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    I know this isn't really what you're looking for, but... Since removing added sugar from my diet, I have fallen back in love with simple dressings. I just finished eating a big ol' salad dressed simply with olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper. It was delicious! It might be a bit of an adjustment if you're accustomed to jazzier, sweeter dressings, but sometimes simple can be amazing!
  2. MeeshKB

    We started on June 12th

    Hi Annayllop. We're almost there! Tomorrow is Day 31 for me, and I still haven't decided what I want to reintro first. I'm starting to feel a little more confident about reintro, but still a little scared to bump myself off track. It's super interesting about the increased sense of smell. I think NorskWife might be on to something with the reduced inflammation. There are so many things that our food affects! And a reduction in pain is a pretty amazing improvement too - congrats on that!
  3. MeeshKB

    Day 29.

    Firstly...YAY YOU! You did it! Okay, you've got another day and a half to go, but you are nearly there! Take time to stop and take a breath and enjoy your accomplishment. I saw someone on this forum refer to this as "giving yourself the win". I love that. Give yourself the win, girl! (My apologies if you are not, in fact, a girl. I'm inferring from your post. ) I too am near the end of my first Whole30 (Day 30 today), and I can understand what you're saying here. It deflinitely takes a certain amount of effort to do this thing, and that can get tiring. Not to mention, it sounds like you've had a super packed month! No wonder you're feeling tired. Are you getting enough sleep? (I ask because this is a problem of mine.) I've felt tired quite a bit while on Whole30, but when I really look at it I can't blame the program if I'm not holding up my end and giving my body time to rest and recover. If you want an accountability buddy going through reintro and beyond, let me know. I'd be happy to share the path with you since we're walking the same way anyhow. Michelle
  4. Hey Fishmama. I'm on Day 30 today too. Yay us! Yes, you are correct about reintroduction. You reintroduce a single food group for one day, then go back to regular Whole30 for the next couple of days (or longer, if you experience issues with the reintroduced food - you want to wait until those pass before you try another one). When you're comfortable with that group, and/or the issues you experienced with that reintroduction are gone, then you move on to the next thing you want to reintro. Hope that helps. Good luck with your reintro!! Michelle ETA: At least, that's my understanding based on obsessively reading the Whole30 books, website and this forum over the past month. If more experienced folks see any flaws in my response, please let us know!
  5. MeeshKB

    Energy (that's not coffee)

    If you still feel the need for 'zippy bubbles', what about brewing some compliant tea, icing it and adding it to some club soda (maybe with a little lemon?).
  6. MeeshKB

    Starbucks Passion Tango Tea

    Agreed. And when your fact checking results line up with the Queen's...drink up and enjoy!
  7. MeeshKB

    Starbucks Passion Tango Tea

    This freaked me out too, as I've had this a couple of times during my W30. Just reconfirmed on the Starbucks website, and as far as I can tell there is no sugar in the Iced Passion Tango Tea, unsweetened. Phew!
  8. MeeshKB

    We started on June 12th

    Thanks for the response, Lynne. I can see how it will be challenging to keep fully compliant when your folks are here. But at least you'll have a great head start and groundwork to eat mostly clean while they're here, and then do another round once everyone's gone home! I'm thinking of doing the 'slow roll' reintroduction to keep as clean as possible after the 30 days are over (Next Monday - yikes!)
  9. MeeshKB

    Started June 13- joined the forum 6/23

    Yep, that's precisely the problem. But I'll sort him out.
  10. Thanks for the resources, ladyshanny! Nicky05, I've also found quite a few compliant things at my local organic market. I'm in Edmonton so I'm sure you'll have different stores out there in the centre of the universe ;-) but I'll bet you can find quite a few. Try a Google search for 'Organic Market Toronto'. Happy hunting. And a belated Happy Canada Day to both of you!
  11. MeeshKB

    Started June 13- joined the forum 6/23

    Hi Cindy and Lynne! I joined on June 11, so right before you. I was looking for some others who are at a similar stage to see how others are doing. I am loving this program so far. The 'black and white' aspect of it is really working for me, and I'm even a little nervous about life after the first 30 days. I feel great, my clothes are fitting better, and my face is less puffy (yay!) - I'm afraid to change anything and jeopardize all that great stuff! How are you guys doing? I'd love to hear more about how camping went for you, Cindy. We have a family camping trip coming up at the end of July and I'm nervous. Especially since my husband is still under the impression that after 30 days, I'll be back to "normal" (his word) and eating - and drinking - whatever I want. I'll need to make sure he's clear on this before I go, or he will drive me crazy with, "Come on - your 'diet' is over!". Talk to you all soon! Michelle
  12. MeeshKB

    We started on June 12th

    Hi all! I started on June 11th, so I thought I'd drop in and see how everyone is doing. I'm loving this so much and have been amazed at how (relatively) easy it has been to resist foods I used to eat all the time. I really love the 'black and white' aspects of this program, and am actually a little nervous about life after the first 30 days. How is everyone else doing? Michelle