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  1. Soda is the Devil!

    Yup. Agree completely! We had a "Come to Jesus" moment about dieting and whose responsibility it was for what we put in our own mouths. I pretty much told him I can't handle the whining. If he wants a soda, go get a dang soda. He apologized thoroughly with a back rub and everything. He said he didn't realize what his whining was doing or how it made me feel (responsible, guilty, etc). We have an agreement in our house that I handle all shopping, cooking, and cleaning unless I ask for help. He works more than 70+ hours each week. This has always worked for us and if I say I want a day off, HE does the dishes, laundry, homework, etc. Because I handle everything, he has forgotten a few things about how whining or complaining about what the other does is annoying and even hurtful. It would be like me constantly complaining that we don't have enough money or whatever when he works so hard for us. He didn't necessarily want to do this diet, but he wholeheartedly wants to support me. more whining about anything. Period. He was sincerely shamed and has decided to make his own drink concoctions without my involvement. But he did say he doesn't really want the soda now that he has gone 11 days without it.
  2. August 7th Start Date

    Feeling blah today with little to no appetite. Not sure if it's W30 related or gastroparesis related. I'm used to eating 1 to 2 meals a day at most. Been waking up in the mornings feeling nauseous one day and good the next then nauseous then good. Vicious cycle that. Not sure if I should try to eat dinner earlier (6:00 to 6:30 is dinner time now) or if I should eat smaller portions since I'm trying my best to stick to 3 meals a day? I think I may need to contact my gastroenterologist on this and maybe my nutritionist? Maybe my portions for my meals need to be smaller than the template? I'm already not able to finish my meals because I'm am so full I feel just shy of sick but I know I'm not eating enough according to the template? Hmmmmm...
  3. August 7th Start Date

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't cry very often unless I am well and truly MAD! However, I have found myself a little misty eyed in a few situations since I started my W30, so yes, it is normal. I turn 40 in May and I have always said age is simply a number, a birthday is just another day, yada yada. Even I have to admit though, that 40 is a milestone, so if you would like to lean over and pretend it is my shoulder you are crying on for the sake of mourning the unconsumed birthday cake, I am here for you. You make us all proud for doing what is right for you and committing to something that will allow you to have several more birthday cakes in your future (consumed or unconsumed).
  4. Soda is the Devil!

    Ohhhh...good one. He likes ginger ale so I'm gonna try this! much ginger? I would just try it as I go, but I don't like ginger (hahaha).
  5. August 7th Start Date

    So, I just got back from vacation the day before my start date. Went to see family in SC and let me tell you...the old Southern Cooking thing is TRUE! Everything has tons of W30 no-no foods and every meal ends with a cake, cobbler, or other dessert. I called my mom before leaving and told her I wanted to stay as compliant with the home cooked meals as possible. She didn't criticize or ask "huh" or make it awkward. Instead, she went grocery shopping and got La Croix waters instead of soda for me. She bought ghee for the first time in her life. She made sure she had olive oil and avocado oil instead of the other stuff she usually uses cause it's cheaper. She had pistachios and almonds and fruit and tuna and even some smoked salmon. All kinds of foods for at the house. Instead of her taking the lead on cooking, she let me lead and actually watched and learned. My brother even made sure to make a huge W30 salad for me when we went to eat at his house with Primal Kitchen dressing because the only thing he can cook is a mean spaghetti. My brother even baked apples with just cinnamon on them for my "dessert" while they ate those same apples with ice cream of course. They went out of their way with the home cooked meals even though that isn't their style. Eating out on vacation was a different story! Here's the thing with family. If you are close, they will not judge and you can be completely honest with them. I am a firm believer in communicating the emotional reasons behind W30 because that will garner more support than "I just want to lose weight." Its more than just weight loss and they should know that. You and your cousin (since she is a wonderful cook) can come up with additions or subtractions to each meal to make sure it there is something compliant for you and tastes good. Give her this challenge as she may surprise you. Either way, be honest with them about how important this is for you and you will be happy you did regardless of the outcome. The point is, family can be a pain in the bum, but they are family and want what is best for you. Don't make a huge deal out of it, but call ahead of time and talk to them. Let them know this is important to you and see if they can help. By calling them in advance, they have a little warning and can do some research. Springing it on them by not eating may "offend" them or make them feel uncomfortable at the table. If your cousin says "what the heck am I supposed to make?!!!" Send her some recipes you have been wanting to try that are W30 and see if she can "help" you make them good. Make her/them feel like they are doing you a solid by helping make this happen for you. For the foods that can't be made W30 compliant, just say no. It's hard to say no, but you can and you will feel powerful for having done so. You are in control of what you put in your mouth so show them how it's done. And after your cousin (the great cook) tweaks her awesome recipes to fit W30, share those recipes with the rest of us!
  6. Today was Day 10 for me and my husband is being very supportive by eating a "modified" version of W30. He has cut out a lot of his bad habits and eats whatever meals I make. He isn't having his nightly glass of wine and he says he can really feel the difference in how he feels. However, if I hear him whine about NEEDING a diet soda one more time I might smack him. I have La Croix waters and he says they are disgusting. I have tried adding fruit to his waters to strengthen the flavor. I bought him some kombucha to see if that would help give him a healthier fix. Nothing is silencing the whine! Any other soda "replacement" suggestions? He says my "replacements" for him don't have enough flavor or they taste "off" (kombucha). He doesn't even drink regular water without Mio or some other flavor added. I actually really like the La Croix waters and have zero cravings for Devil Soda, so I don't know how to help him get over it. Not sure if I should just buy him some or continue not buying it. I figure if he REALLY wanted it, he would just go buy it himself. Seems like he is just whining to whine.
  7. August 7th Start Date

