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  1. Kaylee1

    Starting on Monday! April 16th

    On Thursday I bought a large amount of chopped meat, turkey and chicken. Then I took out my food processor and put in onions, zucchini, and carrots, and pulsed it until it was a paste. I combined it all, plus some eggs and tomato paste to hold it together. I made 3 different meals out of it! 1) meatballs 2) sauteed 3) meatloaf
  2. Kaylee1

    Starting on Monday! April 16th

    Thank you for your help! Yes, it was only one egg , and that was all the protein I had for breakfast. I will make sure to add more for next time. I was quite hungry when lunchtime came around (a quarter of chicken and vegetable soup) Today's breakfast was salad and tuna, and an apple.
  3. Kaylee1

    Starting on Monday! April 16th

    I started today April 15! I will join this thread. It is my second whole30, I did it in June 2017. I LOVED doing it, and felt great. But I fell off the wagon too quickly and slipped back into all my old eating habits.... unfortunately gained back all the weight I lost (12 pounds). I hope to jumpstart the weight loss, get back into good habits, and be much more careful with reintroduction this time. so far today had a nice breakfast - salad, tahini, an egg and some nuts sprinkled on top. I don't have lunch planned yet, but there is compliant chicken leftovers from yesterday in the fridge so that will be the base.
  4. Kaylee1

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    wow that was a quick answer thank you! I am going through my pantry and freezer now, getting geared up for a start in a few hours .
  5. Kaylee1

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Hi, I have a package of turkey , on the list of ingredients it has E1420 and E452. Are these compliant? Also, another question- I have "spices" listed as an ingredient, for example on a can of pickles. Is that okay? thanks so much!