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  1. @Milissa have the same mucous thing happen to me but every night before I try to fall asleep. for me I'm pretty sure that dairy causes it because when I totally cut out dairy it disappears! but it took me a long time to figure that out. So interesting how food can cause these weird symptoms!
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    Life Changes begin tomorrow

    Hi Alyson, I have also struggled with my relationship with food for many years, and like you I tend to always fall back to my old habits after some time. It can be very discouraging when I feel like I am making progress but then I can't make anything stick long term. I do want to lose weight but more importantly I want to be free from obsessing about food, and I also want to have more energy and feel better on a daily basis. I did a whole30 back in August and I was in such a good place at the end but I blew it right away. So my focus this time is to not only get through the 30 days but take reintroduction slow afterwards and see how introducing small indulgences back in makes me feel. I am a full time student and I work part time. My boyfriend is very supportive and will tend to eat whatever I cook and not keep much junk around. So you do have a few more challenges then me! I know this is going to be hard, but I just take it one day at a time. I'm here for support if ever you need it, I've been eating paleo for a couple of years so I have a lot of recipes. I am also very passionate about nutrition and am constantly learning about it (and I love to talk about it). - Alisha
  3. Hey, I'm also going to start on March 1st. I did one back in August and I felt really great, but I ended it on my birthday and that proved to not be smart. I ruined my whole re-intro phase and went way off track and within a week was back to my old habits. So I'm excited to do the 30 days but to also take my sweet time in the re-intro phase and make some habits stick more long term.
  4. Hey, I also plant to start on march 1st! This will be my second whole30, I did one back in august with great results, but I've slipped back into my same old habits and I'm ready to do another whole30 and get my mindset in a better place than it has been this past couple months!
  5. Hi @jessie206, I feel your struggle. I also fell off the wagon hard this last week, and it feels impossible to get it back together. I also struggle with either following strict rules or eating whatever the heck I want. I really want to try and find a middle ground and let go of this dieting mindset but it's soooo hard! The biggest thing I've been focusing on when I am eating off track foods, is to not eat them so quickly that I don't taste or enjoy them. If I'm going to be eating these more indulgent foods I don't usually eat, I might as well eat slowly and actually taste them! I am also really trying not to feel guilty or shameful afterwards. I want to let go of this bingeing mindset and try to teach myself that is doesn't have to be all or nothing.
  6. I totally agree with this, at the end of the day the size of the plate or portion of food is only a small part. Because realistically it depends on your mindset. I even read somewhere to plan to leave a couple bites on your plate, even if it means taking extra at first. And eventually building up control to leave a little food left on your plate. The point is to really work up to being mindful, but as we all know this is a process! And thanks for the advice @Dragonslayer, I think what you said about setting one small goal a day is perfect for right now because it's all I can really do. And like you said building myself up with small confidence boots is better than feeling crappy about not doing everything right. I had a decent day today, started it off good at least, I had the BST breakfast salad from the whole30 cookbook (one of my breakfast staples, its delish).
  7. Hey guys, I haven't chimmed in for awhile but I've still been reading all the posts. I made it 5 days into my attempted "whole100" as we called it, and then I fell hard. I am in university full time and it's just that time of the semester when there are not enough hours in the day and stress is making my hair fall out. So I kinda decided ok I'm going to ease up a little bit and restart a strict whole30 later, but unfortunately for me there is no such thing as eating only moderately healthy. Basically I've been mini bingeing every day. I don't know if this sounds strange but basically I'm feeling very out of control. @Dragonslayer you mentioned you feeling terrible the next day after you binged on your weekly shopping trip, and that's been me every day for 4 days now! I've fallen back to habits I though I was long past, like secret eating in my car. The worst part is I still have two weeks of this crazy stress before I get a bit of a break. I feel so disappointed in myself. I hate that I still have these problems. I hate that I've obsessed over food for most of my life. I know I have made a lot of progress in the last year or so, but falling hard like this makes it feel like nothing.
  8. Just wanted to check in, I've had a really great first few days. I know it won't last so I'm enjoying it while it does! I had recently went back to food tracking and counting calories/macros so it feels really freeing to not be doing that. I just have to work on listening to my body now, and I've been trying to keep notes (aka journal) daily. I also starting hitting the gym more consistently the last couple of weeks so that may be part of why I'm feeling good.
