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  1. pearlgirl2017

    Doctor's orders meets readiness to act

    Hello and welcome. I'm on Day 12. Not quite "rockin' along" yet but hopefully getting there soon. I've set my phone alarm to go off every 1.5 hours today. I seem to be forgetting to drink any water the last couple of days. Not good when increasing the vegetable/fiber intake. My goal is to bring my blood pressure and my blood sugar levels down, and to break the snacking habit. And I would love to have the energy level of a toddler.
  2. pearlgirl2017

    New Year, New Us!

    Hi @MōmmyofH&O I was wondering how it is going for you and your family. Have the kids seen any improvement in their skin?
  3. pearlgirl2017

    January 20th - Fresh start!

    Hello and welcome. Even after you start there will be a bit of a learning curve, but you'll soon get the hang of it. only 3 more days...
  4. pearlgirl2017

    February Starter ♥️♥️♥️

    Hello and welcome. Even after you start there will be a bit of a learning curve, but you'll soon get the hang of it.
  5. pearlgirl2017

    Doctor's orders meets readiness to act

    I mean to your meal plans. I felt extremely fatigued in the first week. That wasn't supposed to happen until around days 7-8. Looking back at my Day By Day journal and my Plan To Eat meal planning app I saw that I had not had any starchy carbs. At all. In fact it was all veggies from the same family - cabbages. Adjustments have been made in my meal planner to include a bigger variety of non-starchy veggies and a few potatoes. With a journal you can look back and see if all your meals contained a protein, fat and carb. I write in mine that ______ was my protein, _____ was my fat, and _____was my carb. You can also make notes about how you felt after that meal. Still hungry? Over-stuffed? Did it last 4-5 hours? Did it make you crave something sweet? That is what I mean by making adjustments where necessary. I'm on Day 11 today. So far so good.
  6. pearlgirl2017


    Welcome @JennDunk. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I never want to start until all the temptations are gone/eaten/used up. Somehow they never are. I'm on Day 11.
  7. pearlgirl2017

    1st timer, starting Jan 7th!

    How is everyone? It's Day 10 - the start of the hardest days. I'm still hangin' in there. My man keeps trying to push potato chips and candy canes at me (yes there are still candy canes and peppermint sticks left from the holidays). So far I am staying strong.
  8. pearlgirl2017

    Doctor's orders meets readiness to act

    Good luck to you. Keep a journal of what you are eating so that you can look back at it and make adjustments where necessary. Plan, plan, plan, and read, read, read. Is your husband going to do this with you? My man isn't, but he eats whatever I cook so that helps. I keep it simple and he doesn't even know the difference.
  9. pearlgirl2017

    Started JAN. 6 looking for Tiger blood!

    Day 10. My system is definitely trying to clean itself out this morning. On the PLUS side today, 1) my bra has gotten looser and 2) my knees don't hurt anymore when I get up off the sofa. On the MINUS side today, 1) my pants have gotten tighter and 2) my man is complaining of my bad breath even after brushing my teeth. I am drinking all of my recommended water most days (sometimes I get just a little shy of my total), and I am working harder to add 1 cup of a starchy veggie each day. Hopefully this will clear up soon.
  10. pearlgirl2017

    Hello and Start Date January 11

    Hi, I started on the 8th. Today I feel like my "muffin-top" has a new layer of frosting. I've read that is normal for this stage. Looking forward to everything settling out and "depuffing".
  11. pearlgirl2017

    Started JAN. 6 looking for Tiger blood!

    My "muffin-top" seems to have a new layer of frosting this morning. I've read that is normal for this stage. I've had to make my coffee half-strength in order to drink it black. I put the kettle on the stove to heat some water then add it to a half a cupful of coffee. I haven't cared for it with either almond milk or canned coconut milk.
  12. pearlgirl2017

    Jihanna's Journey - Whole30 in January 2019

    I am thanks. Looking back at my Day By Day journal entries I realized that I haven't had any starchy carbs. At all. So I made sure to add some butternut squash (Green Giant spiralized butternut squash in the freezer section at Wal-Mart) and some potato to my next couple of days. Need to make up another batch of for breakfast this week.
  13. pearlgirl2017

    Maybe I'll Get Through This Time

    Good Monday to you. I am "unplugged" on the weekends trying to recharge my batteries. This one is worth getting up for Some days I make This one usually gives me several days worth for breakfast. Or a couple of boiled eggs and a cup of is great too. All of this can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for easy eating. If the eggs are deviled then you already have your fat. If not, drizzle the soup with a mild flavored oil. None of your meals has to be anything elaborate. Just make sure to have all three things in it. Palm-sized amount of protein, 1-2 tablespoons fat, and all the veggies you can eat.
  14. pearlgirl2017

    Maybe I'll Get Through This Time

    You are really thinking it thru. My companion and I don't go out to eat, but we do have take-out several times a week. He is not even considering doing a Whole30. I told him not to bring me anything from Sonic (which I don't care for anyway), and if he really really needed fried fish I would get some for him only. But I also asked him to try to not really really need any 'cuz I love fried shrimp too. So we'll see how it goes. I'm 54 and run my own business. Lunch is always an at-my-desk meal. I love having complete-meal soups I can eat out of a bowl. Makes things much easier for me. Dinner can be a challenge, Whole30 or not. He likes his food plain and simple, meat and potatoes like. I prefer fish and trying new recipes. I usually make compliant meals for dinner, adding rice or beans to his meal if needed. I can't stand mayo either. It has to be mixed into something really well for me to be able to handle it. So 1-2 tablespoons mixed in a can of tuna or chicken for a quick protein is good for me, especially if I add a small amount of compliant mustard to disguise it even more.
  15. pearlgirl2017

    Maybe I'll Get Through This Time

    That sounds interesting, I hadn't thought of breaking it down weekly like that. I have tried this reset before as well and made it as far as day 21. I'm currently on day 5 and it seems like it has been forever. I think my brain is trying to trick me into thinking it's almost over so why not go ahead and indulge. I am relying heavily on the Whole30 Day By Day daily guide on this go-round. Good luck to you both.