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    What? No Dairy?

    Dairy was the easiest for me to give up because I already knew that it gives me consequences every time I eat it. Part of Whole30 is conquering food addiction - sometimes it's not just the *what* of the things you eat, but also the *how* of the things you eat. It might be really good for you to take a break from yogurt - in any and every form - just to get away from it having too much control over you and to experiment with new flavors and textures. One thing that surprised me was that most breakfast foods - cereal, doughnuts, pancakes, etc. really have little nutritional reward - they often made me hungry within a couple of hours of eating. They couldn't power me through my morning, and I doubt they'd do much good for getting me through a workout.
  2. Host

    Doing My Homework

    Before Whole30, I was plateaued at roughly 130 pounds - it changed by the day and it could go up or down a pound or two. I ate a bit more of the less nutritious foods than was good for me. I would always choose candy over fruit and had an unstoppable sweet tooth. I didn't really cook all that much. I was also pretty much a light eater, figuring that if I didn't eat too much then I wouldn't have as much to loose, though on occasion I'd go back for seconds if I was eating something really delicious. So the moment of truth has dawned - it's day 31 and I stepped on the scale ... 122 pounds. Wow - I ate generous meals for a month and lost eight pounds. While I did this to tame my sugar dragon, getting down from that plateau is just icing on my cake almond butter on my apples. Technically, I didn't set aside any time to do any workouts - but my job is an active one that keeps me walking a couple miles just about every day with little downtime to recover - so that likely accounts for at least some of it. I kind of started out hoping for the best, but now I'm a believer.
  3. Host

    Whole 30 Newbie

    I was big on caffeine - but when I went into withdrawal, it gave me a 72 hour migraine. Since then, every headache I have had in comparison is nothing.
  4. Host

    Doing My Homework

    Day 29. This journey into uncharted territory has yielded a wealth of treasure. A newfound knowledge of nutrition, a cache of delicious recipes, and a fair amount of self-confidence. (Though I'm pretty dubious about knives, as a left-handed individual, they seem to always invite trouble.) We've even decided to build on the momentum of this healthy eating and basically stick to eating more fruits and veggies more often. I guess the trick of it is finding a way to make clean and healthy eating more convenient than the convenience foods I used to rely on. Tomorrow will be the last day ... and then - who knows?
  5. Host

    September Whole 30

    Leave yourself encouraging sticky notes all over the place. Be an experimental chef and keep on trying to surprise yourself with new flavors and textures. Realize that you've done it before and you can do it again - and do even better because you've been prepared by your experiences the first time around.
  6. Host

    First Whole30! Hi from Spain

    Hola! Bienvenida! I once had a Spanish Tortilla and it changed my world. So delicious.
  7. Host

    Newbie struggling with first week You can do a Vegan/Vegetarian Whole30 - whichever works best for you. You might find some ideas from here:
  8. Host

    Starting Sept. 11

    Good luck! You can totally do this.
  9. Host

    Started today, August 28, 2017

    Stay hydrated. Rest.
  10. Host

    My pants got tighter...and my "buddy" bailed

    The first few days are pretty tough, but you can totally do this.
  11. Host

    Early September W30 start

    That's kind of how it started for me - I overdid it on unhealthy food and started then and there to clean up my act and sort of jumped into it without being as prepared as I might have liked. But I figured 'now or never.'
  12. Host

    Doing My Homework

    Week three is now over. I'm now something of an adventurous eater - looking for big flavor in unexpected ways. Ages ago, I had an opportunity to try spicy watermelon - with chili powder, salt, and lime juice as the spicy mixture. I chickened out. But this time - I found a decent recipe for it on the internet and gave it a try. Much to my delight, it wasn't spicy at all - but really really yummy. I also tackled my favorite restaurant dish - chicken fajita - and made myself some from scratch. Why didn't I learn to do this earlier? Oh, and I learned that fish doesn't have to be fried in cornmeal or flour to be delicious - it's tasty with with a layer of herbs and spices. I'm feeling pretty good - I was already known for having high energy levels and they haven't gotten any higher. I really like making big meals and eating on the left-overs two, three days in a row. The spices really work their magic after spending all night in the fridge - it makes things even better the day after.
  13. Try to make it easier on yourself as much as you can, prepare lots of food all at once and eat your leftovers for days. I get how willpower can be a struggle - I work in a candy shop / bakery / junk food store and temptation is right in my face in every which direction I turn. I just decided to stick with one thing: " Everything I eat will be the product of a conscious, deliberate decision." I take willpower out of the equation by deciding not to eat unhealthy foods and meaning it.
  14. Host

    August 21 start date

    Awesome! I think the first few days are daunting because it's just so different ... but once you fall into a routine, it gets easier.
  15. Host

    Doing My Homework

    Two weeks in and the dreams have begun. I woke up feeling pretty guilty about eating some junk food ... then I realized I'd been unconscious for the past several hours and couldn't have eaten a thing. I'm getting a little more confident in the cooking department - and my meals are simple but they're coming together. On tonight's menu: Chocolate Chili! I've noticed that I've had to tighten my belt a notch lately, so it's definitely working some Whole30 magic - yay for healthy foods! At this point, I'm also thinking about the reintroduction phase, I already knew that I was lactose intolerant, and none of the other food groups ever gave me too many problems. This is about conquering my sweet tooth. But I want to come out of it armed with more knowledge about nutrition. I looked up the Food Pyramid and My Plate recommendations and now wonder just what healthy eating would look like with all food groups on the table. How can I enjoy sweets responsibly? I guess there's no right one-size-fits all answer, each of us have different nutritional needs - athletes have to eat in ways that fuel them for everything they're going to put their bodies through, non-athletes need to eat in entirely different ways. I guess it just takes trial-and-error to figure out just what one should eat.