  9. @Dragonslayer I was thinking the same, I will reevaluate every 30 days. So my rules. I'm basically following the regular template - no dairy (except butter and ghee), no grains, no sugar, no alcohol, no counting calories, no healthier paleo versions of off limits foods - but with these modifications 1) I'm not going to be strict about small amounts of off plan foods (grains, sugar etc.) that may be in foods when I eat at a restaurant. 2) I'm not going to worry about canola oil. I cook at home 90% of the time anyways, but If I do go out I'm not worried about it being in salad dressing, or even having something deep fried, as long as its not breaded or anything. 3) I'm not going to have potatoes, or sweet potatoes. They are hard for me to stop eating. Consequently, I will likely be eating fairly low carb which is also part of my goal for this. From past experience, I have realized my mood and energy are most stable, and my cravings are lowest when I don't eat high carb foods (especially in the morning). After the first 30 days I will try adding some carbs back in with dinner. There are few things I will likely change after 30 days if I'm in a good place, and like you are talking about @5280sarah just really paying attention to if it's worth it. But for now this is the plan.
  10. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that @Dragonslayer, there's no point beating yourself up about it! It has happened to me a lot the past few weeks (albeit I wasn't 8 days into a whole30 ), where I wake up feeling so crappy about my choices the night before. But rather than beat myself up about it, I journal. I try and look at it objectively. I take out the emotion and analyze where I went wrong, and what I could have done instead. And then I let it go. I'm just saying this because if your anything like me the next day would be all about restriction and guilt. AND I am also dealing with this today. I had planned to cook dinner after I got off work but instead I kept thinking to myself that I should have a blow out since "I'm starting tomorrow". This is also unlike me. I've been pretty good about not having this mentality because I know I'm not on a diet, I'm on a path to how I plan to eat forever. But last night it got to me. So I ate a pizza. Then a couple hours later, my boyfriend brought home take out, and I ate some of that too. @SugarcubeOD I really like your Idea of calling it what it is. Food freedom, I had been thinking about this myself when I was hesitant to commit to a 'whole100' but I realized, really I'm jumping to the way I want to eat in the long term, I just wanted the mindset of a whole30 going into it, and I know I need to stick with it for longer than 30 days. I also think it is a good idea to have our rules laid out, so I will get to work on that and I will post them later.
  11. Well I'm feeling a little hesitant but I'm going to say yes and join in. I will do tomorrow as my day 1. I think I'm a little overwhelmed by the thought of a hundred days, but I just want to get started and I will take it one day at a time. I guess the biggest thing making me hesitate is Christmas, but hey If i make it that long I will deal with it when I get there. I know I need to commit and say this here so that I actually do it!! I know this is what I want, I'm sick of having the same problem for the last ten+ years. I've made progress but I'm ready to work harder at it, and I think 100 days outta do it!
  12. @Dragonslayer it's so true that it's hard to find people who understand what it's like to have a dysfunctional relationship with food. I said to a friend the other day I was feeling "out of control" with my food choices and she looked at me like I was an alien! I realized she had probably never felt that way about food in her life, meanwhile I've struggled with it ever since I can remember. Also that's awesome you've been making small goals, that is such a good strategy. I often tell myself it's about progress not perfection. I also kind of came to a realization reading your post and how you plan to do 100 days of whole30, that maybe something like that is what I need to do. Maybe I wasn't ready the last time I came off of my whole30 and that's why I went back to bad habits. So maybe a period of total abstaining could lead to a more balanced future, If I stick to it long enough. Maybe I should do a whole100 with you hehe (nervous giggle). I would have to modify though as there are certain aspects of the whole30 that I can do without. Anyways hope everyone has a great weekend!
  13. Hey there, I wanted to chime in because you guys are speaking my language. Like you guys are talking about, when I went off my whole30 it went bad fast. I was able to recover after a couple weeks but it's been on and off since then ( I finished mine at the end of august). I want to get back to that almost magical feeling near the end of my whole30 when it was no problem to say no to foods that previously had a hold over me. It was so nice to not have to deal with the mental struggle, and all the excuses I tend to tell myself. But, I'm also not really wanting to do another whole30 because I feel that the restriction might lead to the same thing happening again. I want to find a way I can eat for the rest of my life without being on or off "the wagon". So how do we find middle ground between binge eating and thinking "oh well I'll start tomorrow", to total abstinence? This is the question I've been struggling with and trying to figure out for myself. One of the hardest things for me was giving up dairy, and I have actually stuck to that. I think the biggest reason I'd be tempted to do another whole30 was the support of our little group on the forum @SarahSun, it really helped keep me on track. One thing I heard on a podcast is to focus on the solution not the problem. - I find it helps me stop the internal debate when I'm feeling tempted, rather than arguing with myself I know the solution, I know it's what I want. I focus on how to do it, get past the problem or distract myself from it. I hope you guys don't mind me joining in, I just know how helpful joining in on these forums can be.