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  1. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    I just love having the grocery clerk ask me what I am making with all those veggies (e.g. Soup? Stew?) and my response is "no, that's just how we eat"
  2. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    I plan to stay as close to Whole 30 standards as long as possible as I know how much better I feel when I do.....and plan to continue seeking and offering support to anyone else who continues. I believe it makes a difference.
  3. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Hello Whole 30ers! Tiger Blood here! And my knee didn't hurt going up the stairs today for the first time in about a year (I could still feel it but it didn't slow me down and I didn't have to grab the handrail for additional support to keep some of the weight bearing down). That tells me inflammation is going down. Major victories! I love this phase of the Whole 30. I had a major arm twisting by the devil on my shoulder the other night who kept tantilizing me with a glass of red wine. That buggar tormented me the entire evening until I finally just went to bed. I've been rocking it since. Let him come back and torture me again - I welcome the fight! Bring it!
  4. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Probably the biggest thing I am rediscovering with this Whole XX (30, 60, whatever!) is to focus on food as nourishment instead of focusing primarily on the taste of it. It's not that I don't enjoy the tastes because I'm definitely enjoying taste, texture, different combinations of foods together and even the look and smell of the foods in my plate or bowl. I'm forcing myself to slow down my pace when I eat so I can enjoy it with multiple senses. When I think of food primarily as nourishment, it takes the emotional aspect out of it. Does that even make sense? Or am I just loony?
  5. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    My work partner just asked me a little bit ago if I had lost weight.....of course, I said I don't know (since I haven't weighed since 1/1). Bu he said it looked like I have lost weight already. Yippee!!! Now I'm REALLY glad I didn't give into that glass of wine this weekend!
  6. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Wow, I just endured a rather difficult weekend. But I'm happy to say I overcame all dietary challenges. We had dinners out on Saturday and Sunday evening. Finding compliant food I could eat was challenging, especially as I didn't want a lot of fuss around it. I also wanted a glass of red wine both times. We were out and about during the day yesterday and I was really wavering on whether I would give it up at dinner. But I didn't. I stayed tough. I'm very thankful for that today. My team at work has been watching me closely and I didn't want to have to admit today that I had fallen off the Whole 30 wagon. Hopefully I'm over that hump now that I'm headed by to my work-week routine.
  7. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    All this talk of wine sure makes me thirsty (as I drink my water). It is Friday evening after all! Oh well!
  8. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    It's been a crazy week at work so exercise has suffered. I will get back on it this afternoon and over the weekend. I'm giving myself as much grace as I can muster for not meeting my 5 day a week cardio goal this past week. Everything else has been good. With the level of stress I have had these past few days, I normally would soothe myself with a very large glass of wine. That has been, at best, a fleeting thought and certainly nothing I have felt tempted by. I'm very thankful for that. I'm also thankful that I'm wearing a pair of jeans today that I would not have been able to button 10 days ago! Very happy about that! Happy Friday everyone!
  9. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    One last thing about the scale....I did my first Whole 30 a year ago. I was the type that weighed religiously every morning prior to that. I weighed once at about the 1 week point, realized immediately I shouldn't have done it, and put the scale out of sight for the rest of the month. I think I'd lost maybe a pound and I was afraid it might jeopardize my commitment. Post-Whole 30, I think I weighed myself only twice THE ENTIRE YEAR. Honestly. So when I got on the scale on 1/1/14, I had no idea what it might say. As it turned out, I was surprised my weight wasn't higher but I've focused more on how my clothes fit and how I feel than anything. Getting away from the scale habit is a really big deal. I've been a whole lot happier and balanced without it. The number on the scale is just data. Society puts too much emphasis on it I believe.
  10. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Be realistic about the exercise / movement goals you set for yourself. If you expect, given your schedule and pace, to be able to "work out" every day, that may be more than any one of us could reasonably do....but that expectation sets you up for failure and guilt. If exercise is new to you anyway, any additional "thoughtful" movement will be an added bonus. Maybe working 30 minutes of movement in a week is a goal you can reach and feel successful about. Something to think about anyway.....
  11. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Happy Day 7, friends! My biggest joy today is that we have plenty of leftovers from the last several days to carry us through dinner! So no cooking for me! Yay! I also have about 2 hours to get a couple of errands done AND a long workout in after work today. AND I am sleeping like a champ at night and starting my days with way more energy than I typically have.....the magic is starting to happen. Can't wait to get into my skinnier jeans in a week or two! Only seven more weeks to go! (I'm doing a Whole 60 this time around.)
  12. You are hilarious with your Magic Bullet reference.....but on the serious side, I hope you have an amazing lunch packed today so you don't even feel tempted by the greasy, processed, dairy-topped, and gluten-laced pizza.
  13. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Or even eat a small meal in advance.
  14. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Not a bit! But be cautious as the sugar demon and other cravings can still take you off guard - even as you're getting to Day 25-26. Good job getting on the treadmill! As cold as it is today in Texas, I'll be dusting mine before I get on it after work today!