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  1. Lindseydalton

    Oatmeal re-intro group?

    I always do oatmeal on non-gluten grain day. To be certified gluten free I'm assuming the facility needs to be totally gluten free but the oats won't actually contain gluten. That's my understanding anyway
  2. Lindseydalton

    Columbus Whole30ers?

    I haven't found any go-to's. I feel like the restaurants that are organic and good sourced meats are all down town and I am not a fan of driving down there I'm excited that it's farmers market season! Get Elevated is a grain free company that sells goods at Worthington and Dublin markets and they're really good!
  3. Lindseydalton

    Beginning June 1

    That is such a good idea!! Your "hangover" won't be as severe hopefully
  4. Lindseydalton

    Beginning June 1

    Good luck! You can do it!!
  5. Lindseydalton

    Day 23 and I'm not feeling all that many NSVs

    How much water are you getting in? I can imagine with being in surgery all day you probably don't get a chance to consume a lot of water.
  6. Lindseydalton

    Encouragement please!

    Cravings can be so hard, especially at night! Honestly, when they happen to me I'll go to bed early. If I'm not sleepy tired yet I'll do my bedtime routine then read in bed awhile. The tea is something great to try as well. I'll usually do a sparkling water. Or just find some other way to distract yourself Hang in there!! You've got this
  7. Lindseydalton

    Encouragement please!

    If 30 days seems too daunting start small, like a 7 day reset. It's very possible that after 7 days you'll be feeling better and want to continue. Also focus on your mindset. Sometimes that's what holds me back! I tell myself, "I eat healthy, I am a healthy person" rather than "I'm trying to eat healthy, I'm trying to be a healthy person" besbest of luck!
  8. Lindseydalton

    Starting Whole 30 on 5/26

    Disney is very accommodating with dietary restrictions. Here are a couple resources
  9. Lindseydalton

    Stomach Pain - Day 3

    Do you get hungry between your meals when you'reat work? If you don't then you can definitely keep it the same. No reason to change if it's working for you. I just thought getting too hungry could be the culprit. If you were to adjust, I would eat breakfast at 7 then lunch as close to 12 as possible. Then if you are hungry a small snack around 4:30/5 then dinner at home. But again, dont change it if it's not broken!
  10. I searched the forum and found this about yeast extract so I am taking it as not compliant..."There is some controversy about whether yeast extract is a "natural" form of MSG or not. MSG is one of the big things we recommend avoiding. I don't know which way to go on the controversy, but would avoid products containing it just to be safe."
  11. Lindseydalton

    I’m starting whole 30 tomorrow but...

    It is so hard to predict how you are going to feel at the end of your 30 days. You may feel so good that you don't want to touch a drop of alcohol and that's totally ok. Just because you have consumed alcohol at this event every other year doesn't mean you have to this time. I remember going out to eat after a round and I ordered sparkling water with limes. Usually I would have ordered wine. I just didn't want it. You could also choose to reintroduce alcohol first. So day 1 of reintroduction, do alcohol. Then continue with reintroduction as outlined. You could look up Whole30 mocktail recipes to have at the event too. That could be really fun! I hope this helps!
  12. Lindseydalton

    Stomach Pain - Day 3

    Hi Sam, It could be possible that your body is just adjusting to the new way of eating. What was your diet like prior to this round? You went 7 hours between meals 1 and 2. I know if I go a long time between eating, after my meal I get a terrible stomach ache! I have no idea why it happens but it does. Maybe try to only go 5 hours max between meals. It doesn't look to me, based on your 2 meals here, that you're eating too much fat. Hope you feel better soon!
  13. Lindseydalton

    Columbus Whole30ers?

    I am!! We live in Powell I am always on the lookout for new, healthy restaurants to try!
  14. Having your own kitchen for the trips should make sticking to your Whole30 totally doable! I would just suggest making a meal plan for the days you will be there and making sure you are prepared overall. Know where you can shop for food if you need to while you're there. Keeping your meals simple will help too. Remember, your only job is to eat compliant foods. Let good enough be good enough Good luck!
  15. Lindseydalton


    This dressing sounds so good and would be great as a marinade too. If you don't have compliant Dijon mustard I bet regular would taste just as good