    @Kdog777 Let me know how US Wellness is. I am shopping there for my next grocery shopping "trip" because my husband NEEDS his bacon and cold cuts and stuff. Gonna have a lot of work to do since school is starting back. Without the kids in the house and running them all over like I did all Summer, I am little concerned with over obsessing about food during the day since I work from home. It has become really important to not have non-compliant food in the house. On a side note...went for my first run while doing W30. I took some time off because I didn't want to overtax the mind and body in the beginning. Gotta say it was the WORST run EVER. Had zero energy and had to stop and walk SEVERAL times. Got about .25 miles from my car and almost had to stop. Only reason I didn't is because A.) I was alone on a trail and B.) I had to get back home to clean up for meet the teacher at my son's school. Ugh! Gonna try again tomorrow with some different fuel? Not sure.
  8. August 7th Start Date

    So, I woke up today feeling pretty good. Have you ever laid on your back in bed as you are coming out of slumber and just relax into your day? I did that today for the first time. I didn't rush to get up. I didn't freak when my husband was cooking eggs and the smell permeated the house. I didn't rush to get the dishwasher empty, let the dogs out, get the kids up, feed the family, fold a load of laundry, nothing. I didn't rush. As I laid there, I put my hands on my stomach because I didn't feel nauseous, and I "felt" thinner. You would think this is a GREAT thing; however, I wanted to crawl out of my skin to get to a scale to weigh myself. POOF! Magic morning gone in an instant! Had my daughter hide the scale at the start and now I can't think of anything but that darn scale! I am a slave to the little numbers displayed on that thing! Curiosity kills the cat, but this anxiety about a freaking scale and the magic numbers it might show me are going to kill me! Just kidding. I won't die, but I get it now why they say to hide that thing. I was in a great place when I woke up. Got into a bad place when I realized I couldn't "Measure" my success. Imagine if I looked at the scale and it showed no changes how far down my mood could have gone?! I am convincing myself that it doesn't matter and that the way I felt when I woke up is a win NO MATTER WHAT! (Easier said than done)
  9. August 7th Start Date

    It really isn't a big deal and if someone says "come on, have a piece!" Just say "no thanks" and ask if they are ready for school to start. Even if they don't have kids, the traffic in the mornings will pick up so ask if they have to deal with a huge morning commute difference during the school year. Change the subject! Works every time for me. By the way, people leave the cake on the table all the time a nobody notices when they do it. You will because it is in the forefront of your mind now. My son (teenager) NEVER eats cake or cupcakes at birthday parties and whatnot. He doesn't really like cake. Nobody really ever notices even at a birthday party or celebration with kids.
  10. August 7th Start Date

    I only shop once a week for this reason! It really does help. I go to the store with a full belly and a LIST! Don't forget the list. Don't look for things on sale that aren't on the list. Don't deviate from the list!
  11. August 7th Start Date

