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  1. Haven't been here for a while... how's your FF life going? Mine went fine for a while and then I kinda made really bad choices and now i'm doing a Whole 21 before x-mas.
  3. Am I bigger? Why am I breaking out? I'm afraid all the time... I started reading the Food Freedom book and it is encouraging but at the same time makes me feel like I've already screwed up. I don't know.. i'm feeling kinda anxious cause of my weekend get away (pizza, birthday cake.. beer) ... or the bucket of popcorn I ate on Tuesday... They opened a dunkin' donuts right down on the building I live... I've been waiting for the opening 'cause I knew they were gonna give free coffee and donuts (that was pre-whole30) and today was the day so I guessed a donut or some donut holes will be "worthy" since i've been waiting for that "free" treat. OK so I went there, asked for my free Americano and they gave me 10 Donut holes for free!! ... I haven't eaten any of them I really want to but you now.. fright... guilt... what if that donut hole is the start of a major falling of the wagon??? What if it all started the last weekend..and i'm alreadydown spiral...
  4. Meiyonce

    Eating Too Much?

    It doesn't make a difference since the Whole30 is not a calorie based regimen, listen to your body, if you feel one day was pretty intense ( let's say one of those 2 hour or 3 hour class day ) just add a little bit more carbs like sweet potato or mashed potatoes ( which is one of my go to post workout snacks) and always protein on your post workout snacks. If you have the chance to read "It starts with food" they have a graphic there where they explain really well how much carbs etc to use on your meals according to the amount of exercise and body composition you have. I got the book for free on
  5. Meiyonce

    Eating Too Much?

    @itak035I'm a dancer too and I had the same doubts on the beginning. I also thought I was eating too much at first but guess what I los 12lbs throughout the 30 days. I always packed a big snack aside from M1,M2,M3 I ate from my "snack" between classes or on my way home or when I wanted to snack. My snack almost always is a big salad with sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs and nuts. I also love celery sticks filled with almond butter and raisins. So don't be afraid to dd avocado or nuts yo your meals, or of eating to many protein. One of my favorite breakfasts now is ground beef with apple and cinnamon ( around 100gr of met or palm sized) and I always throw an egg on top. It seems too much but it isn't , dancing is a lot of cardio and we need the energy. xoxo hope u find this helpful.
  6. So I finished my Whole30 14 days ago, I managed the Reintroduction pretty well and slow but I went on a trip this weekend. I Wanted to stay as "healthy" as possible but --- ok here's the confession time... I had Pizza, Birthday Cake, Beer, some Tequila Shots and Whiskey, I also had some popcorn and a Muffin.. so yup... I Kinda fell of the wagon I mean the muffin and the popcorn were hangover consequences, I didn't feel any changes on my body on the weekend, just kinda bloated. I came back to the city and on Monday I was completely Whole30, but yesterday I went to the movies with a friend , I decided I was going to eat a whole bucket of popcorn (why not.....) caramel and butter popcorn... I ate the whole thing..and consequences where horrible. I felt I was going to explode, I was so tired througout the rest of the day.. My face started breaking out today , I couln't even sleep or wake up early... Ugh!!! I even noticed I had some new breakouts around the legs close to the .. uhmmm butt area. I'm not sure if it was a mix of the weekend and the popcorn but definitely popcorn didnt make me feel well, I mean i'm so gassy... tired and my appetite is kinda supressed.. so yup there goes popcorn. It's gonna be a while I guess till I decide to eat some again. I recently started reading "Full Freedom Forever" let's see how that goes...
  7. Meiyonce

    Whole 30 - Completed

    I DID IT! Today was my 30th day!!! (yay) I feel so powerful.. I was kinda scared at the beginning of this road, I didn't think I would see any outstanding results but here I am 32 days later (I did 2 more days cause I kinda accidentally screwed up on the second day) very happy and definitely planning on sticking to this lifestyle. First of all I lost 10lbs... yup... that's the most weight I've ever lost in little as 30 Days, I started at 167.55 and now I am at 156.53 lbs My skin is definitely clearer, it isn't totally acne free but I do see improvement , its also glowy and I love it. My sleep is amazing I feel full of energy I'm a little bit scared by the reintroduction so I would love any advice on this. I don't miss legumes at all I think ...but I sometimes crave corn and a froyo wouldn't be such a bad Idea also a cup of wine sounds good. I've seen the reintroduction plan and it starts with legumes can I skip those? Can I jump right into gluten-free grain? I wanna keep on whole30-ing actually but I'm kinda relieved that If one day I really crave popcorn I can have some or that nothing will happen if I have a sip of beer or a cup of merlot. Im pretty sure I wanna keep eating like I learned in this 30 days but I also feel free and insecure about how to apply and use that freedom, do I explain myself? I also don't wanna gain the weight back, recently a friend asked me how much weight can someone loose on Whole30 , when do you plateau? I'm full of doubt and at the same time excitement, I feel like a baby who gave its first steps and now i'm ready to run! Overall this is and amazing amazing experiment and a lifestyle worth to keep, I think my mom is tired of listening how marvelous I think Whole30 is and how much it has changed my life, I can't wait for her to try I mean she's been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I've heard Whole30 can be really helpful I really don't like the idea of her being conditioned on taking pills her whole life as her doctor prescribed so... Thank you for this, Thanks for the experience, Thanks for all the community that helped me through this journey I'll be here , I just love being part of this and I still have tons to learn.
  8. Meiyonce

    Are this milk compliant?

    Omg yassssss!!!! *dances around like nobody's watching * ( but yeah my whole family is watching)
  9. Meiyonce

    Are this milk compliant?

    COCONUT MILK water coconut cream coconut flavor tricalcium phosphate sodium chloride gum gum vitamins A and D3 ALMOND MILK water organic almond paste tricalcium phosphate gum gum sodium chloride disodium phosphate sodium citrate blend of vitamins ( Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, Vitamin B2 , riboflavin, vitamin A- Retinol equivalents, Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, Vitamin B12, cobalamin) Potassium chloride Natural almond flavor zinc So I did the translation and Im still in doubt about the compliance of these milks cause of the coconut flavor, vitamins and phosphate? Thoughts?
  10. Meiyonce

    Are this milk compliant?

    Oh! why I didn't think about that!!
  11. Meiyonce

    Are this milk compliant?

    Hey lovely people, so I love lattes and I usually go to this coffee shop that I love and asked them what alternative choices for regular milk they have and they said "almond and coconut" so I asked them if they could show me the boxes they came in to check in for the ingredients ( they were super nice and agreed immediately) so this is what they serve: Are they compliant or nah? The ingredients are in spanish so I really don't know.. it looks compliant to me but I also I was thinking it was to good to be true that my favorite coffee shop had compliant coconut or almond milk.. so what do you guys think?
  12. Awesome!!! Wanna try dukkah right now!
  13. Is that recipe Whole30 compliant ??? i've always doubted wether sesame seeds are compliant or nut.. I mean not.
  14. Meiyonce

    Just hit my halfway point

    Lol... people can't seem to know how to mind their own business ... Even one of my closest friends was all like "I disagree on the not eating grains part If you want I can design a healthy meal plan for you if you want" ( she's not even a nutritionist, she's a photographer lol) Yesterday she told me she was becoming a vegan and tried to pull me into it.. Everyone thinks their opinion or their lifestyle is the right one for everybody and they don't realize they should respect other ones.
  15. Meiyonce

    Just hit my halfway point

    Yeah I feel that way too about the challenging part @saltyicemom sometimes I even think i'm doing something wrong because I'm enjoying this so much!