so of posts, many, many people were feeling the same way. Everybody is now at 30+ days and sleeping much better. Some people who have taken anxiety medication for years have now been able to reduce their meds. Hang in there...the sleep really does get better and your level of anxiety will go down. Many of our posters seemed to see big improvement by the end of week 2. Now at week 4-5 some are reporting sleeping better than ever before. A magnesium supplement like this one will also help with sleep and anxiety.
  10. Lisa@SwissPaleo

    The China Study

    I second Kirsteen's link to Denise Minger's breakdown of the China Study (rawfoodsos.com). I read tons of research articles and Denise is always excellent at really breaking a study down.
  11. I travel regularly between Switzerland and the US and I never eat plane food. I always bring my own. Usually I bring these egg muffins, fruit, pre-chopped veggies, nuts, homemade beef-jerky and hard boiled eggs. It may just be my imagination, but it certainly seems to have improved my jet lag and my post-flight digestion.
  12. The scale.....it's an awful addiction. I went to a conference last summer and Robb Wolf said "Tie a bow on it and give it to somebody you hate". For me, the problem with scale addiction and getting your motivation from seeing the number go down is what do you do when the number stops going down (either because you've reached your goal or hit a plateau)? I used to be a toal scale addict and when I lost a significant amount of weight a few years ago, I got a real buzz from the changes on the scale and the regular compliments I got from others. When the scale stopped moving and people got used to the new me and quit commenting on it, I went into a real funk. Yes, I was one of those kids who would do anything for a smiley face or a sticker from the teacher
  13. Great to hear Jennifer! Sounds like you have the right attitude for moving forward. Fat is a tricky one...you certainly need to get enough (of the healthy ones) but it is possible to overdo it (especially if you eat a lot of nuts like I tend to do!). I would say that your fat amount is safe if you follow the meal template. Enjoy your massage and good luck in your journey
  14. I'm sorry you are feeling so disappointed. You shouldn't feel disappointed in YOURSELF though, because you just completed 30 days and stuck to something and not everybody is successful at doing that. I recently organized and ran a 30 day food challenge here in Switzerland and one of the ladies was very disappointed to have lost only 1 pound. We did, however, take before and after measurements and she had actually lost 11 cm I think. Maybe take a whole30 break for a few days, take some measurements and start again. PCOS is a tough one and probably makes weight loss more challenging....30 days just might not be enough time to see some hormonal shifts. Please don't give up completely...there are real benefits to be had and you will get there
  15. Andrew: Here is a great article from Chris Kresser about eggs. Should make you feel better!