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  1. HeatherPK

    One and a Half Weeks Out

    I am so glad I buckled down and gave the Whole 30 a shot! I started it because I had gotten into some really bad food (and alcohol!) habits over the summer. I gained weight and felt terrible. After so many years of counting calories and points and rebounding over and over, I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose. What a difference it has made! A week and a half out I am still moving forward, with the exception of having a few beers on the weekend. However, I am shocked that I have lost my desire for bread, pasta, sugar - all the things I thought I would never be able to kick! I really don’t want to try reintroduction because there is nothing that I miss that much. I lost 8.5 pounds and am back in my healthy weight range. I can’t believe that all this happened without counting one calorie, or being hungry, and by eating SO MUCH dietary fat!! Avocados, nuts, olive oil - even bacon! I feel like the Whole 30 changed my life and my future.
  2. HeatherPK

    Resting heart rate

    It's interesting to see what's been going on with my resting heart rate since I've started the Whole30. The only thing I've changed is my diet. I'm on Day 11.
  3. HeatherPK

    Lifetime first: enjoying black coffee!

    Same here
  4. HeatherPK

    Lifetime first: enjoying black coffee!

    LOL I'm the same! Drinking my coffee black was one of things I dreaded most about starting the Whole30 plan. I bought a light roast coffee in preparation, and I don't mind it at all!