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  1. Started September 1st

    Yes...give it the 'whole 30' for results. The timeline is different for some. But it definitely improves life. If followed to the letter, it HAS to... starting with 30 days...But it...you...are worth the wait.
  2. Started September 1st

    Homemade mayo...mmmmm...yessssss... make the homemade mayo!!! The texture...the taste...the freshness... you may never buy it again. I don't...
  3. Started September 1st

    Day 4. Also started September 1. Hope you are still on point! Can be done!
  4. Starting Sept 1st

    See??? I didn't look first! Started a September 1 thread not realizing there was already one alive and thriving!!! Hope everyone is having a successful 1st day! Let's do it!!!
  5. Day One on September One

    Today was an excellent start! Brisket and roasted potatoes, hearty salad with jalapeno vinegar... really??? Yummm... Shredded sweet potato into my salmon croquettes...had two...more than enough. One down...29 to go!!!
  6. Day One on September One

    Well...here I go again. This is my 3rd time around...a coworker decided to do it after researching it, and I needed to clean up. Support is a two way street so hey... let's do it!!!
  7. June 26th Start - REINTRO

  8. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    You know...I was just thinking...if I start on the 1st, my potential yuck days will fall on a 3 day weekend. By the 5th I'd be humming along! Yup. The first it is...
  9. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Ooooooweeeee!! I had to TALK to myself to not get a candy bar out of the vending machine. Success! So...a coworker told me she's gearing up to do a whole. Thinks it would be best to wait until after the 4th so she can start and not have food holiday looming over her head. I will join her. September 5th...doing a whole... Eating cleanish up till then. Perhaps day 2 won't be a head on with a Mack truck...
  10. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Yesterday was great. Today...not so much. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Compliant until next Wednesday...and that includes through the last Friday of the month bagels pastries and donuts. Last week was crazy...woke up SD...have to slay her again. I am determined to NOT go back. Only one pound up from weigh in. By now..all and some would be back!!!(staying away from cheese probably helps) This is definitely a life's work! But I am up to the challenge!!! Let's do this!!!! (Support births accountability... DEFINITELY helps)
  11. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    So, miyl444, how are you feeling today?
  12. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Just got back from a 6 day course that provides all meals, snacks...coffee and condiments. 1st 2 days...lovely! Then a trainwreck other 4. Derailed enough for a migraine on Thursday. Yeah...I must clean back up as well...
  13. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    I have decided to be Whole on the weekdays, and if i fancy something on the weekend that won't cause me much trauma, go for it. This was decided after yesterday's disaster. Many savory treats. Split a bag of chips three ways with two people. Popcorn before that...and no...not on the stove with good oil... Fried chicken with the hubby. Mm mm mm. Other than the random nose bleed i woke up with this morning, i felt FINE! But I didn't HAVE to wake up FEELING like a train wreck to know I'd been IN one... poor body. Lots of water today... Now that I have gotten out of the way that 'officially lost my mind' moment, back to the basics. One thing...two at the most, if some off the beaten path food comes up...careful, prior contemplation before indulgence. LONG term...is it WORTH it? Can't let my guard down...I see that now. Alright Nicky05...lifetime commitment. We are worth it. Let's do this!
  14. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Rice bread. Hmmmm...hadn't thought about that...especially since it seems that I am okay with rice so far. Not doing it everyday...as I wouldn't do a sandwich everyday (anymore). Interesting...
  15. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    MMMMMMmmmmmmm...mayo... Please. Make the mayooooooooo...