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  1. I feel the same way at 56. May your will power be stronger than anything you crave.
  2. I have learned something about myself during this Whole30. One thing is that tomato based sauces, or soups with tomatoes, make me want something sweet afterwards. And two - it only takes a few negative comments from my companion for me to self soothe with non-compliant food. So with this new-found knowledge I will continue on, counting today as Day1. Meal 1 this morning was a vegetable/ground beef soup (with an added tbls of coconut oil). And just an FYI - those pre-shredded carrots NEVER get soft. Meal 2 will be the Zuppa Toscana soup, and Meal 3 will be pork chops and Butter Braised Ca
  3. Wow! Day 20! If I can make it through the weekend I think I'll be okay. There is def. more structure to the work week (I'm an essential worker). My grocery list is short so the temptations of the store will be short. I hope!!! C_J that's great on the dessert-like coffee drink. Way to go will power! This week I think I will make the Zuppa Toscana soup again, and another vegetable-heavy based soup. Going to try a stir-fry tomorrow night Another favorite of mine is
  4. Day 17. Is anyone still with me? I have really been trying this week to make sure that I am eating according to the template. I'm sure I've been eating too much protein and too little healthy fat. I've been adding a lemon tahini dressing to my veggies lately to make sure I get it. Maybe that will make a difference.
  5. Welcome to Day 15! How is everyone doing? I'm still waiting for the "continuous energy", and for my pants to feel less tight. I'm loving the NSV's that I am having - better sleep and better knees. Cravings have really started to hit. I'm hoping that is my brain throwing a tantrum because it's finally running out of sugar. That's a good thing - yes?
  6. Day 13. Have I really only completed 12 days? Almost half-way there. I've made my meal plan for the week, checked my grocery list and I'm ready to hit the grocery store. The meal plan looks a little ambitious to me, but hopefully there will be some leftovers. Some nights ya jus doe wanna cook.....
  7. WOW did I sleep hard last night! NSV - my back isn't hurting as much when I get up in the morning, and my knees aren't screaming at me anymore. Yea!!!
  8. 10 Days down! The start of Day 11. I am certainly experiencing the food boredom. Not with the food I am eating, but with the prep/cook/cleaning. I don't want to cook dinner. I don't want to think about cooking dinner. I don't want to plan what's for dinner tomorrow. Anyway...1/3 of the way through, better times are still ahead!
  9. It will eventually. Are you eating enough of a starchy carb? About a cup of sweet potatoes or the like?
  10. Well Hello to Day 9! Everyone hanging in there? I am finally falling asleep shortly after going to bed. And last night I stayed asleep all night, waking shortly before the alarm. The best NSV!!! Yesterdays meals were pretty simple. Meal 1: Aidell's Chicken & Apple Sausage link, a fist sized amount of sweet potatoes with ghee mashed in. Meal 2: Zuppa Toscana soup. Meal 3: served with steamed brussels sprouts (cuz my man no likey 'spargus) and a lemon/olive oil dressing. Today will pre
  11. It is really good and very flexible. I used what I had on hand and it came out great. I used (Pederson Farms) pre-made Spicy Breakfast Sausage for the Italian Sausage, cauliflower for the potatoes and a bag of baby spinach for the kale. All I had to do was add a little salt for my taste. I have a bunch of Pyrex 2-cup storage bowls and it filled 6 of them.
  12. I don't think I would, but that is always left up to you. A little here and a little there can lead to a big slide for some people.
  13. Got my shopping list ready. Two meals that should give me grab-and-go-meal options: and Hope everyone has a great weekend
  14. Welcome to the start of Day 6. I hope everyone is still hangin' in there. Just a few more days and we are supposed to be feeling some of the good things. I can't wait.
  15. My man can't tolerate much heat in his food either. (Too many hot pepper eating contests when he was a kid in south Texas) I like a little spice but not necessarily "make your nose run". For him I can cut the amount called for down by 1/2 or more. And it still gives a little something. Curry powder and chili powder are a blend of spices. You can google for substitutions and leave out the hot stuff. For the others, no harm in leaving them out.