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  1. T2Andrew

    Reactions w/reintroduction

    I had some itching issues during my W30 that I was able to identify by eliminating suspect (W30 compliant) sources and the symptoms took several days to subside. I've been doing a slow roll re-intro over the past 8+ weeks because I feel that a single day of re-intro eating followed by two days of observation isn't enough time for (my) system to exhibit symptoms to problem foods. For me, it has taken several days to a week or more of accumulation before definitive reactions are realized. I feel there is a fault in the W30 re-intro template, as just one day of eating would yield noticeable symptoms to only those with significant sensitivities to a certain food, before moving on to the next. That short of a span could cause some to miss the opportunity to identify the potential issue that they are doing the program for in the first place. Take your time with reintroduction. Don't let the program think you can do it quicker than you need to.
  2. T2Andrew

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Or, what I use... "I can have xyz anytime I want - just not today!"
  3. T2Andrew

    Start Date: December 1st

    How long have you been taking probiotics, and what dosage? The symptoms you list are common side effects of taking probiotics.
  4. T2Andrew

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    I can't even get to the log in page. Cant even get to their webpage thru a search - I'm blocked as the site is considered a security risk. WUWT??!
  5. T2Andrew

    Reintroduction starting with Sugar?

    Think of all the efforts you make during W30 as something your future self will thank you for!
  6. T2Andrew

    Acid Reflux developed on Whole30

    I'm a long time sufferer of GERD / acid reflux and occasional food choking / hard swallowing. Been on Prevacid for many years, and different meds for the choking. While the choking has been under control without meds for some time now, I have not had any reflux issues while doing W30, (day 32) and stopped taking meds for it on day 2. I've long suspected that mine was from something associated with wheat and/or sugars. None of my doctors on this had ever asked what I was eating nor suggested an elimination trial to figure it out! Sorry to hear that some are dealing this while on W30.
  7. T2Andrew

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    What about the one where you are jumping over the Grand Canyon in a VW Beetle with a rhubarb dressed as Darth Vader?!!
  8. T2Andrew

    reheating sweet potatoes

    I bake / roast my sweet potatoes and reheat them on the stove. I've never experienced the black part.
  9. T2Andrew

    Favorite crunchy foods

    I too miss crunchy stuff, but I don't crave it. You can oven roast thinly sliced veggies, potato skins, bussels sprouts leaves, kale, etc, as compliant crunchy things!
  10. T2Andrew

    Sept 18 start date reintro

    @kirbz -Remember that W30 is intended to be a temporary process that help you to identify how certain foods affect your system, not as a lifetime way of eating. How you carry forward with regards to what foods you want or don't want is up to you. If your food freedom plan is different from what you had for 30 days, GREAT! The benefits that a lot of people experience such as weight loss, taming the sugar dragon, and increased energy gives one the knowledge to move forward and make informed food choices for themselves.
  11. T2Andrew

    Complete and utter food boredom

    I hear ya on that! I'm on day 9. Yesterday I had a bigger breakfast than before and about four hours later I got nausea and dry heaved for a minute. Was fine after that but ended up going about nine hours between breakfast and dinner with nothing in between. My W30 breakfasts are the big meal of the day and I might be taking in more than I should so that I don't need to snack later. I find myself thinking about crunchy stuff like cereal so I browned some potato chunks in the skillet to satisfy that. I wonder about getting egged-out too! The gains I've made so far are worth it tho - more energy, no more achy joints, and my hand arthritis is gone!
  12. T2Andrew

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    I've enjoyed reading this thred, it resonates with me. I've never considered myself having a binge eating disorder, but my pre W30 relationship with food was similar. Eating healthy at home, I would find myself going out of my way on the road to have a 2nd breakfast or 2nd lunch or 1st dinner. I could always 'justify' the action / expense. Even when the food didn't really taste that great or I knew it would make me feel like crap later. Looking ahead towards reintroduction, I woder why bother at all? I understand the value of identifying the foods that adversly affect ones system, but why spoil a good thing? If W30 is a good experience overall, instead of reward / binge, just extend the experience to W50...W100...W365,as some have suggested here. I don't understand the minset of a badfood reward after reaching a goodfood goal that many people seem to report. Or maybe it's semantics, because I have justified my bad food decisions.
  13. T2Andrew

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    I'm on day 6: no more GERD/acid reflux & more energy throughout the day.
  14. T2Andrew

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    It funny in a sad way that so many people think of 'eating healthy' as a bad thing!