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  1. 1. my lips are insanely chapped... any idea what this could be? I feel like it's creeping onto my face... 2. Hunger Test, I hate fish (except shrimp) and the "Hunger Test" says do you want fish and veggies - fish and veggies make me want to vom/ I never want them - should I be saying do I want chicken and veggies instead i.e. I assume this is the same test? I might consider eating fish right now I feel so hungry... 3. My stomach is growling between meals -- like hardcore -- I am having a hard time telling if it's because I did some serious cardio this morning or if the EFFING sugar dragon has gotten the best of my hormones and I need to starve the dude / forego the snack for a few days to see if it goes away...?! any direction would be amazing.