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  1. shillis

    Disguise the Veggies

    When I brown ground beef or turkey, I try to dice up eggplant, onion and pepper into it to "hide" the eggplant. I am sure this would work with other veggies too. I also make sweet potato hash for breakfast for the week in advance. When I divide it up, I put a handful of spinach in the bottom of the bowl, then when I warm it up it wilts and is disguised in the hash.
  2. shillis

    Breakfast Advice

    What about a baked sweet potato? You could make it the night before and eat cold. I find that I really love sweet potato, avocado, and poached eggs for breakfast.
  3. shillis

    My pants got tighter...and my "buddy" bailed

    I'm flying solo as well! Have a few friends wrapping up Whole30s so they are my motivation that I can do it! Forum has been great support
  4. shillis

    Starting Monday, August 28

    @Tippydee I made mayo this weekend too! I was super impressed with myself and also wonder why I haven't been making it myself all along! I threw out all the old mayo cause I am making it myself forever!!
  5. shillis

    Starting Monday, August 28

    @racheleats thanks! I love Wegmans and was able to find bacon, sausage and almost everything on my list - coconut butter, other complaint items. They were just out of coconut aminos!
  6. shillis

    Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    So far so good- long work day due to Welcome Week so being extra prepped since I know late afternoon and after dinner are when my sugar dragon comes out! Felt the hangover-ish symptoms yesterday so hoping to be more alert today.
  7. shillis

    Starting Monday, August 28

    I'm starting this week too! Planning a shopping trip today for the essentials. Thanks for the insight on Whole Foods. I will start with my regular grocery - Wegmans - and see what i need from there.
  8. shillis

    Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    Thanks all - I've been a bit absent from the forum since my initial post. I work in higher ed and it's August so work has been a bear! I have decided to up my start date to TODAY! I am thinking if I can do it this next week with a crazy schedule, I can do it anytime @Geralyn5 - I am listening to the audiobook now. I am trying to get my parents to read it too! I'll be in touch if I have any questions. I definitely need some of the recipes you have been cooking this week!
  9. shillis

    Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    HI All, I am doing Whole30 for the first time and have picked September 2 as my start date. I work in higher education, so this gets me through the first week of the semester, which I usually work extra hours. I knew starting before them would set myself up for failure. I am looking forward to slaying the sugar dragon! Sara