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  1. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Oh, that makes me look forward to grain reintro! Sounds like a delicious breakfast, Mike!
  2. September 18 start date

    @SineadMon Sure thing! Definitely no 'light switch' moment for me. My version of tiger blood, if this helps at all, was more motivation and less dreading of mundane chores that seemed monumental before I started this program (cooking being one of those things... heck, I sort of enjoy it now!). Also, the joint pain that seemed to flare back up midway has since disappeared. So, I would definitely NOT be able to run a mile without getting very winded (if I was able to do it at all ) but I could walk forever and ever. It's all sort of relative to where you were before Whole 30. After you begin feeling better, maybe, as @kirbz suggested, print out the NSV checklist and fill it out. I guarantee you'll check off more than you think you will.
  3. September 18 start date

    Thank you. I hope you get to feeling better soon!
  4. September 18 start date

    Hey, @kirbz. I'll be working on my NSV's today, along with the rest of the fam. We did not weigh ourselves this time around, as I found myself being obsessed with the idea of losing weight last Whole 30 go and the notion of NSVs was completely lost with me, so we are focusing on those this time and using this as a primer for our upcoming programs... the Primal Blueprint for DH and kiddos and Bright Line Eating for myself. @SineadMon so you'll be sticking it out for the duration? I hope so... you've come so far!. Reintro will be here in no time!!! @Nancy61 yes, definitely! We've been doing these cleanses yearly. Happy Wednesday, all!
  5. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Good morning, all! It's hard to believe that reintro is here! We're definitely doing the quick roll and getting everything over with as fast as our bodies will allow for it. If the waiting time between each item reintroduced takes longer than 2 days, so be it. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be reintroducing alcohol, dairy, gluten free grains, sweet treats and legumes, albeit everyone is sort of doing their own thing. Each family member has their own plan for reintro that works in conjunction with our Whole 30 meal plan. The only thing we'll be doing together, as a family, will be sweet treats on Sunday. That will be fun, as I have lots of ideas for that one. Looking forward to small amounts of red wine and gluten-free beer today... and maybe some vanilla extract thrown into the mix somewhere for flavor. Have fun!
  6. September 18 start date

    I'll be toggling between both threads, too.
  7. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Glad you're here! I'm really looking forward to a little red wine tomorrow!
  8. Sept 18 start date reintro

  9. Sept 18 start date reintro

    This is going to be fun!!! See you here tomorrow!
  10. Hey, Sept 18thers. Starting our reintro thread as per request by @SugarcubeOD. Super excited about this! Congrats on getting here, all!
  11. September 18 start date

    Okay, starting one now entitled 'Sept 18 start date reintro' Link added by mod
  12. September 18 start date

    I hope you do follow to the reintro thread... not sure if it's been set up yet. Planning for reintro is fun... probably why the week goes by so quickly. Hang in there! You're on the home stretch now!
  13. September 18 start date

    Me, too. Not sure I could have done it at their ages.
  14. September 18 start date

    I just wanted to say how proud of my two kiddos for making it to the finish line today. This is hard enough for adults, but for sugarholic, cheese-a-tarian kiddos ages 11 and 13, it's a bit torturous. LOL. Yay, kids! They are stoked for reintro. Trying to remind them that it's not going to be a free-for-all!!
  15. September 18 start date