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  1. Hoping for some insight! I'm on day 18 and I am so so tired! I also have a horrible daily headache which could not be related to the whole 30 at all. I'm experiencing back and neck pain which could totally be giving me the headaches. I wasn't sure if this was normal. I thought I would be experiencing the "tiger blood" by now . On days 4-7 I felt amazing! Then I hit a low energy week. I also started to look very different the last two weeks. I felt an improvement each day. My stomach was less bloated looking and I could tell I was dropping weight. Now I feel I'm kinda at a standstill if not a little worse looking than the weeks before. My workouts two weeks ago I felt awesome! The last two weeks I'm barely getting through them. My tiredness usually kicks in around 2-3pm and never returns ha ha. Im afraid maybe I'm eating something that could be effecting the program or maybe I'm not doing something right. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I plan on finishing the 30 days. We leave for vaca on day 29 so I will reintroduce alcohol that week. However when we return I do plan on starting up another 30 days and doing a proper reintroduction.
  2. Fruit?

    Do you need to incorporate a fruit with each meal? How much fruit is too much fruit?
  3. Pre/Post Workout Snack Ideas

    Hello, im on day 6 and I'm really struggling with pre and post workout options. I typically workout at the end of the day. I'm in sales so I'm on the road all day and keep my food in a cooler in the car. This week I made deviled eggs to have pre workout. I am struggling to find a good post workout option. I tried going straight home and eating dinner which consisted of sweet potato, grilled chicken and broccoli. I found that it was taking me longer than 30 mins to actually eat it and I ended up snacking on a lot of cherries in the process. I need some better pre and post workout ideas that are realistic to have in the car with me all day. Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Newbie!!!

    Hey Everyone! Im Brie, just started the Whole30 6 days ago and doing well so far. Had my first dinner out with a friend and it wasn't horrible! I would have loved a cocktail, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. The chef was super accommodating with my dietary restrictions too! Overall my first dining out experience was a success. Im doing this alone and need some extra support so I can stay on track. I'm finding it difficult to meal prep. It's taking me hours to find recipes, plan my days, find the correct items at the store, and make everything. I also keep feeling like maybe somehow an off limit ingredient is being sneaked in. I've been googling everything. Also, how much fruit should you be consuming per day? If you have too much fruit does that mess up the diet?