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  1. MarieC1978


    Absolutely no worries! I am a no BS kinda person so my skin is super thick. I wasn't implying you thought I was stupid..., and I ain't mad at ya! Sometimes written word can be heavily misconstrued, so I take everything with a grain of salt...buh dum tsss! I have Epsom salt, so a bath is in order tonight...I can even tell the Fam to leave me alone as I have been advised it is good for my health from those in the know!
  2. MarieC1978


    Thanks! Crisis averted as I went poo today! I will definitely get some of the Natural Calm (unflavored) magnesium. Question, is there a specific brand or is Natural Calm the brand name? For instance, I googled and I see a Natural Vitality Natural Calm. Same thing?
  3. MarieC1978


    Okay, so maybe I wasn't clear...the doctor didn't tell me to take Miralax daily, but rather I could take it daily when constipated until I found relief. I'm not stupid in the fact I have dealt with gastroparesis for 20 years and I know how bound my body can get. Miralax, I believe, would be off plan, so I have been hesitant to use it if there is something compliant I could do instead. I know doctors orders trump W30 ALWAYS, but I was looking to see if there were more natural ways to find relief other than Miralax. I used to take Reglan many years ago when I was first diagnosed but it left me feeling sick. My doctorS and nutritionistS have told me I could control my gastroparesis through dieting. I have had conflicting recommendations throughout the years, but my most recent nutritionist actually recommended Whole30 as a way to find what foods I am most sensitive to. So far (Day 17) I haven't thrown up once (as opposed to 6-10 times a week), so I am very determined to do this right. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Just looking for some advice from people with similar issues while doing W30.
  4. MarieC1978


    I know this post started years ago, but I'm new to W30 and wanting to find out how it went for you all. I have had gastroparesis for many years and it has only gotten worse! I have seen gastroenterologists and nutritionists and they have all suggested very drastic changes in my diet. I am to consume a low fat and low fiber diet. Supplementing my fiber intake and staying regular with Miralax. I haven't been using the Miralax as I don't see where it could be compliant. I am also supposed to only "eat" one meal a day while consuming liquids as my other meals. I was vomiting 6-10 times a week after eating. I was also waking up in the mornings and vomiting food from dinner the night before at 6pm. I said...a pretty severe case of gastroparesis. I am on day 17 as of tomorrow and I am not regular at all! No pain and not much bloating but I know how bad it can get. I have no other issues (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, etc). I am eating LOTS of vegetables for fiber, but still nothing for three days! What should I do? I WILL finish my 30 days completely compliant! Any suggestions or personal experiences you could all share that might help?