    @amandamay83 I am an emotional eater, so I am that person who grabs a candy bar or bag of chips every time she is bored, sad, stressed, anxious, mad, frustrated, happy, etc. cause you get the picture. I am also a mom, so if I just don't buy anything off-plan, I feel guilty that the rest of my family has to go without "insert food" for 30 days because I can't have it? I also do not like to be told "no." I am a rebel without a cause - no really... there is no cause. You tell me no...and I'm doing it. How to get through? Well, first let me say these are suggestions: 1.) I have my 30 day calendar written on my bedroom mirror. I see it first think when I wake up and right when I go to bed. It's a wonderful reminder, but it also serves as a little victory every day I get to mark off. I just used dry erase markers. 2.) I do not buy any trigger foods. Period! If it is something that is my favorite or something I am weak with normally, and it is say my daughters favorite? Sorry Chica, but you can only have those in hiding and you have to buy them yourself. I had an emotional talk with my kids and family about W30 and why I am doing it. Just expecting them to understand is not going to garner a lot of support. They need to see the emotion behind why you are doing it. I work from home too, so there isn't anyone besides family to say "no" or "do you REALLY want to start over again?" There is no other Beings around to be accountable to so USE them! 3.) This is the hardest part of all! Will power! I have none. I count each day as a "Hell yeah I made it!" ( Excuse the language) I also give myself a little pat on the back! One day and I am doing a cartwheel because I have earned it. So, if you make it one day, for you and me, that IS a success! Now we shoot for two days! I look at my calendar on my mirror and I tell myself it is only 30 days to completion. I have my 30 days marked on every calendar. (September 5th) I already know introduction foods/meals. I have everything planned out because I have to see the big picture in order to say "no" to whatever it is that is tempting me today. Having said all this, none of this may work for you. This is trial and error, I think, at its finest. There is nothing that says you can't try and have to restart over and over again until you get it right. The key is to pick yourself up and try, try again. I had to! @SnappySue had to! I believe I read that @Brensuma had to! You are not alone, so don't go anywhere! We have all been there done that in the oops or flat out mistakes department! Think about it this way...your day one just happens to be different than ours, but you still get the opportunity to HAVE a day one. Cut yourself some slack and jump in with both feet for this second go at it!
  12. August 7th Start Date

    Okay...true story...I am on my phone CONSTANTLY when I am shopping. No...not talking or texting, but looking up things on this forum! It takes me forever, but I am training my kids while we are there. As you all know, my husband is supporting me by eating W30 meals. He comes to me yesterday and says "Babe, I love you, but I just want a salami, turkey, and ham sandwich. I will wrap that sucker in lettuce and I won't even ask for Swiss cheese." I went to the store hoping to find lunchmeat for him without sugar or non-compliant ingredients. My teenage son was with me because he wanted to drive (permit driver God help me). He was looking at the ingredients with me and kept putting them back saying "Why the heck is there sugar (dextrose - he now knows is the devil) in my meat?" Did we find anything compliant? NOPE! All of them had sugar or soy or some crap in it. Had to call him to ask if he wanted to cheat until I could order some online. "Order meat online? Are you off your rocker woman?!". He had me laughing so hard in the store I had to put him on speakerphone. Everyone in the deli aisle was laughing at our conversation. I ended up buying him small packs of lunchmeat that looked to be the healthiest and he agreed to eat "that stuff" from online. Shopping is the hardest part of W30 to me. Seems the food industry could use an education on what we need and don't need in our food.
  13. August 7th Start Date

    I started this group and had to be honest with myself about my oops moment. It happens and we just have to move forward. We are human. Having said this...don't you dare leave. Our W30 family would not be complete without you!
  14. August 7th Start Date

    OMG...THANK YOU @SugarcubeOD! What you said makes perfect sense. I was going to re-read the section in W30 again to make sure I understood the "Ground Rules," but you explained it perfectly! Because I am borderline obsessed with my coffee (Venti Quad Nonfat White Mocha GOOP), I will use my Nutpods in a responsible non-SWYPO way. If I notice I am drinking more Nutpod than coffee, I know I have a problem!
  15. August 7th Start Date

    Exactly! I have been drinking my coffee black 7 days now. I don't hate it but I don't like it. I have realized I have been eating A LOT of compliant foods for years and my diet hasn't changed too much. I have mainly taken out the snacking. The foods I was eating before that I'm not eating now are breads, pastas, sugar (substitutes included) and cheese. My coffee is my only REAL struggle and my guilt over having creamer in it? Not sure if this is one of those changes I should be working on as far as my relationship to food or if it's no big deal.