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  1. Start date June 1st

    congrats everyone! too many to list right now, but so happy for you guys that you made it all through. I'm very proud of myself. And I'm down 12 pounds I definitely look thinner, didn't do a waist measurement yet, BMI is down from obese to overweight. I haven't started the reintro yet- though I did have a bit of non compliant mayo in my tuna. planning on tomorrow, going to start with some corn and legumes. I want to stay off dairy for now.
  2. Start date June 1st

    Hi everyone I had a food dream last night ! More like a nightmare. I had eaten some cookies that a friend offered me, and I couldn't believe it. I was saying to myself, it's day 28, couldn't I have waited. Boy was I glad to wake up So I'm nervous about reintroduction- still not sure how to start. One thing I think I will start with is using ingredients that have some added sugar- for some reason, in my area it's really hard to find tomato sauce or paste without added sugar. So instead of running around to different stores, I'll just use what's available. My husband really apreciated having fresh cooked meals every day, so I definitely think we'll be keeping on with those. I've discovered two things that don't agree with me - hard boiled eggs (I've had either scrambled, or frittatas and that's fine) , and cabbage. good luck with day 29!
  3. Start date June 1st

    @Ginsky - I agree with you about the leftovers. I have last nights dinner packed up now and ready for lunch today, and it was so easy. Much better than coming up with a new meal idea, and preparing it! I generally have one meal a day with a starchy vegetable . But I want to switch it up a bit, because I'm eating too many potatoes and sweet potatoes. Any other ideas? We're 2/3 of the way through - starting to think about reintroduction...
  4. Start date June 1st

    at my daughter's kindergarten they decided to have a trip with the parents, to celebrate the end of the year. So today we went to a really nice farm, where they also had some small rides for the kiddos. They gave out breakfast- bagels and ice coffee (for the parents). It was ice cold (and boiling hot outside) and so tempting. But then the temptation passed, and looking back, I don't even know why I would want to eat that junk! So I had a vegetable frittata for breakfast, a fruit while on the trip at the farm. For lunch I had tuna (with avocado), some salad and a big bowl of vegetable soup. I turned on the air conditioner for that meal, but it was worth it! I was really full and satisfied at the end of it.
  5. Start date June 1st

    Dinner yesterday was baked chicken legs and a vegetable dish where I sauted onions, red peppers, mushrooms and green beans. Added some salt and pepper. I saved some of the green bean dish for lunch today, and had that with cabbage salad (like a cole slaw) and griled chicken breast. Tonight's plan is almond crusted chicken breast (coat the chicken in potatos starch, then dip in egg and then ground almonds), and fried. together with sweet potato fries (sweet potatoes cut in the shape of fries , drizzled with olive oil and baked) and avocado salad (cubed avocados, tomatoes and a bit of sliced purple onion with some lemon juice and salt) Tomorrow's plan is stew- turkey (cubed), potatoes, carrots with tomato sauce and spices. roast broccoli on the side. Wednesday will be sheperd's pie and grilled zuchini That's all I have planned so far
  6. Breastfeeding NSV

    I'd like to add to this- I'm on day 13 now, and over the past 3-4 days my baby has become a different person. She is so calm and happy now, instead of crying and colicky. It's amazing. I'm going to really have to figure out what's been bothering her, but for now I'm just enjoying it!
  7. Thank you, I'll try it and let you know what happens.
  8. Hi, I'm on day 4 of my whole30. I tried to make a batch of mayo the other day, and the taste and smell of the olive oil is just overwhelming! Even though I'm using a "light" tasting oil. Am I doing something wrong? I never used olive oil regularly before. I guess I'm just used to the tastelessness of canola oil. Is there any comparatively tasteless oil?
  9. UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    wow that was a quick answer thank you! I am going through my pantry and freezer now, getting geared up for a start in a few hours .
  10. UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Hi, I have a package of turkey , on the list of ingredients it has E1420 and E452. Are these compliant? Also, another question- I have "spices" listed as an ingredient, for example on a can of pickles. Is that okay? thanks so much!
  11. Start date June 1st

    Hi everyone I'm planning on starting this Thursday as well! I'm so glad to have so much company. I'm Jewish, and we have a holiday on Wednesday. The custom is to eat dairy food, cheesecakes and similar. So I decided I wouldn't make things extra hard for myself and I'll start the next day. I had Gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy (my baby is 4 months), and my sugar has stayed high afterwards. So I really need to reset my body with healthy choices and hopefully build good new habits for myself. It's been hard to do prep with other preparation for the holiday, plus it's my daughter's birthday today. But I don't want to push off my starting day, especially with so many others starting at the same time. Can't wait to get started!